Thursday, March 22, 2007


For those who have tagged me, I am sorry that I can't comply. Apparently, my current state of emotion is not conducive enough to join in with the tag-a-thon. Anyway, I have the following list of blog descriptions to offer as an equal substitute, if not better. Below are the various blogs that I got acquainted for the past couple of years. Scrutinizing each of them, I have found certain uniqueness. These are real people with real life and virtual portrayal. These are people I have grown fond and close to. Many I haven't met but their poignant entries would inarguably leave me in a state of literally being in the realms of their lives.

Scratch that itch
- a blogger who definitely has an itch to be scratched : an itch to only paste photos!

A tale of Sarah and Amar
- Sarah is a gregarious young girl whilst Amar is a profound down-to-earth young chap! But the mom is a totally different story!

Scribblings of an empty mind
- His mind may be empty as he claims but his scribblings are definitely not!

- the mysterious one who has made Bangkok his second home

- a blog with erratic and seasonal entries but definitely a blogger with a good heart!

- She who writes 'deep' entries

- a blogger who is in the 'midst of everything' (including accumulating MTG cards)

OK- another blog with seasonal entries and after a long pause, it has decided to test the water but with no apparent result or so it seems!

- cynical entries but with profound message

Kak Teh
- a Malay Londoner who writes endless exquisite musings

AJ- entries often with strong message laced with critical vulgarities

Planetrodong and Beneath The Black Desk- both bloggers have transmigrated to fotopages, flaunting their photography skills and drawing extraordinary visitors.

Has's Psychological Cabinet- a cabinet that is filled with magical healing powers including organic greens

Maklang- a sewing genius who is good at multitasking

Anggerik Merah- the laments of a PhD pursuer

Musings from the heart
- a sweet, petite queen who blogs on anything under her reign

- a blog that employs a unique 'slang' of its own, often, leaving me baffled

Away with the mixer
- till today, I haven't really understood this phrase but it has something to
do with moving away from the normal crowd?

Crimsonsky- where art thou?

The quills of my heart
- a beautiful blog that stirs around the life of Hatice and Baddin.
Simah is a truly energetic woman who recently discovered that
blogging is more real that real life itself!

Fukai kokoro - a manga manic lost in Manipal

- a vivacious lass. Teasing is her forte

- a blog that changes it's pretty curtains monthly

Em's Intricate Misadventure- the 'beady' women pouring her soul

- this name was a tease for iFos's former xanga blog called Transcendence. Put on hold for many reasons

To exercise prudence in time management I have to minimize blog hopping and leaving comments but you guys are in my mind!


afie911 said...

"Afie - a vivacious lass. Teasing is her forte."

Hehhe. Had to smile at that line.

Dith - A great doctor. A super great wife. A cool mother. An extraordinary blogger! =)

anggerik merah said...


I always love to read what you had shared in yr blog. Much that I learn from yr real life. Thank you so much.

Queen Of The House said...

DITH ... so honoured to be included in your selective list. I have always looked forward to reading each new entry on your blog and I hope you will keep on blogging regularly (thus feeding my excitement on finding a new entry!) despite your hectic schedule, time-management-induced reduced hopping and temporary (I hope) non-productive (only when it comes to blogging, I know) state of mind. Yours was one of the first blogs I started to read and leave comments at ...... and I suppose 'first loves' always remain close at heart :-)

Mama Sarah said...

geee... thanks!

I've always wanted to know about the "Tersendeng"... kelakar lah!

abdullahjones said...

fuh! terasa dihormati! terima kasih.

kenakelayan said...

Hehehehe OK is testing the waters no lomger...

hiyoshi said...

Ooh! Thanks for the tagline then!

Tell you something - my mind's not empty anymore! Currently, it's filled with fluff. Not exactly the best of fillings, I'm sure; but a filling nevertheless :P

simah said...

take care akak.. just dont forget to update ur blog once in a while.. i am sure many r curious of the happenings in ur life :0)

simah said...

n am honored to be included in the tagline :0)thanks..

Ku Keng said...

Syukur kerana juga masuk senarai.


Dr Su said...

Look within dear friend...sometimes it is your soul

Has said...

Dear Roza, you're always on my mind. Tutti gave birth-prem (16/3/07) to 5 but 2 died on the fourth day. However; Tutti is so thin and weak, has poor appetite and miserable. Her eyes full of tears on breast feeding. All my holidays put on hold.

sarahss said...

salam..hello DITH :)

Actually Hiyoshi introduced me to your blog (although i did stumble upon your page a few weeks earlier..hehe) and proposed me to ask you about a matter...that is..there is this conference (you may see my page for the details) which I would like to attend (as an active participant) yet I do not have any specific topics in mind (well, there is one - it's on how curry makes a very effective antitumor agent) do you think it's ok or do you have any other thoughts in mind - topics that are related to pathophysiology? Really looking forward for your reply :)

dith said...

Afie- Dunno whether I merit that bill

AM- thanks. I appreciate your visits here

QOTH- I still remember my first encounter with you when you dropped your comments at ikelah's. Thank you for being a good blogging friend.

Nisak- SO now you know why he chose such a 'kodi' name for his blog

AJ- :p

KKL- OK is so smart to have spread his tag into 6 episodes, hehe

Yoshi- fluff eh? Someone here has fat filed inside his sinus. Not bad eh? :p

Simah- as much as many are curious with yours eh? :p

Keng- do I sense a hint of sarcasm there? hehe

Dr Su- Insyallah....

has- Kesian Tutti...she must be suffering from post-natal blues

Dr Su said...

About your long and too hectic days working...look into what you believe you can and cannot do....coaching question...does it have to be this way?

red said...

dith is a generous sister-in-law. she used to cook very tasty chicken in a weird way which somehow will end up destroying her pan. that's what she said when i asked her to cook that again.

dith said...

Nurelhuda- At the moment I dont have any choice. Thus it has to be this way till perhaps a few more years. Thanks

Red- I remember that chicken. It must be called 'the once in a life-time recipe', hehe. I think it was called Beggar's chicken or something. You slather the chicken with garlic, black pepper and a host of other condiments then smoke it in a wok filled with coarse salt. I dont really know how it's actually done but when I did it, my wok was reduced to a charred piece of art work! But the chicken was delectable as Red still can't shake off the taste from his mouth, hehe

pycnogenol said...

If I bring my own pan and consent to you destroying it, will you cook that Begger's chicken for me and Bea? he..he.. ;)

Em said...

Salaams!How is you?


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red said...

it's called so because i have to beg her to cook that.

Boogey said...

How come I didn't get the chicken? Btw bila nak update blog nih?

dith said...

Pycno: The key word is to BEG, hehe

Em: Alhamdulillah...sibuk sikit

red: If you can provide a pan like Pycno, maybe I'll cook it next time you're here

Boogs: I think you were still munching on Turkish delights when Red was squatting and begging from me, :p

Anonymous said...

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