Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Have you noticed how the youngsters of today speak and the peculiar phrases they use? I was having
a conversation with my two big girls the other day about possible suitors during my younger days and they made serious exclamations when I mentioned a name or two. "Mak, nasib baik! Dia nampak 'skema' habis . Yucks!" I've heard the word 'skema' used many times amongst them and I think it can be translated into several meanings. So this time when they say that this person is so 'skema' it probably means that he looks like a nerd. So what's wrong with being nerdy? Perhaps a nerd is associated with being very 'bookish' and unaware of his surroundings which is definitely not cool in this modern day!

To muse further, being 'skema' might also mean that one follows everything by the book and dare not tread on unfamiliar grounds. Perhaps it also means that they plan meticulously before any venture, and spontaneity is never in their vocabulary. Being spontaneous is always related to being subjected to challenges and makes one more exciting and colorful.

Thus, in conclusion, my kids think their dad
is NOT a 'skema' person. In fact my husband was once dubbed as the malay version of Ryan O'Neal during his U days. Ooh la la! But my third daughter thinks otherwise. She thinks he is more appealing now than when he was much younger! Oh what a perception! (caution: you may need a vomit bucket nearby when reading this!!)

My third daughter loves using the phrase "macam nak nangis" denoting an emotion either full of disgust or exasperation and she uses it so well that I can't help laughing each time she articulates the phrase with poignant display of sentiment. Once, we were in the company of a family friend, a datuk, no less, sitting on the same table at a renowned stall selling nasi lemak kukus. As he talked in between sips of his teh tarik, he made some 'unbecoming" actions that were only caught by Aliah's sharp eyes.

Aliah who is so obsessed with cleanliness, saw him
wiping his sambal stained lips with a tissue paper and later used the same piece of tissue to wipe the table that he had dirtied whilst eating. What came next was utterly uncalled for, especially for an immaculate freak like Aliah. He had once again used the same crumpled tissue to wipe his mouth! Horrors! And he had sort of alternately repeated the grimy act with Aliah observing quietly, apparently unperturbed on the outside but definitely flinching inside, without doubt! When we left, Aliah can't wait to relate us the incident, using the phrase, "Aliah tak tahan tengok, macam nak nangis!' According to my eldest son, this phrase is an influence of the Japanese comics/ anime whereby a character is made to cry profusely (read: tears literally splashing out of both eyes) when faced with a predicament.

Of late, I've been hearing the word 'tak boleh bla' been used oft repeatedly by my eldest son. I've been trying to decipher its true meaning and usage. I sort of guessed what it implies but I am still puzzled of its relationship with the actual words. Can anyone help me out here?

I don't mind them using these phrases and words as long as they are not swearing or cursing slang. I remember in their younger days, when struck with anger, words like bab*, cela*a,sia*, bodo* were verbalized freely and each time I would exasperatedly reprimand them. At least, they have now, better and milder alternative words to express themselves. Never mind that most may sound ridiculous or preposterous. At least it does illustrate your true emotion, like wanting to 'cry' when someone digs his/hers nose at dinner table when you're about to devour your favourite ayam masak merah!


idham said...

:) DITH....lovely reflections of what can easily go unnoticed to the unobservant others.

saya pun byk jugak terdengar terms yg mamng susah nak faham...
'poyo' itu apa ye?
dan 'usha' itu apa....?
apa pulak, "skodeng"?


kadang2 tu sbb best gak dengar cara depa express tu...saya tumpang guna jer...

tak skema kan kalau kita usha makwe-makwe poyo!

eh betulkah ayat di atas itu?



Queen Of The House said...

My elder son pun, asyik2 cakap "Poyo" .... I haven't the slightest clue what it means.

And I thought "Skema" refers to a scheming lecherous man, hahaha!!

It sure makes you feel 'old' when you can't relate to (or understand) what the younger generation is talking about!

raggedyanne said...

gosh, DITH, this post is hilarious!

there is one phrase that boggles me, as i find the literal meaning is totally out of the context of the conversation & is being overused to the point of being annoying.

"ah, tau takper".

dith said...

Idham- Knowing you, I bet you can use those words with great ease, :p

QOTH- scheming lecherous man eh? Bunyi macam buaya darat jek, hehe

Anne- Yes. I too hate to hear people saying that phrase so often and usually I can't see the correlation!

MAMAMIA said...

Salam, bloghopped fr QOTH.

My kids pulak selalu guna the term "whatever" with the eyes rolling expression.

OOD said...

Dr House,
i have been called poyo, and i have also been called skema. Tatau whether to take it as insult or compliment. Most probably insult kot? Sebab tak paham, so tak insulted. Hehe..

Time i sekolah ada panggil orang 'cas', like 'cas hensom' is for orang yang macam hensom tapi tak. Cas bagos. Cas best. Pengaruh Fizik.

Then there is also 'lengai'. As in gas lengai dalam jadual perkalaan unsur kimia? Tak reactive langsung, semua petala elektron dah cukup kan? Joke lengai means joke tak kelakar langsung. Pengaruh Kimia.

Eeii... i sound so skema now!

hiyoshi said...

Oh, I can truly relate to 'poyo' and 'skema' as I've been labeled being as such for as long I can remember.

P5 said...

errr... whatabout "gomol anjing"?

hehehe.... ;)

red said...

i am the tidiest person in the world. no term can decribe that.

ikelah said...

red said...

i am the tidiest person in the world. no term can decribe that <--- dia bajet best!

just learn that from the kids years back.

Has said...

he he, bab lap bibir, lap meja, dan lap lagi....bagus, jangan membazir.

nusayba said...

salams dith, lama tak comment sini (sebab selalu time-out kalau nak comment kat blogspot).

i have been left in the dust when in the middle of the conversation, someone said, 'batak giler'....till this day i have no idea what it means. whether its a slang, or a real word that i just have not heard of yet.

i use tau-takpe with my mum, which fits quite well in that circumstances. it initially started of as mimicking those who overly use tautakpe, and now, i became stuck with it. trying to kurang kan (at least tak guna luar rumah).

as for everything else, it makes life a little bit more colourful don't you think?

(i love the 'macam nak nangis' expression. maybe ill adopt that as well...*perasan muda ke saya ni?*)

pycnogenol said...

And I thought that only my children were verbalizing freely (in their younger days too) those swearing words.
I keep telling them, instead of using bab*, to use 'BABY' instead. And BANGAU to replace Bangan*

So, Baby Bangau is not really a cute, nice expression in our household. ;)

dith said...

Mamamia- Welcome!

Ood- these are really new terms to me and they sound quite cool, :p. Pengaruh Biologi tak dak ke?

Hiyoshi- And I wonder why are you being labeled so? :p

p5- gomol anjing tak baik. Aniaya haiwan, hehe

red- the term is 'unbelievable'

ikelah- memang bajet best

has- nak jimat tisu ek? hehe

nusayba- salams. I too have a fave phrase with my mom borrowed from Ustaz Hassan DIn's lecture: "dah ada dah!" refering to tanda2 akhir zaman, :p

pycno- Baby Bangau would also mean someone is getting a baby from the stork, hehe.

hiyoshi said...


Most probably due to the government official representation of myself.

simah said...

u r one really observant lady la akak..n o wonder u r a doctor...

*wanting to 'cry' when someone digs his/hers nose at dinner table when you're about to devour your favourite ayam masak merah!*

it sounded as if u r having one hell (or should i say heaven) of a wonderful with all the younglings around ...

*ryan o neal*? hahahahaah i wouldnt have guessed it! *wink*

:) said...

aduh, rasa nak demam gelak baca entry ni..kalo bahasa saya dgn kawan2 saya sekarang, pak cik ikelah tu cukup pakejnya...hehhe...jagn risau dith, duk lama lagi dgn anak2, gerenti faham apa yg diorg maksudkan, silap2 nanti dith pun start guna..mesti mantap seh;)

dith said...

yoshi- are you saying all government officials are schematous looking ?

simah- hehe- of course you wouldnt have guessed it!

:) - thanks for dropping by. Pakcik ikelah says there's only a group of ppl who calls him pakcik ikelah: his photopages friends, betul ke? :P

pycnogenol said...

Saw an episode of ManjaLara this evening, and I was laughing away when Auntie Zara uttered the phrase 'tautakpe'...Baru lah Pak Cik Pycno paham apa maksudnya!!

Masih boleh berkomunikasi kah kita dengan cucu-cucu nanti, DITH?

OK said...

Hmm.. my sister used to always comment that this thing is "poyo" this and "poyo" that.

Recently however she has converted to Jubee.... hmmm I really haven't a clue what it means..

dith said...

Pycno- soalannya bukan 'boleh' ke kita berkomunikasi dgn cucu2 kita. Tetapi 'sempat' ke? Maaf, satu lagi joke 'poyo', :p

OK- wah.....lama betul awak tak masuk alam maya ni. Selama ni kita berjumpa di alam 'buana' saja, hehe. Petang ni balik Kuantan? Jumpa nanti ye!

ikelah said...

OK-KKL ada kitten baru, congrats on the new playful girl. belum ada nama...poyo ok tak?

anyway what is poyo?

do anybody notice that,

happy restaurant
restoren tanjung ria
restoren muhibah
restoren terus datang
restoren datang lagi

or restaurants with names similar to above are usually packed with customers walaupun namanya mungkin poyo.

dith said...

How about Restoren Sabar Menanti kat Kempadang???hehe

Orangkilang said...

Hmmm my siblings asked me to look at this video.. what do you gius think of it?

dith said...


The english translations (by sound) is exactly what happens in the english subtitles in VCDs! It's outrageous!

Btw, the dancing was good, no, the wriggling was good!

Orangkilang said...

We thought it was hillarious too!

Now all we can do is keep on singing

Woot I'm coming,
Mutton goes YAY!

I'll Eat Wasabe on my dude.

Ok then all, My body just got ruled..

dith said...


I know KKL will be hummimg a new tune now with new lyrics! No more mow wow songs anymore! hehe

doubleukayes said...

Saya suka gambar tag saudara tuh...Menarik...Amik sendiri ker?

kenakelayan said...

Pongkey Pongkey demam. Kesian. She also hates me now as I forced-fed her vitamins and water. Sigh.

dith said...

WKS- tu gambar template dah siap lah! hehe

KKL- Long tanya. Cam mana awak tahu dia demam? Sabtu Long kena keja malam!!!!

Count Byron said...

Dear Dr Roza. It had been a longtime since I read blog entries and now that I am back, I noticed your blog is a fortnight behind schedule.
I love this entry on dads being skema. How I wish I could dig out mine.. want to know what their banters are when it concerns daddies.

I truly believe they are harmless.. as long as they have been showered love in good measures

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