Monday, March 27, 2006

My Prayer has been answered

This is dedicated to everyone
(especially those in low spirits)

I asked for Strength.........
And God gave me Difficulties to make me strong.
I asked for Wisdom......... And God gave me Problems to solve.
I asked for Prosperity.........
And God gave me Brain and Brawn to work.
I asked for Courage......... And God gave me Danger to overcome.
I asked for Love.........
And God gave me Troubled people to help.
I asked for Favours.........
And God gave me Opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted
I received everything I needed
My Prayer has been answered

Author Unknown

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Dear bloggers,

I am inviting all of you to help me with the tafseer of Al Baqarah. Everyone can take turn to do every 5 ayah. The next 5 ayah is ayah 66-70. You can use any Tafseer as long as it's a Sunni commentary. It doesnt have to be long or detailed. Just a short an precised one will do.

So any takers?? Pycno? Boogey? Has? QOTH? Bea? Nurelhuda ? Keng? Kenakelayan? (I know you can't as you're busy with thesis, hehe) Crimson? Ayumi? Em? Easylady?Anggerik? Ood? Izhal? Blabs? Others?

24th March- Al Baqarah 61-65 <====______________?
25th March- Al baqarah 66-70 <====______________?
And so on...

You can just post it in the comment box and I'll paste it in the entry.

You can use this site if you want to


Jazakillah hairan kathira!

Sunday, March 19, 2006



I know that I am supposed to be away from active blogging. But after having read a thought provoking (feeling provoking was more like it!) by someone, I felt strongly complled to pen down my thoughts; my sincere, humble and sad thoughts.

This person's brother was hospitalized for injuries incurred in an unfortunate motor-vehicle accident. Sadly, many incidents and predicaments that ensued after his hospital admission were uncalled for; treatments deemed unfit for the standards of our country's health service. The main culprit in this series of unfortunate events was the doctor. To be specific, he was the orthopedic specialist looking after the 'broken' guy.

I know he was just venting out his anger. Him being away overseas and unable to lambast at the rude, heartless doctor; all these proved to be too much for him. Thus he needed a venue to let off steam. That I truly understand.

BUT to equate we Malaysian doctors as quacks?? Isn't that overdoing it?? Calling us doctors quacks, bomohs or witchdoctors is just like telling us that our six years of slogging in medical school and years of practice are worthless effort; that we are actually a bunch of idiots given the license to prescribe our 'potions' to our so-called patients.

I am sorry that there are some 'black-sheep' amongst us. Doctors whom perhaps due to many reasons are not practising medicine wholeheartedly. These could be doctors who took up medicine for the wrong reasons like fulfilling their parents' desire etc.

But making a blatant generalisation and calling us quacks?? is it fair for us who work day in and out, tight down with a ridiculous schedule and a meager salary to match?

Do you know how I plowed through my one year of housemanship? As we were short of housemen that year, i had to endure a full year of doing alternate day calls. This literally means that I had to work continuously for a full 34 hours in a stretch!! Imagine!! And this means that I was virtually away from home and my kids, most of the time.

Let me tell you how a houseman's calls are like. We have to make rounds before anyone else does. We have to memorise each case, bed by bed. Their blood results, their values. The patients' latest findings, complaints and wellbeing. These should be at our finger tips. Or we'll be at the specialist's whippings (and you wouldn't want to be in those shoes, I tell you!). Then we have to draw bottles and bottles of blood and perform all the procedures ordered prior. When the MO comes, we accompany him/her for another round. The specialist comes, another round. And that's only for the morning!! And we have afternoon and night rounds too! Not mentioning, some specialists love ad hoc rounds whenever they fancy.

After office hours, HOs are the only active beings around. You are accountable for everything! The patients complaint of headache, call the HO. The patients can't urinate, call the HO. Even when the patients can't sleep, the HOs are being sought after! Never mind that the HO him/herself is not getting a single wink!

And this trend doesnt stop there. It continues even after an HO becomes an MO. The cycle repeats itself. Only that an MO gets to ask the HO to do it first!!

The point that I'm driving at is that Malaysian doctors are overworked and underpaid!! So what happens when a doctor is overworked?

1) He/she can't concentrate and mistakes can happen
2) They become grumpy and insensitive
3) They opt out for private practice, the first chance they get

Most importantly, the main message that I want to get across is that
despite everything, we doctors try our best to embrace compassion as
an embodiment of our work ethic. It is the spirit of healing. Monetary returns shouldn't be our goal. To our budding doctors, please know that being a doctor is never about glamour nor high-status. It is all about sacrifice and hard-work in the line of preserving good health for the public.

To all our budding doctors out there, Hiyoshi, Ayumi, iFos, Sarah, Muhammad, Hannah, Haneem and the rest, please take heed. Rise up to this call. Prove to them we are not quacks!


This is what Crimsonskye has to say:

Sometimes I don't get what's with all the high-profile-status-high-salary' hype related with the medical field. Don't get me wrong, because here is where I can see clearly that to become a doctor is to have something even more than just good results, a special kind of passion and focus- and I freely admit I don't have that.

Like I've mentioned in the entry, this is one profession that I respect and look up to not because of its status or the like, but because doctors deals so much with the human lives while making a lot of sacrifices on their own part. And that's truly something to be admired.

This is what iKelah has to say:

Adakah doktor di malaysia tiadak beretika?

Biar saya mulakan dengan seminggu kerjaya seorang doktor.
Saya masih ingat setelah belajar 6 tahun gaji permulaan bulanan adalah RM1360 denga kenaikan RM60 setiap tahun. Seorang jurutera selah tamat belajar 4 tahun akan memperolehi gaji yang sama tetapi dengan 2 tahun senioriti.

Pada waktu itu saya ditugaskan
di Hospital Kuantan sebagai Pegawai Perubatan Sementara(houseman). Kami berlima mendaftarkan diri dalam keadaan tergamam. 5 houseman untuk 6 department!!! Penempatan pertama saya adalah di unit perbidanan dan sakit puan. Terdapat 1 doktor pakar, seorang registrar, 4 Pegawai Perubatan dan 2 houseman termasuk saya. Seorang pegawaiPerubatan junior terpaksa membuat call houseman.

Dalam seminggu ada 168 jam dan saya bekerja sebanyak 136 jam seminggu(2 consecutive days on call, next day normal hours, no off day)

. Houseman tidak layak MC, cuti tahunan 28 hari biasanya tidak akan dilayan, cuti umu tidak dilayan, weekends/ahad sama seperti hari bekerja. Untuk semua ini dibayar RM1360 sebulan atau RM340 seminggu.

Masa bekerja adalah 136 jam seminggu dengan bayaran RM340 bersamaan RM2.50 sejam.
Kerani rendah dengan gaji RM500 sebulan= RM125 seminggu bekerja selama 44 jam seminggu bersamaan dengan RM2.84 sen sejam. Beliau boleh menerima cuti sakit, bercuti pada cuti umum dan berhak menuntut 14 atau 20 hari cuti tahunan.

Gaji siapa yang lebih besar dan siapa yang diainaya! Belum dibandingkan dengan gaji jurutera atau pegawai tadbir.Walaupun demikian kebanyakan doktor menganggap tangungjawab dan kewajipan adalah lebih diutamakan. Tidak dinafikan terdapat segelintir doktor yang mementingkan diri dan kemewahan seperti didalam profession lain juga. Justeru itu tidaklah adil untuk menghukum secara menyuluruh.

Friday, March 10, 2006


All are welcome to join me HERE, in my daily reading of the holy Al Quran, it's translations and tafseer. May Allah swt guide us and bless us with his hidayah always!

Contributions from everyone are very much welcomed! Email to

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Friday, March 03, 2006


This is my humble attempt to write something in the Pahang dialect. For someone who doesn't use this slang everyday, it's thus excusable for me to make errors but I stand corrected. Below is an account of what I saw one balmy evening after work.

Kawe baru lepaih habih kerje. Waktu lebeh kurang pukol lima lebeh. Lepaih tingge klinik kawe terpaksa pulok ngambek anok di sekoloh. Sampai traffik light simpang Jabatan Ukor kawe tok sempak nok ghedoh lampu kuneng. Kawe pon brek laa. Mujo tayar belakang kawe yang dah botak tu roit. Kawe pon stak (start) ngire nombor countdown trafik light tu. Tetiba nampok lotong dalam 5-6 ekor dok kerabat kabel letrek. Hebak sunggoh deme! Macam ahli akrobatik cino. Ekor masing2 panjang, buak gune untok belen (balance).

Ralik kawe nengok lotong hok sedang buat linteh (lintas) hormat atas kabel letrek tu. Satu, satu lepaih wayar. Hok last sekali tu pulok bawok anok kendong kat perot . Sia (kesian) tengok! Terkia-kia hok sekor betine ni. Kira lambat lah siket. Maklumlah sarat. Bila tengok hok betina ni lembak (lembab) sangat (agaknya deme doh lambat nok sampai ke halatuju), sekor Jante hok jalan depan tu pon patoh balik lah nok nengok apa ke he (hal) nya betina ni slow sangat. Gamoknya lah dia berkata "cepatlah siket, kome doh lambat ni" sambil nunggu dengan penoh sabor.

Lepaih tu kawe tak tahulah apa jadi kat deme sebak lampu doh hijau.

Iktibar untok kome semua yang amat berkenaan:

* lotong pon sayang dan prihaten kat kaum betina dia! Sanggup patoh balik, tunggu betina tu . Ni hok manusia janta kita, hok nok gi camping pon malaih nok bawok betina kerabat ke ataih. Sanggop suroh tunggu kat bawoh jek, buak entoh apa-apa jek.

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