Wednesday, September 28, 2005


MEME my life.
I have read in several blogs where they have MEME-ed their life story and felt that I needed one too! I have seen several versions but queenofthehouse's simple ado attracts me. So here goes:

when I was born...came into the world.According to mak I chose to arrive when it was about to berpuka puasa time (it was Ramadhan then). At a private maternity home in Malacca.

At 1 -4 .....toddling around, still in Malacca. Bukit Peringgit I think. Bapak was an English teacher in a high school before he joined the Customs. We lived in a quaint government quarters

At 4 -5.....In Klang. Can't recall much.

AT 5- 7..... In Penang Island. Attended kindergarten there.

At 7 -13....In JB. Went to SIGS primary. Had great friends and teachers. Then to SIGS Secondary which had and still has a well-renowned school band. We were mighty proud of it.

At 14......1st term in Assunta PJ (bapak was supposed to transfer to KL, so went first with my sis and stayed with an aunt at sect 16 PJ) . 2nd term back to SIGS JB (bapak's transfer was cancelled) 3rd term went to Zainab Sec school, Kota Bharu (Bapak got promoted ) Imagine 3 schools in a year! Can anyone beat that?

At 15...Still in Zainab. Loved KB, great town! Sat for L.C.E. there

At 16-17...Again bapak got transfered, now to Penang. Form 4 and 5 in St Georges' girls' School. Great school. Great Friends too. Sat for MCE there. Loved Penang Island so much. DO you know that a friend and I used to walk from our house in Green lane right up to Pulau Tikus which is about 7 km in distant? But the roads were then covered by shady trees left and right and walking along those roads were simply mesmerizing!

At 18+...Matriculationin Sek Sri Puteri a.k.a Sek Men Kolam Air. It was ok, though we the matric students were not accepted well and were considered 'outsiders' by the 'real' students there.

At 19+....1st yr Science , Lembah Pantai. We lodged at section 16 flats which we named 'cabang'. Shared a flat with 4 others: me, Khairani and 3 seniors. They were great and took care of us. They nursed me once when I was sick. Sad that we are no more in contact.

At 20-25+...2nd yr-6th yr Medicine in Jln Raja Muda. Hostel at KTDI. 5 glorious years there. Got hitched at 3rd year. Graduated with 3 kids in tow, SARAH, SOFI and MUHAMMAD:)

At 25+......started housemanship at H Kuantan. Life was terribly hectic then. Doing calls almost everyday! That was nightmare. Wouldnt want to go through that again! Had Mr Kanda, Surgeon as boss during Surgery posting. Mr Hla for Ortho. Datuk Dr Looi for Medicine. Dr Harbajan Singh for Paeds. They were great bosses though can be a pain at times,:))

At 27-28+...MO ship, district posting DH Sg Bakap, Penang. Learned to live amongst the kampong folks. Much hardship though!

At 29-30+...Blood bank HKL.Dr Mrs G Doraisamy was the head of HKL Blood Bank then. She was a brilliant teacher but with little patience though, :))Going around in blood donation campaigns.Making sure that blood supply whether whole, packed, frozen plasma or platelets were enough according to each blood group. And making sure they were judiciously given to patients.Was fun but strenuous. Had Aliah at 29.

At 31....Moved into GP. Had Luqman through LSCS. Down with a series of health conditions but alhamdulillah coping well.

At 32 till now....still GPing.

10 yrs to come: my wish is to lay back and enjoy my fruits of labour. If Allah wills I hope to be still healthy and fit and maybe go backpacking with ikelah around Europe, Turkey and Middle East. Who knows? Stop snickering!!....I know many can't envisage me go backpacking especially ikelah ....ok, ok...maybe 4x4 road tour? No?...oh well..I'll just rock myself away on the rocking chair and reminisce...

A Special Tribute To My Xangan Bloggers

A bespectacled dude I think he is,
Traversing the blogs he is comfortable with,
Making comments with much wisdom and wit,
Enigmatic is the status he chose to remain,
Apparently promising to expose himself time and again,
To Ayumi, when she's off to study in a foreign land,
His entries by far are political in nature,
This makes me wonder,
Pycnogenol,are you a political science lecturer?

Crimsonskye,a name befitting your person,
The reddish hue coloring the sky from morn to dawn,
Writing entries with much maturity and reason,
Reflecting a very deep thinking disposition,
You are definitely a girl so much besotted,
With a mother who had truly guided,
If I had a grown son,
Would you be a DIL of mine?

Another blogger with a biochemical name,Inositol,
Who also prefers to be incognito, unknown and all,
Recently changed her background,
To cheer some people who were emotionally unsound,
Jotting entries full of words of advice,
Have you gotten hitched I asked,
No lah, just busy at work, she claims,
Guessing your identity is the name of the game.

A cute little boy with a sheepish grin,
The picture icon you chose to print,
Interesting entries including many,
Of LRT rides, of transvestites, oh so scary!
Self-portrayal of someone so shy,
Easily tongue-tied, and yet so sly,
Hiyoshi, under a pile of leaves would you really lie?

Anything Japanese would perk her up,
So betrothed is she with the land of the rising sun,
Of Samurai, Kimono, Bon Odori and Ayumi-san,
Never forgetting to give salam is her sincere trademark,
Very pretty girl, so sweet and smart,
Detailed entries,
Of her college activities,
Ayumi, this tryst with Pycnogenol,
Will he turn up at all?

She slept over to meet Sofi,
The only Xangan I've met in person,
Her mother turned out to be a junior of my hubby,
(Years ago in SEMSAS)who would discern?
Afie, of Afie, a girl so merry,
Bila nak ke sini lagi?

To all you Xangans,
Who came and left comments,
I'll treasure them all in this space of cyber,
May ALlah swt bless and guide us forever.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Was It Fair??

Somebody is going to wake up this morning feeling on top of this world. He must think that he is still in a dream and will have to ask his family to pinch him, in fact they have to pinch hard, vary hard! His facial muscles must be in a state of fixed spasm as he can't erase the exhilarated ear-to-ear grin on his face. All the endorphines in his system must be gushing through, so much, making him so light and giddy, he could float anytime! Is this really happening he must be questioning himself repeatedly? No? Yes?

This pint-size wanabe singer was announced as the latest singing sensation, in a very much similar brouhaha as a recent reality singing competition in another TV station. The hype is so identical culiminating to an eeriness. An outblown phenomenon which has resulted from a competition fully controlled by the power of a recent discovered technology, the SMS (short-messaging-system).

The 3 judges whom in actual reality has no power to judge or choose, only retained the sole power to comment on the singing prowess, showmanship and dressing sense of the competitors. And even that, I truly believe that their comments have not an iota of influence on the SMS voting. Definitely not for THIS final.

Between the two finalists, the runner-up was the obvious winner, hands down. She sang and performed all the three songs with much vocal strength and really brought the house down that night. She performed the specially composed single much, much better than the winner who had major pitching problem towards the end of the song.

But alas, it's all about the SMS votes. It's not about singing in tune. It's all about being cute and having special appeals. In this case, the winner is said to have a star-attraction amongst young chinese girls who must have spent millions altogether on the SMS votes!

So was it fair? Definitely not to the runner-up or the people who had voted for her! The winner, eventhough he won, will have to live with the guilt of having done injustice to her, indirectly. He would have faired much better if he was voted second; as he could still make albums and pull the crowds and not having to face the unhappy/unsatisfied public for the rest of his life!

Don't get me wrong. I am never a fan of any singing competition especially one that employs such substandard and unfair judging system. And I have never followed any of the reality shows except this particular one as I find it does not culminate into 'obsessivenes' unlike the rest.

As they say the actual winner is the proprietor of all these reality shows. We the public are the actual losers! I support Najib's statement about checking on these shows, 100%. We've got to do something before it gets out of hands or has it already???


Sarah,my firstborn,when she saw the ode to Sofi,demanded a poem too!You see, Sarah doesn't blog as she prefers cooking,reading and sewing to fill her freetime.Sorry Kak,didn't mean to leave you out. So here goes,my special poem for a special daughter!


Your wispy voice,
Your soft demeanor,
Makes our heart rejoice,
Your father,mother,brothers and sisters.

Your gentle ways,
Constantly helping, giving and sharing,
Make our days at bay,
For you are forever caring.

Your heart so soft,
So sensitive of feelings,
Always forgiving,
Always thanking.

How many a times,
I get to hear,
Sarah's an angel,
You don't have to fear.
Whatever she does,
She does with sincere.

My pray to Allah,
May you gather,
Whatever you desire,
Succeed in this life,
And in Jannah,the hereafter.


Friday, September 23, 2005

Need To Move To Be In The Groove

I belong to a clan/tribe. Like all tribe-members I need to move with the group lest I'll get lost :) Thus this move. I need to move to be in the groove!

I came from here

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