Thursday, April 26, 2007


29th APRIL

To Muhammad Ibrahim, happy 20th birthday! I pray that Allah swt will guide you constantly in the true path and that He bestows you with strong iman, good akhlak and beneficial ilm. Along with this birthday wish is also a dua for your up and coming final exams. May success follow suit and that Allah swt ease your way to achieve your ambition.

* 28th April. Today is my sister Ita's birthday. I pray that Allah swt will bless you with everything good and wonderful, your whole life through.

* 30th April. Boogey's birthday. May Allah swt. grant you a good life ahead!

*Picture is courtesy of Mynn


Dr In The House - I just love the wit and humour in her fluid reminiscences although the mood of her writing sometimes does get serious and sombre. This doctor from a family of doctors and would-be-doctors (wow!) never fails to remind me of the importance of good family values and religion as we go about our daily lives.

The above was written by Queen of the house. I must say that I am flattered by her kind words. Even though she knows I am not in the mood to play tag, she still tagged me! I am sorry to be a spoil-sporter and not comply fully to the rules as I am not tagging anyone. Sorry Queen! Thanks for the award and believing that my entries have an impact on your life. Thanks to Idham too for concurring with QOTH and being a passive reader here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I nicked this from Neemo's latest entry. I think this student is actually a bright student who has a creative mind. She/he may even make a stand-up comedian! These are students who sigh and lament why people like Einstein or Newton didn't keep their complicated ideas and thoughts to themselves! Hehe.

*Just sent Aliah to MRSM Gemencheh last Monday. Very big and nice and well structured but still treeless and thus very hot. Poor Aliah who loathes the scorching heat! This dear daughter of mine is truly a creature of habit who is fussy in every way and knows that hostel life is not her cup of tea but figures that she has to accept the whole idea come what may. I pray that Allah swt give her strength to endure what hardship she faces there and that she'll persevere and do well in her studies. Insyallah, semoga sekolah itu membentuk sya'siah Islam yang tinggi dalam dirinya. Ameen!

Friday, April 13, 2007

13 April

anakanda Sofi
mak di sini menadah tangan
sempena hari keramat ini
memohon rahmah dari Allah
menurunkan segala inayahNya
supaya hidup anakanda
sentiasa aman sejahtera
penuh afiat
diberi taufiq
dikurnia hidayah
mudah-mudahan diberi kejayaan berterusan
dunia dan akhirat

p.s. ada sedikit tersentuh hati apabila membaca kad harijadi Fi kepada abah yang berharga rm19.80. (hallmark). ....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Somebody very close to me celebrates his birthday today. Not that he is having a wild party or something but he feels good receiving well-wishes from those who love him. In truth, this particular birthday has more significance than those before, simply for the tribulation he had undergone recently.

In conjunction with this auspicious day I am making this special dua for him. I pray to Allah swt the Almighty, to increase his iman, ibadat and amal.That he will attain better health and strength than what he had before. That those around him will treat him with utmost love and respect. That we will grow old together peacefully, showered with Allah's rahmah. May we have a good end, ameen.

This special person who turns 46 today is none other than my significant half, my beloved husband. I know you've gone through a lot, thus I wish that this birthday marks a better future for you, ameen.

Bukit Tinggi 2008

Great Wall 2009

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