Wednesday, October 31, 2007


As per my last entry, we almost spent our raya in the hospital. Strangely, I was not sad but was emotionally prepared to 'celebrate' it in the hospital. The feeling was of someone who was resigned to face the inevitable : a quiet raya in the sterile ward, away from home, beloved parents etc. However, the physician decided that hubby was well enough on the eve of raya to go home although he was still extremely tired.

Eid at my parents'

On the 3rd raya, my family came up from KL. Guess, they missed us as much as we missed them! 2 days later we convoyed back to KL. Thus, we got to celebrate raya in KL, after all, albeit late. In view of hubby's condition we only limited our visits to very close relatives i.e. his brothers, my aunty and a cousin. I had to oblige mak when she asked me to accompany them to another cousin's by leaving hubby behind.

We had the great pleasure of being visited by 2 blogger families this raya. Pycno, Bea and their whole brood were kind to drop by for a meagre dinner. They brought us a beautiful strawberry cake and some gifts. Maman managed to snap a pic of the yummy rich cake but it came out blur. In essence, the visit was to inquire hubby's health. We are lucky to have friends who care and pray for us in times of test. Our heartful thanks to Pycno, Bea and family.

Last weekend, we were again given the opportunity to meet another blogger family. A long awaited visit, indeed! Mynn, Nisak, Sarah and Amar came to our house for the first time. Besides them, we also got to meet Mynn's fine dad and sis. Of course, KKL and OK were around too! Like all bloggers who get to meet each other for the first time, the feeling was mutual. It was as though we have known each other long. Reading entries and looking at their pictures were sufficient to create a bond of some sort. Thank you guys for the visit and gifts! To Mynn: Good luck in your up coming attachment and may you succeed in getting your masters soon!

On a more sombre note, Mynn/Nisak's close friend, Mr D passed away 2 days ago, from cancer. I got to know about Mrs D and her blog from Mynn/Nisak's entries. Though, I don't know D at all, my readings about her was enough for me to feel for her present bereavement.

Few days prior, my mom's neighbor, also D, passed away, from cancer, too. Still in her mid-late 30s, D left behind a 3 year old daughter. Apparently, she decided to go for chemotherapy when the cancer had advanced. Allahu'alam.

Both sad stories have profound similarities that I find intriguing. They both were inflicted by cancer and died young, leaving behind very small kids and young spouses. Also the span of time from diagnosis and their deaths was less than a year, I think. Such a poignant reminder for us that sickness and deaths can inflict us anytime, thus appreciate your health and seek His pleasure!

May Allah swt protect their souls and place them amongst those with iman. To Mrs D, I pray that Allah swt give you great strength to persevere in this hardship of yours.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Another raya of tribulation, this year. A test, different from last year's but a great tribulation, no doubt. The whole week before raya, my hubby was admitted for Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis. A serious condition with 20% mortality rate, most likely caused by an infection en route the transphenoidal surgery site he underwent in February.

Alhamdulillah, his quick action of repeating an MRI after experiencing a similar headache he had in February, helped detect the thrombosis early, hence the swift treatment of i/v antibiotics consisting of triple regime of Flagyl, Gentamycin and Rocephine. The rapid management helped to resolve the thrombosis fast and he became much better within few days.

Multiple i/v line for all the antibiotics

However, on the 4th day, he became weak again and developed symptoms of probable Addisonian Crisis which sent me into a panic frenzy, calling his former surgeon and demanding the physician to intervene. After the appropriate therapy, he responded well and I am truly grateful to his former neurosurgeon who took pain to make sure he got the proper treatment here.

So to you all out there, sorry that there was no proper Raya wish. I have been off the internet since the whole plight.


*I cried reading this entry.....

*To Muhammad, we missed you this raya as much as we missed Kak Sarah and Sofi. Insyallah there'll be more raya with the seven of us together!

ikelah and pang5 with Ust Yusof who had been theirs, mine and also my kids' Quran teacher. He's a great teacher!

Raya feast at KKL-OK's

lamb stew!!!

baked spinach and feta cheese pastry

ginger-lemon tea

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Emptyng Nest...

Dear Muhammad,

Good luck and all the best for the coming 5 years in Bristol. May you succeed in all your goals. Most importantly, may Allah swt guide you in every endeavour and pave a smooth path for you, Ameen!

Fi amanillah!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Terimakasih Pang5 kerana telah meng-Tag saya dalam permainan lima perkara yang tidak bermakna ini. Saya tidak faham mengapa harus wujud permainan tagging ini. Saya rasa ianya tidak membantu langsung untuk mengenali seseorang blogger itu dengan lebih mendalam pon. Mujurlah si Pang6 ni ada 5 orang kroni yang tidak bernasib baik terpaksa melayan kerenahnya. Namun saya akan ubah sedikit permainan ini dengan membuat analisis 'meta' terhadap tagging yang dibuat Pang5 untuk membuktikan bahawa permainan ini tidak membawa sebarang erti.

5 menda dalam beg galas aku...
1. Notebook kerja <- menunjukkan bahawa si Pang5 ini sama seperti berjuta 'yuppie' eletronik yang lain.

2. CD lagu raya <- bahawa dia ni mat jiwang karat yang emo habis
3. Documents kerja yang aku bawak balik rumah kononnya nak review <- bahawa dia sama seperti makhluk lain yang berkobar-kobar nak buat homework tapi gerenti tak buat
4. Check untuk bayar vendor <-
bahawa dia ni orang kuat syarikat
5. Charger spare untuk handphone <- bahawa dia ni tidak boleh hidup tanpa handphone

5 menda dalam dompet aku...
1. Duit la kan... <-
bahawa dia ni tahu dompet tu memang untuk simpan duit
2. Kad membership MARES <-
bahawa dia ni adalah ahli Majlis Amanah Rakyat Eksklusif Sahaja
3. IC, lesen memandu kelas B2, D dan GDL <-
bahawa dia ni bukan sahaja boleh pandu kereta manual, bahkan kereta otomatik, jentolak, chikadak dan yg sewaktu dengannya
4. Kad ATM dan kad kredit <-
bahawa dia ni ada bank account
5. Duit kertas RM2 untuk improve reception handphone <- bahwa dai ni adik-beradik McGyver

5 menda feveret dalam bilik tido...
1. Katil dan selimut <- bahwa dia ni tidak tidur atas lantai/ toto
2. Radio clock, kasik tidur/gerak aku. <-
bahawa dia ni tidak berkemampuan bangun sendiri
3. Charger handphone dan wayarless aku <- bahawa dia ni ada ekstra charger
4. Bokken <- what the heck is Bokken??
5. Camera dan adik-beradiknya <- bahawa dia ni pandai membiak camera

5 menda aku wish nak buat...
1. Jadi kaya raya... <- bahawa dia ni manusia normal
2. Pass exam CW <- dia dah ambil exam CW tapi asyik fail
3. Ambik lesen scuba diving <- dia belum ambil lesen ni sebab belum pass exam berenang
4. Belayar dalam kapal selam <-
dia nak belayar dalam kapal selam sebab dia takut naik kapal biasa
5. Memancing kat semua tasik-tasik besar kat Malaysia <-
menunjukkan dia dah memancing di semua sungai di Malaysia

5 menda aku buat skarang...
1. Tulis mende tagging bodo nih <-
menunjukkan bahwa dia tahu menda ni bodoh tapi terpaksa buat juga kerana nak mengambil hati orang yang tag dia
2. Suruh harmonics buat homework<-
siapa harmonics ni?
3. Belek mende nak beli kat internet <- dia ni kaki bershopping di internet
4. Belek fotopages family dan kenkawan <- dia banyak masa terluang
5. Tag kat tagbod aku. <- dia pencinta tagboard

5 orang kroni yang patut kena tag sekali...<---
mujurlah dia ada 5 kroni untuk melayan dia
1. Doctor In The House
2. Ifos
3. Ikelah
4. Boogey
5. Red

Monday, October 01, 2007

I simply love this clip and forgive me for re-posting it again this year! :P

Bukit Tinggi 2008

Great Wall 2009

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