Thursday, December 22, 2005


What's with women drivers??
It was rather late at night. Was driving back from work. Feeling all tired and weary. Just wanting to hit the sack. It's a straight road, parallel with the beach. I was flooring the gas with a reasonable, legal speed, minding my own way. Suddenly there was this Kembara, coming out from a small road and entering the main road I was on, slowly. I saw it from the corner of my eye. Well, I thought, 'you'd better keep to the side of the road, or else!' But I was wrong! The Kembara chose to come in straight into the middle of the main road, right smack in front of me! My brain, it's peripheral impulses and reflexes acted all at once! Half of my mind wanted to just overtake it and squeeze in between it and an oncoming car. The other half got control and my right foot slammed on the brakes to the fullest! SCREEEEECH!

Oh no! Don't let that speeding Kancil (a speeding Kancil spells disaster!) behind which was following so close , lose control! In my mind, (I was talking to myself at that instant) 'I'm going to hit this Kembara. Definitely 'kena hentam' this time'. And I was already picturing my car being hit, the badly distorted dented bonnet with broken headlights, in that split instant. Notice how our brain can do complex thinking in the spur of a heightened moment. No hope, I thought! At the same time, I managed to work on my angst and was blaring the horn continuously and irritatingly , it felt like eternity! Alhamdulillah, the Kancil at the back acted fast, swerved to its left and overtook me and the @#$%^%$# Kembara in one go. And I? I was so nerve-wrecked and pissed off, I just couldn't overtake the @#$^%$ Kembara anymore and just followed behind till I reached my turning. It was a lady-driver. Should I be surprised? What's worst was, she looked unperturbed by the whole incident! Driving ahead like she's done no one wrong. She didn't even make an effort to speed up after hearing my blaring horn. These sort of drivers shouldn't be allowed on the road and their license be revoked. They are the types who drive leisurely, almost dreamy sort of way, entering into main roads without bothering to stop at junctions. So was I sinful for cursing her all the way till I reach home??? You tell me! But of course, you'll tell me, the most important thing is that I am safe and no accident really occured, alhamdulillah. But still, I tell you..blah.blah..blah...

Nicotine-induced clouded minds.
At the clinic.The name on the PC screen belongs to a male patient. Pressed for his number. In came a man, his wife and a child. Told him to sit on the patient's chair. He refused. He took the chair in front and directed the wife, instead to sit next to me. So who's the patient I asked? Blank face. No answer. I asked again. The wife spoke. 'Actually we came because he wants to stop smoking and wants advice plus treatment.' she said. 'Oh ok' I said. After asking for important points like how many sticks per day and duration, he said 'it's actually for the both of us'. What? I looked at the wife. Studied her face. 'Wah, this lady also smoke one?' Didn't know that kampung ladies wearing tudung also smoke nowadays! Have I been so detached from the real-world (read: too attached to the blog-world eh?) to not notice this trend? Looked at the man, then looked at the wife. I was bewildered, needles to say. The man was still wearing that blank, uneasy face. So the wife offered to ease my mental anguish (was probably obvious). "It's my son who needs this treatment badly. He's 16. He wants out but doesn't want to come himself". Aiyah! Should have told me from the beginning and safe me from this agony!! The man must have thought that I'd pick up the phone and dial for the police or what??Argghhh! Patients!

Lengthy Phone Chats Are Not For Me
If you want to talk to me on the phone, please make it sweet and short. I hate long phone conversations. They're not for me. This time-consuming thingy usually leave me numb in my arms for holding the receiver for too long, ear-lobes warm and red with temporary partial hearing loss in the overly used ear. These are calls made by certain people, so I have to oblige and make myself sound enthusiastic eventhough I might have some other pressing matters to attend to or my already tired brain almost entering slumber zone. Once, this friend called. When a person calls, we can't end the conversation thus I had to wait for her to say her goodbyes, lest I'd be considered rude, isn't it? She kept on talking and I kept on being enthusiastic and interested, eventhough my mind is half-asleep! It went on till she mentioned something interesting and I got perked up and started asking questions. Then suddenly she cut me off, saying, "oh my hubby asks me to stop as I might get my asthmatic attack again!" Sheesh! It's not the first time I got that from her. Once before, she called me (I never initiate the calls!) and yakked , yakked till one point she said she had to stop cause the hubby has just arrived home from work. Masyallah! So what does she think? How about my hubby whom I have been neglecting for an hour or so because I have to entertain her on the phone? What signal is she sending? So its ok for me to ignore my hubby but it's not for her??

What New Year Resolution?
I am never a person who'd list things to do for each coming year. Never a person with hard, solid, yearly resolutions! That's what I am. I prefer to keep things simple and easy. I live by the day. I'll plan and do things when the need arises. No hard and rigid rules. I am a very flexible person. So no new year resolution again this year. I just pray to Allah swt that the coming year will be better for all of us, more khusyuk in our ibadah, stronger in our conviction for Islam and of course constant blessings from Him! Ameen! Take care, eyeryone!


abdullahjones said...

jawapan kepada soalan disana, setiap hari insyallah.

dr in the house said...

Alhmadulillah AJ. Maknanya sekali ke? :)

2wenty3hree said...

tell me about women drivers. *rollseyes*. the car i drove, have been smashed into at the back once, by this woman whom said I did not know the rules of the road because I had a P license. we ended up at the police station, which she had to admit she was wrong when they saw a pictorial replay on paper that we both drew.

most of the time i just do not have the speed to blast any horns. my co-passenger usually gets an earful though. am glad that you're ok.

for the phonecalls, you can always give the same reasoning as she does. you have a husband too. its always complicated to tell friends, you need to leave them to attend other matters kan? im like you, i never initiate calls. except when its immediate family. but this is more towards respect for the elders (or because i miss my mum).

amiin to your new year du'a as well. its better than any listed resolution id say.

pycnogenol said...

Yes drroza, what's WITH women drivers? I am so glad that this question comes from another lady, otherwise we would all be engaging in yet another battle of the sexes. I get pretty annoyed with overly cautious lady drivers who can conveniently delay traffic without feeling guilty at all. busy Kuala Lumpur??
Pak Haji berumur, in kopiah putih is another category to watch out for and be careful with.
Just to be fair, what about macho men with a cagarette in his right hand, and with only his left hand on the steering wheel?
Now you know why I take the LRT.

BTW, just short, sweet calls and no New Year resolutions for me too.... ;)

dr in the house said...

23- bravo to you for being brave and able to fight for your rights there in the police station.

Regarding those calls, I know I should put my foot down and end it anyway but I have this weak heart that is always wanting not to 'hurt' others....*sigh*

Thank you for the 'amiin' of my dua. You take care, my dear!

Pycno (or should I call you Pycky Wychy as well??!!)- Don't you worry! When it comes to laying the truth, I can't be sexist, isnt't it? And Pak Haji pakai Kopiah, heheh, I hope that's not an insult! But there's truth there as well! But each time I face them, I'd chill out and say 'takper, dimaafkan, orang tua.' (eh, aku ni muda sangat ke? Tak lama lagi masuk katergori tu jugak kan?) But realy, i hope, when I age, I can still drive with much sense and not annoy others. If I lose all my sharpness and good coordination, then, I'd be honest to myself and leave the driving to others. Or take the cabs or what nots.

Btw, Bea mana? Lama tak dengar dia. Must be busy eh? My warmest salam to Bea! *hugz* for Bea

Kak Teh said...

Happy New Year and God bless!

Queen Of The House said...

DITH ... you are too kind with those 'long-callers'. Believe me, I know, I'm one of those who feels it is impolite for me to end a call if I wasn't the one who initiated it. But I've learnt that at times you have to be abrupt and come up with some white lie or another - like "Sorry sorry lauk atas dapur nak hangit dah ni!" or "Oh oh gotta go, someone's at the door". Senang je.

anasalwa said...

Have a wonderful holidays/New Year.

pycnogenol said...

You can call me anything drroza. I know you have no malice.
That's what I like about you. You are practical, honest, so-down-to-earth, witty and not even sexist. Pulling of legs tu, ada lah sikit-sikit, which people dont mind, since they know you are genuine.
Bea, Alhamdulillah sihat walafiat. Still busy cleaning and clearing the house. She sends her *hugs* to you, too.

Arifah said...

Wow.You sure do have a lot of integrity ingrained in you!Do take care Doc!!

nadya said...

blank kejap bila baca part where u thought he mother was also a smoker. hahahaa..

happy new year and may allah bless u & family.

thanks for the compliment n encouragement for

bergen said...

Happy new year to you and family, ma'am.

Nurelhuda said...

Noooh that was not me , no no it was not me...or was it? Kembara ? sigh of relief..I don t drive one , thank God.....

Count Byron said...

Happy New Year Dr Roza.

Women drivers? They are like some men drivers...
Callers with expired hospitality-tickets: they should be told off gently but firmly. It is not your problem if you do that, it is theirs for lack of appreciation of your time. But once in a while, you can give them a little bonus by layan-ning lebih sikit.

kenakelayan said...

I think the selamba face is very Malaysian one-lah. See that all the time when people jump queues, etc. Where I live, it is the scrawny 'mat rempits' circus-like antics that one has to be aware of. Maybe they all have frustrated ambitions of becoming formula one/motorcross racers. Maybe the female ones too. Who knows?

I,for one, love long phone conversations,i think they can be the basis of great relationships *wink wink*. But I never get offended if people say they have to go. After all,sometimes you just have other things awaiting your attention (ie,call of nature, the facial mask hardening, Simpsons about to begin, etc) that are just urgent. Prioritise, babes!

So DITH if the next time i call you (tak tahu bilalah kan) it sounds as if I am about to draggg it wayy toolong, feelfree to say the reban kucing is overflowing, and you simply have to go attend to it. or something *grin*

Boogey said...

This is good. The question is: Why do women drivers when entering the main road from a simpang etc, suka sangat masuk melintang untuk ke lane paling kanan? Why can`t they mepeh sikit sikit? It`s like a curse. Sumpahan lane kanan. Once they fix their mind to go to the right lane, there`s nothing else they see but the right lane and they must get there ASAP. It`s kind of an obsession. Serupa kes tak dapat tidor selagi belum dapat beli kasut kat SOGO tengah offer. In that case the husband kena understand or else you`ll hear wortds like "My husband NEVER understand me" In the drivers case, the other drivers must understand or you hear "Nak kejar ke menda? Sabor lar".
As for the lenghty phone calls, I recommend you follow the Hj Ghazali`s method. There`s no mukaddimah, no slow entrance to a topic, closing words is just a click. Very fast, very brief, very clear. You know how it is.

nurul bahiyah said...

that lady driver, mental is she?

dr in the house said...

Pycno- I'll stick to pycno :)...or shall I call ** **********? :))

Afie- Apa khabo? Long time no hear. How's studies?

Nadya- Really mean it. The pics were great and symbolic. Well composed too.

Bergen- Apa cerita Sg Bakap?

Nurelhuda- Nope don't think it was you :)) Dont think you fall in that group :)

Count- always the diplomatic person.

Kenakelayan- Please don't get me wrong. You don't come into that group of callers! For you, I dont mind hang for long ones laaaa!

Boogey- *grin* Sumpahan Lane Kanan! hehe. Tapi kawe kalau nak pebende, sale ke tak sale, I am never obsessed tau! Tak pernah bawak mimpi pon!
Yes Hj Ghazali's phone calls are the best. Short, brief, precise, straight to the point...more often then not will leave the person at the other end wondering whether the conversation has ended or not, hehhe

Nurelhuda said...

New Year resolution:I have not made one!

pycnogenol said...

Pycno would be fine Maam. Guess it would be too taxing for your slender fingers having to tap so many ** *********(asterisks)

anggerik merah said...

Dr Roza, I had experience in east cost for same case of women driver. That time we just bought our car and my husband was driving. Really it was speechless to see the other car come out of no where suddently turned into our side. Then accident happened!

I like to read part on new year resolution. It is so sweet..make me think for a while about me..

hiyoshi said...

Ahh yes....the old-as-time complaint about women drivers. True, some women drive absolutely horrible - and this time, I am not over-dramatising it. But it's a universal truth that men are also capable of driving in the same manner. Trust me, you do not want to listen to the profanities that come out of my mouth when I curse these drivers from hell.

I liked that anecdote about your patient. I've already made a mental note to myself about what to expect in my clinical years ;)

Owh, I've never made any new year resolutions for myself too. Never had the willpower to stick to them T_T

kenakelayan said...

Hehehe I know it's not me. I have never had really long phone convos (check with hubby how long mine can be, sure takutnye!) with you yet,ni for future reference maaa. Manalah tahu nak ada marathon session kannn...

Am now plagued by person i want to avoid most! But her baby is sooo cute I cannot resist... although she does need to learn how to be less whiny.

crimsonskye said...

Truth be told, I don't know if I'm brave enough to drive in cities like KL. Just looking at the roads and the way they drive are enough to give me shivers !

as for looong phone conversations with friends, let's just say the last one i had was almost an era ago. different story with my mom though; my roommates once said that the way i was carrying on and on, kalah orang tgh bercinta ;P

Ikelah said...

Ni cerita keluar simpang n road hoggers, notorious along the road to balok. they just enter the main road without looking to the right, the oncoming cars. u just have to press the brake untill it hits the floor wishing that it passes tru n have ur foot on the road for the final braking to complement the 4 wheels.

tadi pergi mega mall, can u imagine this T plate car with a dent on the boot, the ddriver spend sometime searching for the parking fare with other cars queing. terbelek belek, bukan tak tau nak parking kena bayar n rhe attendent sempat sembang dengan kawan dia nak tunggu dia buka purse, cari bawah kerusi ke dalam dashbox ke untk duit parking. patutla ken sondol bontot. tambah lagi, bila sampai satu floor kena pause kejap, dan kita yang kat belakang kena stop at 45 degrees.

dr in the house said...

Nurelhuda- buat apa hujung tahun ni?

Pycno- shawshank redemption tak habis habis lagi ke?

AM- I know your new yr resolution!

Hiyoshi- *drroza thinks hard of the possible profanities coming out of Hiyoshi's mouth* Still cant think of any...macam tak sesuai je!

Kenakelayan- how come this whiny person's story didnt pop up in your last visit?

Crimson- If only my son would talk to me on the phone mengalah org bercinta...

iKelah-*drroza is trying to imagine iKelah applying his 5th and 6th brake to halt the car* usualy it's me who is the more impatient compared to iKelah but yesterday was the limits I think..that t plate car pissed him off!

pycnogenol said...

Shawshank Redemption dah LAMA habis...hilang, berkubur, dah tamat riwayat. It's now Memoirs of a Geisha !!

dr in the house said...

pycno-not the book laa...this morning's activity laa.

pycnogenol said...

I know laa...just pulling your leg!! ;))
Happy New Year to you Drroza and Ikelah. I have a Happy New Year song at my site. Enjoy.
As for the redemption, coming to an end soon (next Saturday to be precise) but part 2 will commence 19th January 2006.

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Happy new year to you, Dr. Roza.. A few things to comment:

Women drivers- I hate it when that happens, too. People can act like they control the road and everyone else needs to be cautious of them and gives them way. Ugh.

Smoking- Ahh.. I hate smokers. 'Nuff said.

Lengthy Phone Chats- I'm not much of a lengthy phone-chatter either. I used to, when I was about 12-13, but now I only call people up for important occassions and if it's been so long since we kept in touch.

New Year Resolution- I don't believe in New Year Resolution. I believe in daily resolution. We have to improve ourselves every day. I do hope I'll have more chances of da'wah in 2006 and the years to come, and that I'll do well enough to be accepted in medical school :)

Has said...

Wo wo wo doctor, too much angst at the end of year 2005. Hope by today you are more upbeat and revived in spirit.

Happpy neww yyear; after all the rain I discovered yesterday our guest room was full of moss and one cupboard and content distroyed, big clearing day yesterday and reparing the leak. I did not enter the room for the last three month, so just imagine the moss, I thought "someone" in the room had celebrated a white christmas, keh, keh, keh. All through the cleaning and reparing; I thank God because that was nothing compared to the destruction of the whole house of others more unfortunate.

I am feeling very thankful today.

dr in the house said...

Ayumi- we seemed to hold with the same ideas eh? If only I have a son of your age...hmm..

Btw,with the rate of da'wah you are doing insyallah 2006 will be a blessed year for you!

Has- my angst were conformed to the time of accident only (sort of rekindled as I was writing) Insyallah dah ok. Lucky me, I dont have a guest room for moss or fungus to poor guests have to make do with my kids' room, hehe

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Wendi said...

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Anonymous said...

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