Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I was at Abah's place to pick up Pipoh and family to the airport yesterday evening. They were back for the great Aqiqah bash for Irman during the weekend. It was more like a '3 hari 2 malam' celebration, done with quite an extravagant pomp, I would say.Anyway,I will not rant about the kenduri , here, as I feel Amir's vivid photos and video taking of the occasion spoke well and enough.

This is actually about the nonchalant goodbye conversation between Abah, Imran and Hasya before they left and it was narrated back to us by Abah who found it very amusing. Hasya apparently has found a calling to be a doctor as she finds it intriguing whilst observing Long dress Abah's wound on the leg where they retrieved the long saphenous vein for the bypass graft. So she was telling abah that she would study medicine in Kuantan so that she could stay at Abah's house and take care of his wounds. She even went to the extend of choosing the bedroom for her to occupy.

Then, Abah told Imran, "Hasya wants to be a doctor to take care of Aki. She wants to live here in Kuantan.' Abah made a mental calculation and told that she would become a doctor in 18 years time. After a quick after-thought, Imran looked at Hasya and told her flatly,"But he won't survive that long, Hasya' When Abah related to us back, we burst out laughing at the children's innocence and bluntness! Pipoh only managed a short quip, surprised at her son's witty remark, "Amboi mulut!"

Little does Imran know that Abah has a long-living gene in him, inherited from his mom who lived till she was almost 90. Maybe Abah would live to see Hasya become a doctor, after all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009



Bila aku tegur engkau,
Bukan bermakna aku maksum,
Tidak pula lebih bagus,
Semata-mata aku sayang,
Mahu lihat engkau berjaya,
Dunia dan akhirat sana.

Bila aku nasihat engkau,
Aku kata aku ikhlas,
Tidak sekali aku insinuasi,
Yang engkau pula tidak ikhlas,
Maksud ku hanya satu,
Tiada niat jahat terhadap mu.

Bila aku tegur engkau,
Patutkah engkau balikkan teguran kepadaku?
Tak bolehkah engkau terima dengan lapang?
Aku dah kata aku pun kurang,
Tak payahlah pulang paku serpih,
Tak akan ke mana kalau teguran di sisih.

Bila aku tegur engkau,
Bawa bertenang dan ambillah kira,
Bahawa teguran ku ikhlas semata,
Tiada niat menjatuhkan marwah,
Tiada niat menyakiti,
Hanya luahan dari hati ke hati.

Ada faham?

Nukilan: Cekadak Dalam Semak , Ramadhan 1430

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