Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Cats, at times, behave like humans. Some are very well behaved and display good conduct and respect towards other cats as well as humans. Some, however, harbor a stubborn streak and wants to control a territory which is not theirs. Since the day we were depleted of our own band of feline members, our house has been invaded by several uninvited furry guests.

Mayo aka Tempang, basking

One is a stray, scruffy, dirty, white (beige??) semi long-haired which resides liberally between our house and those adjacent to us. We call him Nahar (now please don't snort again, Anne!) because Nahar, a village jack-of-all-trade once came searching for him, saying that the cat left him. Nahar (the cat) is such an adorable one (not that Nahar the human is not adorable but that is a totally different story!). He won't dare go near us and would scurry out of our way, as if in great fear of incurring our wrath! He would lie peacefully under our parked car outside even when the day is hot if he knows we are in the house.

Nahar, the ever frightened one, won't even stop to pose!

His only crime is to snitch Mayo's (our only cat left) biscuits, which neither Mayo nor us, mind. Each time when he comes for the food, he would eye me intensely. As if to elude us, he would surreptitiously take further route and circle the premise, only to approach the biscuit dish when he thinks we are not watching him! Should he catch us eyeing him, he would not nab the food straight but would make pleading eye contact, silently asking for our permission. Once, I even told him, "makanlah". Nahar is also a peaceful creature, not wanting any confrontation of feline sorts. Never do I hear him making deep roaring sounds to initiate any cat fights. Thus he gets along well with Mayo and they would laze around and gaze indifferently at each other.

Nahar has a peculiar gait. Watching him walk from the back, you'd notice that his hind ankles sort of meet together with each step. A bit like knock-knees. So when he runs, it appears as though he is hobbling . And he has a cute rotund face, a bit like Nahar the human. Which gave me the theory that a cat tend to look like their owners as they grow!

My immediate neighbor has three siamese cats. Apparently they are very bold and shows irritating bravado. The most brazen of them is this guy with pointed genes, meaning he has dark pigmentations on his nose, ears, feet and tail. We call him Mafia for obvious reasons. He would mark his territory by pissing and defeacating all over our lawn! Once as he was stuffing himself with Mayo's food, I shooed him away but he put on a deaf ear and kept on eating. When I tried pushing him away physically, he won't budge at all! Imagine! Worst still was when he wanted to fight Mayo over the biscuits. I wonder if he gets any food at home! This evening he picked up a fight with Nahar whilst he was eating. I chased him off by spraying a gush of water from the hose. I hope Mafia will get the message that his insolent audacity is not welcomed and that Nahar's presence is more accepted here, despite his unkempt persona!

Mafia, up to one of his ploys

Another of Mafia's vice is to enter our bedroom through the balcony door which we would leave open at most times. On several occasions he would creep in unnoticed and trail downstairs into the kitchen to rummage the rubbish bin. Due to this, we now have to keep the balcony door closed.

I know Mafia is just a cat with natural predilections but his impertinent intrusive habits just vex me more and more each day. Once I tried to be nice to him by stroking him. Mayo came near me, requesting me to pet him too. In an instant Mafia growled and put on a fighting stance. Sheesh! And I thought I could be nice to him. Since then, I have no heart to be amicable towards him.

Sorry that I have to blog about cats again. Not that my life revolves only around them but I see a lot of uncanny similarities between cats and human behavior. How some human love to 'pick' up fights and destroy relationships. And how some cats can manage to be more human by being more amiable to each other. Observe these feline beings and maybe we can learn how to be more humane from them!

*By the way, Mayo's eating corner is now an attraction to many cats from areas nearby. There's an orange-white one from the left side of the near kampung. And various others have also come for their share of Mayo's yummilicious biscuits. Maybe it's turning into a soup kitchen or something!


red said...

you only have mayo left? what happened to the aborigine cats?

afie911 said...

Huuuuuuuuuu when i have my own house, i'm gonna have cats also. skrg tak boleh, mak x bagi. hehehe. =D

dith said...

Red- Obviously you haven'tread my previous entry.

afie- Mak allergic dgn cats huh?

Queen Of The House said...

Yeah, a feline soup kitchen! The cats know a good host when they see (or smell) one :-) Agaknya kucing-kucing ni semuanya fascinated by Mayo's biscuits - maybe something the kampung cats do not get at home!

Has said...

he he nanti ler, ada masa, boleh tayang my chemo, boboy and comel.

Mama Sarah said...

I somehow think that pets over here are better behaved than the ones you mentioned in this entry (especially Mafia)

Do dogs still make noise in the night in Msia? I don't like the sound of howling and barking dogs.

afie911 said...

Taklah. Dia tak suke binatang2 yg perlu kita cuci after it ie basuh berak, etc etc. Heheh. Kami ade turtle je sebab die berak satu tempat je. Hehehehe. =D

simah said...

hahahaha u should write a cat story book la akak..comelnya entry ni!!

posing semua kuching tu semuanyaaaa comel... wait till hatice tengok gambar kuching ni semua...she just love cats..:0)

easylady said...

I thought kucing kampung tak suka makan friskies!Ni kira dah melalui proses urbanisasi-lah ye.

Has said...

Roza, picture Mafia, up to one of his ploys tu, nampak macam 3D aje. Nampak muka dia keluar dari page.

crimsonskye said...

Cats can be very affectionate and yet very aloof, even to the point of being cold and nasty, if I may say so myself. :P It especially holds true for Aswad, our semi-pet cat.

dith said...

QOTH- mind you! These kampong cats however can still be choosy. If I serve them 2 kinds of biscuits at the same time, Vetmaster (very cheap) and Royal Canine (very expensive), guess which one will finish first???

Has- anak Tutti are all adorable!

Mama- dogs still howl and bawl here but not at this kampung as we hardly see any dogs here

Afie- Turtle kan be smelly too, kan?

simah- Hmmm, maybe I should eh? :p

easylady- Yeah urbanization is rampant here especially on the humans. The youngsters here can dress up like those in KL, I tell you!

Has- At times I think Mafia is a Jin or something. He has this look that spells trouble

crimsonskye-And I know, you 'geli' cats kan?

Has said...

dith, so gambar mafia tu tak ada camera trick ler? He he he, memang Jin dia.

OOD said...

Dr House! Love this piece!

You know, i have two boy cats - Kitkit and Katkat. Before the kids, the cats were the kids. Whenever i had to be alone - Yamtuan being outstaion, the cats would guard me. One would be on either side of the bed, just sitting straight and watching me sleep.

Just betwen you and me, i share this aah? The cats call me auntie. They do too!

Then the babies started to arrive (bunyi macam banyak padahal 2 je!) and they both develop allergy and the cats disapprove of them too and now the house is divided to two domains. KitKat's and Kids'.

hiyoshi said...

The only cats in the vicinity of my house are the stray ones who always seem to come around when we're having leftovers.

Probably they're thinking "Perhaps I'll get lucky this time".

Em said...


All the cats lawa lawa!

ifos said...

tak sabar nk balik jumpe makhluk2 Allah ni...

easylady said...

eh ni nak tanya, macamana kak rozza boleh tahan dengan bau tahi kucing.

I am asking this because recently seekor ibu yang tidak bertanggungjawab hehe telah meninggalkan anaknya untuk jagaan kami sekeluarga. My children of course-le suka. Saya pun suka tengok but tak suka bila si anak kucingni membuang merata-rata kat taman. Ada petua macam mana nak ajar kucingni membuang di tempat yang sepatutnya.

dith said...

Has- no camera trick definitely!

Auntie Ood- Amazing! They really guard you all thru the night huh? So bila nak tambah satu lagi?

Yoshi- Cats waiting for doggy bags eh?

Em- Salams. I have linked your beading site here!

ifos- Mafia is literally making this house his own!

Easy- I too hate the smell of the cat's droppings. I suggest you keep the kitten outdoors and buy special cat litter to keep off the smell. And deflea and deworm them regularly. Shampoo them often too.

Em said...


Heh I saw..thank you...

crimsonskye said...

Geli only when carrying them, petting or stroking them I have no problems. :P

peah said...

dr roza, still remember the pic of ur old cute kitty yg belang2 ... si mayo tu, nampak best je utk gomol2 nih .. guess what, i still have with me 5 old grumpy & fussy indoor cats aged 8-10 yrs! each of them has special character. Ada yg kena entertain once u stepped in their territory (room) or else, takkan pandang ur face sampai ke sudah! Ada yg janji pegang sket pun ok .. ada yg as long as food is there, i'm happy.. btw, bila nak turun kl lagi?

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