Sunday, June 28, 2009


Do you know that with technology, the world is revolving faster? Technically, that is. Just think of hand phones. Skeptics would have rebuked the idea of hand phones becoming a necessity, say, 20 years ago. But just look around today and you’ll find that almost everyone owns/uses a mobile phone, except for my dad, who has one but refuse to utilize it personally but would relegate my mom to do so when the need arises. Even my dad in law who is a staunch proponent of living without a hand phone has converted albeit using it for kebun randezvous emergencies only.

Why the contradiction? That people can do without hand phones just merely 20 years ago and today, they would act like a fish out of water if they don’t own one? It’s simply because once communication becomes easy and fast, you’ll be left behind if you don’t get in the confusion bandwagon. If you need to settle a business transaction outside you make an instant mobile phone call. You need to see someone, you call them immediately without the need to get back indoors. You need to make a crucial decision, you call those who are concerned a.s.a.p.

Imagine years ago when hand phones were still luxury items. A business deal might take days as you keep on missing to get the important person online at the needed moment. A person who is late for an appointment can’t redeem himself by making an impromptu phone call telling them of his tardiness as he weaves through the traffic. By the time he arrives, the people whom he was supposed to meet must already be seething with angst. By then, it’ll be too late for even a basketful of apologies or a thousand kow tows.

Thus, an item which was deemed a luxury and of no desirable need, whatsoever or even perhaps considered as an evil tool, is now taken as a plain necessity, ranking near your clothing obligations. Nowadays, the first thing you check as you enter the car is your dear hand phones, making sure you haven’t left them perched on the table in the house, ringing relentlessly as others try to get hold of you.

With the advent of telecommunication technology, computers, handsets, wireless, etc, things are done manifolds faster and easier. It’s no wonder you find time flies at a ridiculous rate today. I feel as though I just celebrated Syawal yesterday, and now Ramadhan is nearing!

It’s as though we are slowly entering into a new dimension, perhaps a different realm, where time takes hold a different meaning and concept. So Einstein was correct eh?





'Btw, my daughter Sarah just graduated last Friday. ALhamdulillah.


Queen Of The House said...

First, congratulations are in order ... another Doctor In The House!!!!!

So is Sarah ready to come back to work (atau pun, berkhidmad would be a better word) or is she contunuing with her studies. All the best!

Handphones ...aaaaah, a boon or a bane, depending on the situation. But very useful, and especially now when it can also act as a "credit card"!

dith said...

Thanks! She has to do Housemanship for 2 yrs, then continue studies, insyallah.

Hanphone, credit cards?? Really?

azmi said...



Jamil said...

This does not bode well for my one-week holiday.At the rate time flies these days, am I just going to see it fly throughout the window?

*horrified expression on face*

Congratulations on the addition of another doctor in the family. When's the next one coming? ;)

zyryx said...

nowadays on call docs dont get beepers, they give their handphone numbers..meaning it's a given they have a handphone.i've been the type not to use a handphone much, and this is kinda depressing when i really have to answer the phone instead of using it whenever i want previously

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