Monday, July 28, 2008

To Be Hit By A Ladder After A Fall- (A Malay Proverb)

This is a sad story of a green car, an MPV in fact that had only managed to render its service for mere 5 years, which can easily be considered short, considering it being a sturdy machine that was still going pretty strong with no major pitfalls. Last unfortunate February, its owner who needed to commute daily to a small town famous for its petrol plants, thought that the car was a bit jerky and sent it for fine tuning to the family mechanic, who, after this sad accident, no longer is the family mechanic. Apparently, the mechanic who was involved with the elections, was not in good shape as he probably had to stay late at night to raise the party flags. He was driving the car along a straight road and suddenly the car veered to the left, fell into a ravine, into a drain and finally hit against a tree. He escaped unscathed and also held no responsibilities whatsoever for the accident.

The car was a wreck. The insurance company decided that it was beyond repair and deemed it a total lost. They will only pay the owner 90% of the sum insured which had greatly depreciated for the last payment. The owner had 2 more years to furnish the car loan. Thus after deducting everything, he is only left with a small sum, enough for the down payment of a new car.

That was 6 months ago. Up till today, the insurance company hasn’t paid up a single Malaysian cent despite endless promises to do so. The bank has demanded the owner to continue paying the loan as the insurance company is keeping mum. So the owner has to continue paying up the loan even though the car is now sadly locked up in a store somewhere, useless.

Lesson learned: avoid subscribing to this particular insurance company!

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