Tuesday, September 30, 2008


If for any reason you need cheering up, read this.

Eid Mubarak everyone and may the recent Ramadhan fulfilled your criteria of a blissful month of ibadah, insyallah.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Last night my sis in Beijing called regarding a maths question. Her eldest 14 year old daughter, who is in an international school there follows the IB method of learning and is already cracking her head on trigonometry, high algebra, geometry, etc.

Her e mail:

Study the following 5 statements:

1. Spoof is the set of all purrs
2. Spoof contains at least 2 distinct purrs
3. Every lilt is a set of purrs and contains at least 2 distinct purrs
4. If A and B are any 2 distinct purrs, there is one & only one lilt that contains them
5. No lilt contains all the purrs


a. Show that the following statement is true - There are at least 3 lilts.

b. If the lilt "girt" contains the purr "pil" and the purr "til" and if the lilt "mirt" contains the purr "pil" and the purr "til" then the lilt "girt" is the same as the lilt "mirt" except in one case. What is the case?

Pls do not hesitate to contact me when u have solve the above problem :)

My reply was:

Are u sure this is geometry? Sounds like a therapy session between a psychiatrist and his manic-depressive patient who is in a manic phase and having one of his grandiose delusion of being Avicenna, Newton and Thomas Edison all put together!!

That is why the problem is unsolvable! Impossible, I tell you! Forget about girt, pil and til, even the first question is not possible! If spoof is a set of all purrs and contains at least 2 distinct purrs and every lilt contains at least 2 distinct purrs A and B, then the minimal number of lilts would be 2 and not 3!

Are you sure there wasn't any typing error or something?

Anyway, I bet this was a trick question, that is why the set was called Spoof!! hehe

Btw, try giving this to Obama or Hilary. No, don't give it to McCain. Definitely not to Bush! Forget P*****h, he'll doze off the minute he gets to the second question!

Her reply:

Thnx (at least u attempted to read the question ....Palin material)...but no thnx for not coming up w the aswer (definitely Dr M qualities....shrug off the immateriality, impossibility, stupidity of the question & try & get other lesser of kretins to attempt the question)...whatever the case thanks for even reading the question. I think u may hv open up my brain cells to come w the answer.

There are no typo errors...But there are at least 3 lilts - 1st lilt is the spoof with any purrs, 2nd lilt is the spoof w 2 distinct purrs & 3rd lilt is the one & only that contains A&B distinct purrs. So min must be at least 3 lilts since every lilt is a set of purrs. Nxt question I will pass to either to Samy Velu or LL Sik

I hope today Nina doesn't come back w any Bio or physics questions...I'm dead. Meng better come back frm Houston quickly.

My reply:

You said :
there are at least 3 lilts - 1st lilt is the spoof with any purrs, 2nd lilt is the spoof w 2 distinct purrs & 3rd lilt is the one & only that contains A&B distinct purrs.

Now, how can that be? It says in the question that Spoof is the set of all spurs. That means lilt is subset of spoof. Your answer shows otherwise. In that case, this is purely a bad worded question!

Any Maths whizz around??

Sunday, September 07, 2008


I am sure many of us have had the hilarious opportunity to laugh our heads off at many of the atrocious TV subtitles that serve to make us understand (or in this case , get more confused) the ongoing dialogues. Recently I saw a malay TV drama with English subtitles. At one point, the scene was depicting a middle aged lady who just got back from overseas after being away for so long. Of course, after being away in a 'white' land for umpteenth years, she had to mix English phrases in between. She said' I am back for good'. Guess what was the translation below?? 'Saya dah balik untuk kebaikan'.........'gulp'....

On hindsight, making the wrong translation as the actual phrase is also politically or socially correct. What's wrong in making a come back to do good eh? In the spirit of the glorious month of Ramadhan, it has returned again to do us good. To create an environment of perfection for us to emulate in the next 11 months.....

Btw, found this at my sister Rafidah's facebook:

RAMADHAN KAREEM to all! Please make du'a for us during iftar!

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