Thursday, January 19, 2006


This is the picture impression of the incident drawn by Abdullah Jones although I would have prefered a further close-up of the mangled hand! Thank you AJ. Please click on the image to go the original link for a better close-up.

This is my version of the mutilated hand

Just a brief update. It's a case I got at the clinic today. A lady, white, foreign (her name sounds Russian, Irina something) cook on board a ship somewhere few kilometers away from Kuantan coast-line, was preparing a meal. Sometime at 9 am she was using the blender and probably tried adjusting it whilst the blade was still roatating. Caught her right hand into the moving blades and brrrrrrr, zap-zap, !@#$%$#@ all her fingers got crushed by the rotor, up to the metacarpo-phalangeal junctions!

Only after 6 long hours, did they manage to get her ashore! When I saw her, the badly severed fingers were dangling loosely looking so gorily mortified! The crushed tissue was a mess of pieces of skin, chopped bones, sliced finger nails, cut tendons and muscle all mangled up.

Couldn't do much except dress it up, bandaged and iced. She needed emergency hand surgery which in this case due to the severe mutilation, nothing much could be saved. The best for her would be for total amputation of all the fingers leaving a clean stump. Thus I refered her to the nearest orthopedician. Will enquire from him later what his management was.

Throughout the incident, she was shouting in pain, in fact she was wailing. Tried to empathise but she was rather rude and dismissed my words denying that I understood her pain. Well, I'm sorry for her anyway.

p.s. my clinic girls were telling me after that "doctor tak nampak ke dia pakai sexy habis? nampak semua!' "Entah saya tak nampak pon' said I, too engrossed with the crushed hand to notice aything!

Note: this update was deemed necessary as the Kuih Kochis were fermenting into tapai already!!! (not that I mind, as tapai is my favorite dessert!)


abdullahjones said...

mental note: klinik DITH dekat pelabuhan. :)

dr in the house said...

AJ, challenge for you: draw a picture depicting the mangled hand I have described!

easylady said...

gelinya..baca..bengap betul russian tu gi buat camtu. Apalah jadi pada ingredienttu.. It must be very very very bad. Cannot imagine the severed hand. Mesti ada yg dah nak necrosistu.. It must be really really painful kot ada lada lagi dalam blendertu..

Memanglah kita dengar dia wailed..dengan keadaan camtu..of course kita pun tension..and its normal we try to comfort them..

KAlu kita diam depa cakap kita tak da hati perut pulak..Bila buat camtu they became very rude and kita pulak geram. Adatlahtu..

Dr roza we all nak balik kuantan raya cinani..Ada di Kuantan ke atau di KL?

JoKontan said...

Dr Roza,

You have a wonderful ability with words. :-)

I think I can imagine the chopped fingers, sliced fingernails, and mangled up tendons.

Maaaaacam, say, kerabu kaki ayam ? Yes ??

Ku Keng said...

Ya Doc, ada di Kuantan ke balik Shah Alam? Atau di Temerloh saja? Travelling code orang Russia adalah to travel light. Jadi jangan marahkan dia pasa keadaan pakaiannya.

NBB said...

seperti tali rapia bergantungan diselang seli dengan daging daging yang berselerakan. ditengah tengah tulang tulang kecil yang menghunus tajam. dihiasi dengan titisan cecair berwarna merah pekat. eh eh...ada pulak bijik cili ni datang dari mana????

Queen Of The House said...

OMG! I baca pun dah "seghiau" .... I was cringing while reading this entry. Memang sah I tak boleh jadi doctor, nurse, paramedic, ambulance driver or anything that has to do with gory medical cases.

Kesian kat dia but can't help being annoyed at her rudeness .... although some people do change personalities when facing extreme pain. Tengok kat labour room tu ... betul tak?

dr in the house said...

Easy- CNY ni kena kerja, tak ada cuti. When are you coming down? Email me.

Jo- you've nailed it at the head....kerabu kaki ayam may represent the sight almost!!...Lepas ni sure pikir 2-3 kali nak makan kerabu kaki ayam (macam pernah makan pon!!)

Keng- Siapa pulak yg nak balik Shah Alam? Travel light = travel naked???

NB- You must have seen worst lesions on corpses right??!!

QOTH- but the irony of it is that she also screamed "where's my bag?' - boleh lagi ingat bag dia, ish.

bergen said...

Are you she's a cook? Or someone trying to mess about in the kitchen playing chef? Hmm, a female cook on board. Name me that ship.

Hello, Dr Roza. Remember me?

Kak Teh said...

hmmm - baca pun dah boleh rasa seriau! Hello Bergen, remember me?

kenakelayan said...

Hehehe despite the gory hand, some people seem to not help noticing what other people are (or are not!) wearing! Hehehe maybe they need more things to occupy them eh?

Em said...


Agaknya sakit sangat tak tu pasal dia marah..

Kesian eh...ishh can u update me wen u get the update from the other doc...

lentiform said...

this reminds me of another gory case I encountered during MO, a guy was hit in the rear by blade of a boat while snorkeling, he had a big gash that extend to anus and rectum, had to have emergency colostomy,... so be careful when you go snorkeling.

crimsonskye said...

You'd be the first person to start a post with a vivid description of blood and gore, and end it with the mentions of my favourite desserts! (it's a compliment :D)

actually it brings back memories from my primary school years, where I witnessed how my best friend Kate accidentally cut off a part of her ear with my scissors, and another friend got his fingers torn off after being involved in a door-pushing fight.

anedra said...

what is it that they teach you docs at Med School that makes you docs so calm and composed? If it were me, dah lama kong tengok all that blood and the dangling fingers!

To Bergen, heppp!! jangan naughty!

pycnogenol said...

Spot on skye...and to think that our good doctor HATES horror movies, yet she sure can find just the right words to vividly describe to the minutest details the gory, horrid scenes.

But I just so LOVE kerabu kaki should try drroza ( just ERASE the picture of 'kerabu kaki tangan orang aje...;))

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

OUCH!!! That is the first thought that came up to me!!

abdullahjones said...

DitH, sudah siap di lukis.

dr in the house said...

Bergen- one would have thought that those ships passing your rig would stop by making casual visits for you to ask the name of the ship! In the state of chaos that day, my main aim was to get her bundled up and go, no usual courteous interviews, :))

KakTeh- seriau lagi kalau depn mata!

Kenkelayan- hehe- it's part of their job description la!

Em- the latest I heard was that they adviced for complete amputation but she was reluctant and they seeked second opinion at GH

Lentiform- that's even worse! Masyallah! May Allah swt protect us from such accidents, ameen!

Crimson- thank you for the compliments, hehe. Only few days ago, I had a girl whose upper lip was cut with a scissors by her friend. Ahh! The playfulness of childhood days!

Anedra- it wasnt taught at all. We acquire the 'control' of emotions after seeing so many of these gory sights. Not that we don't cringe at all. We do. And the adrenaline rush is still there but we need to be composed to be able to act well

Pycno- Actually I dont really HATE horror movies, in fact I do get excited to see good ones but if there's Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice movie showing, you know which one I'll chose to see. Sedap betul ye kerabu Kaki Ayam ye? Boleh suruh Bea masak nanti when we go to your place?

Ayumi- But ouch was definitely not the patient's exclaimations that day! It was more of !@#$%%^^&&^%#@!!

AJ- thanks!

pycnogenol said...

Then go see Memoirs of a Geisha...such a BEAUTIFUL movie...and sad too.
Bea cuma tahu makan kerabu kaki ayam, unfortunately. You must try the authentic kerabu, prepared by those from Thailand. In KL, sometimes we get this Thai food fair. They even have that once, at Ampang Point.

Restless said...

Apa hal bergen dok cakap remember me, remember me ni? Is he up to something? Is he a new person?

Anyway, the whole bloody scene is beyond my ability. DITH, this is definitely your triumphant field; if I were to be you, the ambulance will rush not only the Russian Irina but also the fainted doctor -mabuk darah!

Ikelah said...

pity the russian lady, naked or not. cooking early morning on a ship, then she must be in her nightee. n i think bergen could be right, she just entered n mess up the kitchen.

3 nights ago, i had a patient involved in MVA. he crawled out of his car which had skided n turn upside down. he was relieved to see somebody approaching to 'help' but unfortunately the person just approached him n gave his card in case he needed tarik kereta service.

he was brought by ambulance to hosp kuantan but went AOR to get treatment at my place. He was screaming in pain when i tried to clean his wounds. he had multiple jaggered lacerations with skin loss over the scalp sheared by splintered glass covering about 7x8 cm area (60% hair covered area affected). the wound was dirty, smeared with blood and skin remnants. T&S was done under GA.

either head, tail, hand, leg etc, they r human regardless their race, sex, religion or nationality, have to be treated professionally.

dr in the house said...

Pycno- Memoirs of Geisha is on top of my list now , in the midths of getting a good cd. Tak merasalah Bea masak :) Takpe tunggu cream caramel dia!

Anim- Hehe- and that'll be the day!

iKelah- Tail?? Ni mesti dok teringat kucing ni!

hiyoshi said...

Ouch indeed. I can imagine the mangled hand complete with dangling fingers, bone and flesh in all.

I wonder if I can bear with the abuses that patients hurl at me while I try to treat them when they're in excrutiating pain...

By the way, can Kuih Kochi turn into tapai? Never heard of that before *chortle*

pycnogenol said...

Memoirs of a Geisha is BEST seen in a good cinema...HONEST. You have to feel that you are part of it all, that she's (the Geisha) narrating and whispering to you and to you alone. Dont even bother to have a friend with you, not even the popcorns...they are just distractions. Just see and feel the movie. Enjoy....
(Sorry ikelah for enticing DITH to go to the cinema in that manner) Maybe DITH can take you along, only if you promise to behave...jangan buat bising, not even bisik-bisik kat telinga. ;))

As for the cream caramel....boleh saja, bila-bila masa. Cuma beritahu awal sikit. Bea nak kena kemas rumah lah. Bea was saying that problem with you is, you only tell her that you were in KL, only when you are already back in Kuantan. Jemputlah ke pondok kami, biarpun tidak se'gah' BTS.

Has said...

lorr, minced meat!!!

Restless said...

Watched MOG after reading Pycno's entry and true to his word, the realism of emotion is conveyed through the first-person narration of Chiyo a.k.a. Sayuri. In fact, there were a group of female ladies with a baby who at first made a grand entrance (and I thought would be a noisy bunch) turned into silence. God knows, it is either I was too engaged in the narration or they too fell into the trap (including the baby?)

anasalwa said...

just reading your entry made me shiver. you must be very brave. did you snip, snip the dangling bones, fingers and nails?

Trust said...

"nampak semua".

Itu mahal tu.

Anonymous said...

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