Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Yesterday, 25th September was Maman’s 14th birthday. To my youngest but not the smallest (echoing Sofi’s statement here) offspring, I pray to Allah swt, that He will guide you always and bestow you with his constant kind blessings and lead a life filled with contentment. May you be more diligent in your studies and pursue a good and sound career.

And two days ago, 24th, was Salina’s (boogey’s wife) birthday. It has been Boogey’s tradition to forget her birthday each year. However, I am still in the dark of this year’s fate. Did he repeat the same blunder? Only Salina can tell. Happy sweet 20th birthday sis-in-law!

Ramadhan this year, so far, has bitter-sweet taste to it. Sweet, because, we get to breakfast with KKL and OK and savor her phenomenal cooking. Bitter because few nights ago, after work, all exhausted and weary, coming down from the car, my kain got caught in one of the seat appendages and I took a heavy dive on the porch’s floor. As my hands were full, clutching all my work paraphernalia, I couldn’t use them to absorb the sudden assault, in time, as I hit the floor. Instead, my chin was the first to crash against the floor, transmitting a sharp jarring effect to my poor head! My chest and left hand came next, in a subconscious effort to reduce the burden of the fall. For a good moment, everything went blank.

The unfortunate accident left me with painful, swollen and bruised jaw, left hand and right thigh. Also, my neck and left wrist suffered minor sprain. X-ray of my mandibles was clear of any fractures, alhamdulillah. The kind doctor issued me an m.c., a much needed rest for me, I perceive. My boss and colleagues were kind and understanding to reshuffle the day’s schedule. Thanks guys!

As in all previous unfortunate series of accidents, my hubby was quick to label the incident as a kifarah dosa for I had sinned against him earlier on, hehe. I shall not delve on the details but suffice to say I am glad that my sins have been cleansed, insyallah!

We are now already in the second leg of Ramadhan, i.e. the maghfirah phase. As we know the first 10 days is the Mercy stage and the last 10 days is the Salvation stage. Let’s increase our efforts to better ourselves in these precious remaining days of Ramadhan. For that, Pycno has aptly listed the 6 adabs of fasting as a guiding tool.

Ramadhan Kareem!


P5 said...

tu laa... tak baik cabo cabo orang masuk lombong.

tapi, the outcome proves how keras kepala aok ni... tak de kesan apa-apa pun berlaga dengan simen!

mektwain said...

Kirim happy birthday to maman.

Takpe, even miss USA pun jatuh but yg penting jatuh gracefully, hehe.

Please welcome me to the blogging world! :-D

Queen Of The House said...

Falls however small at our age will no doubt end up making us very bruised and very much in pain. Hmmmmm ..... I took a similar dive getting out of my SIL's car, in front of a bank, in front of many people, when my kain caught on one of the seat appendages too!

pycnogenol said...

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate mishap. I hope that your recovery is swift and that your spirits remain high!

Glad to also know that your sins have been cleansed too. ;) Itu lah yang di panggil 'rahmat terselindung'

easylady said...

happy birthday maman.Rupanya dia sebaya dengan my eldest eh.Afiqa born in january.

dah sihat dah?

red said...

maman is 14?? who would thought.

dith said...

P5- biar keras kepala, jangan keras hati!

Mektwain- :)) welcome back! You give a the word multitasking a whole new dimension!!

QOTH- You are right. At this age, we can never be too careful of such falls, lest we'll easily fracture our bones. I see we're now down to even experiencing similar accidents huh?? :))

Pycno- Rahmat terselindung is such big word with deep meaning. If we employ that in our daily life, insyallah we wont get too depressed of things.

Easylady- Alhamdulillah but the bruise is still there

dith said...

red- awak ingat dia 10 tahun jek ke??

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