Saturday, December 17, 2005


Never dwell on a dream we had the previous night, I was told. For lay-men like us with 'a not so high makam', dreams are only visions in our sleep provoked by the day's events, entwined with the satan's evil-doings. But I had a very strange dream last night. In fact it was rather interesting as I have never had such an almost logical one before. Most of the time, my dreams are absurd, incomprehensible sequences of events, one after another, that even if I piece them together when I am conscious, they don't make tangible sense!

Ok, now let me recall what exactly did I dream last night. Oh gosh, I think I have lost some of the fragmented visions already! That's another problem I face nowadays with my dreams. I seemed not able to recall most of it and the next day I am being left with just a diluted, fuzzy and convoluted story-line! Well, in a nut-shell, in this particular dream, I was driving alone to a certain destination, rather far. What? Travel alone? Never in my life! Half-through the dream or the destination, (whatever!), I suddenly found myself in another place, out of my destination. Well, that's not weird when you're in a dream, you say. But it's suppposed to be, in this dream. Apparently, whislt driving, I ?met with an accident (not sure, but I just made this conclusion in the dream) and had amnesia (yes folks, I had amnesia in my dream!).

After the accident, I had allegedly, staggered on foot and went out of destination, hundreds of kilometers away (I think so, but distant and time are so irrelevant in a dream, anyway!). When I regained my memory back I became frantic! Started making calls and finally was rescued from the ordeal and was brought back home. In between the confusing dream, there were interesting scenes which I can't vividly recall but my good neurons tell me there were. Now don't go and make your own dream interpretations for me, ok? I don't believe in them unless you are Prophet Yusof, :)

Before I got married, I had frequent dreams of being chased by snakes. Yucks! The fact that I loathe them, made it worse! There were small ones and there were also big python-like ones. Well, we all know what the Malay interpretations of these dreams are. I don't believe much in it either, but funnily, after getting married, these dreams stopped altogether! Coincidence?

I used to have these recurrent dreams of climbing a tall but narrow building almost like a tower and as I ascend, the structure starts to taper at the base rendering it unstable. Never really knew the significance of those dreams. And what about dreams of being chased by demons and evil people etc? No matter how exasperating the chase would be, those hounders never succeed to catch me even though the chasing felt like a slow-motion scene! And in those dreams too, I would transform into a slick fugitive who is so good in hiding and evading chasing rouges.

I am sure everyone has had dreams where the characters in the dream would conveniently interchange from one to another just to suit the occasion. If only we can make that happen in real life! That'll be something! Like when we have the unfortunate luck of getting a notoriously known lecturer who has the divine notion that he/she was put in this world on the sole purpose to fail their students! Or going for blind dates and ending up with someone so distasteful. Then like in a dream, we could conveniently switch them with others!

There were times too (though not frequent) when I get dreams that would strongly evoke my inner emotions and the surreal feelings would continue to linger on when I am consicous. These are the sort of dreams that might make an impact on your daily activities. So if someone who comes to work looking all perky and bright or all gloomy and quiet, then perhaps the night before, an emotional dream they have acquired.

Is it true that sometimes, if you dreamt of someone , that someone would also have dreamt about you simultaneously the same night? However it would be too embarassing to find out if this theory is true as usually the dream is so ridiculous to begin with!

The worst dream, they say, is to dream of someone who is already dead. The Malays say that if in your dream, the dead talks to you and you talk back or you chose to follow them, then it means that ...(alamat tak lama lagi la tu!).....or if you dreamt of a broken tooth or needle, it means someone is dying....what gross superstitions! These dreams would usually make you worry unnecessarily for days on end!

Some people would attempt to continue the same (good ones that is!) dream after having being rudely awaken. Apparently some do succeed! And some people even claimed to have a dream within a dream . Can this be true? But the best part about dreams especially bad ones, is the ability to wake up and finding you are safe and sound after all! Phew! Nothing beats the sheer relief of finding yourself snug and safe in your bed after having pumped maximum adrenaline trying to escape a ghastly ghost!

Do we dream in black and white or in color? Nobody can say for sure. Are dreams important? Do they have any significance in our psychological realm? Has anyone claimed that they've never dreamt throughout their whole life? (like my FIL who claims that he had never before in his entire life experience headache and never knew how it felt to have a splitting headache! Lucky you, FIL!)

Do you have good dream-stories to share with us?

The best way to avoid weird, mind-boggling dreams, is to recite:
1) Al-fatehah once
2) Ayat Qursi once

3) Al Kafirun
4)Al-ikhlas once
5) Al-falaq once
6) An-nas once

7) Subhanallah 33 x
8) Alhamdulillah 33 x
9) Allahu-akbar 33 x
imediately before we hit slumber-land, insyallah.....sweet dreams everyone!

p.s. This is to inform everyone that Boogey is going for Hajj on the 30th. He is going to handle 150 jemaah altogether insyallah. May Allah swt makes it easy for you overthere and that everything will run smoothly as planned. Also, may none of your jemaah give you headache, :))


2wenty3hree said...

i thought i used to dream in colour. but then, i suppose it was just me thinking i dream in colour. im one of those people who would dream, wake up for a while, and when sambung sleep again, would continue where i left off.

when i was younger, if i dreamed of falling from a tall building, i can be sure that ive fallen off my bed. it is not a pleasant feeling at all. or if i suddenly find myself main-main dengan air kat sungai, i will be sure to find that my little brother has wet the bed or something. gross.

there have been countless times where id dream sad ones, and wake up with tears streaming down my cheeks.

and youre absolutely right about waking up after nightmares. the relief one feels, is just....well, relief. :)

sweet dreams doc.

dr in the house said...

23- yes there were times when I woke feeling all too sad and heavy in the chest as I was crying in the dream. So if you dream of playing in the river it means someone next to you have wet the bed eh? heheh. Sure it wasnt you? heheh

Has said...

If you dream of the deceased, and if he or she talked in the dream, then there is no valid meaning, if he or she did not talk and just appeared, then that is significant, that is what I thought. In such case it is good to sedekah to the deceased that appeared in your dream.

Keh, keh, keh, Roza, about your dream it appeared as if you are questioning your existence, what you do and symbolised, and you wish to experience other roles and forget your existing roles, and yet when you are venturing and discovering, you are so much relieved that you're back to the familiar roles.

What about my dream last night? Well, I dreamt of eating rice, he he he, yes, with ulam with sambal belacan, with budu, with whatever that are so filing for my empty stomach, keb, keh.

easylady said...

Paling tak best kalu mimpi kena kejar..hati rasa boleh lari kuat-kuat,tapi kaki macam kena paku di tanah.LAgi satu mimpi tak boleh bernafas macam kena tindih dek hantu..
Thanks bagi ayat-2 nak recite b4 sleep.Boleh diperturunkan ke anak-anak..

Tok Aki Anjang said...

Mimpi ni sebenarnya ruh kita pergi merayau. Roh ni ikut satu pendapat ada 2 jenis. Ruh hok kita selalu panggil nyawa tu satu hal. Ruh kedua pulok ruh hok kawal tingkah laku budi pekerti ni. Ruh yang kedua ni lar yang pergi merayau. Ruh hok pertama tu kalau gi merayau ngikut ruh kedua tu, alamat kita mati lar.
Ruh kedua tu orang panggil ruh tamayyiz. Dia ni 3 in 1. Hati, Akal dan Nafsu. Semua kena belens. Kalau tak belens, tu yang jadi terlalu beremosi, terlalu ikut akal sendiri, terlalu ikut nafsu. Kalau lari balens sikit tu biasalar pasal tu ada macam macam jenis orang.
Jadi sebab tu lar mimpi kita ni banyak berkaitan dengan apa kita buat atau tengah fikir. Macam Ikelah tu kalau mimpi mesti pasal tengah sibuk sorok fleet jauh jauh untuk serang planet lain sebab sebelum tido dia risau pasal fleet dia. Jadi ruh dia tak puas hati, dia cuba gi sambung main pulok.
DITH tu pulok, dok berangan nak back packing dari dulu, tu pasal lar ruh dia pergi jugok travel sorang sorang sebab tak de orang nak ikut takut kena pikul beg dia. Tu lar sampai sesat. Tak nak ngaku sesat, takut kena kutuk, kata la amnesia.
Ni lar sikit sikit hok dulu dulu Aki ada terbaca sikit pasal mimpi dalam kitab Marifetname karangan satu ulamak sufi kurun ke 19 dulu.

Kona baring said...

laa... mimpi biasa la. nak jadi idol la dan lain lain. eh, mimpi dan impian lain ke?

impian lah best, boleh angan-angan. mimpi susah nak kontrol, tak best.

dengar kata ada pasal REM dan non REM sleep, apa yek??

macam ingin drive ferari, bila mimpi drive juga... tapi kete lamvabg lembu, bukan kuda.... hampeh.

Nurelhuda said...

OK I won t tell you what you dreams meant , since you said not to!kehkehkeh ,jangan menyesal cos I know quite a bit about dreams~

nurul bahiyah said...

i learn something useful from this entry, thanks dr roza. the title of this entry reminds me of a euryhtmic song in the 80's.

bergen said...

I believe Al-Kafirun should come after Al-Qursi followed by Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and Al-Nas since that is the order of sequence in the Qur'an.

dr in the house said...

Has- didn't know there are many dream interpreter in the blogsphere. Hang belajar mana?

Easylady- yup mimpi berlari kena kejar paling tak syok...macam slow motion habis!

Konabaring- You go through different stages of sleep. Stage 1 is when you drift off to sleep. Stage 2 is slightly deeper sleep. And stages 3 and 4 are the deep "non-REM" sleep
"REM" sleep is when you dream.
REM=Rapid eye movement

Nurelhuda- Kak Cak ni suka sakat cek nor! Kalau maknanya cantik, Kak Cak habaq la, kalau tidak Kak Cak simpan saja nor!

NB- Hah teringat phrase lagu tu--but a different meaning of sweet dreams here :)

Bergen- thanks for pointing that out! I've corrected it

Aki Andak said...

Tok AKi ANjang- wei lo ANjang- ada lagi deme? Koi ingat awok dah tak masuk doh blog. Pandai juge awok pasal bab mimpi-mimpi ni yek?

Pasal bab roh merayau2 ni masa kite mimpi, kekadang awok perasae tok, bile kita nok bangun dari tido antara bole tok bole, payoh dan berat jek...rupenyer roh kita tak balik dari merayau la yek? Lepas tuh rase semacam...letih dan tak rot jek...ish.

Anjang, awok tak ke Mekah buat Haji tahun nih? Kalau awok gi la, koi nak kirim kayu Koka sikit nak buat ubat...boleh?

Anonymous said...

my uncle once gave me this advice when i was small
-wear your specs in your sleep to get a clear vision...hehe,funnily enough, it took me some time before i realized that it is actually a joke:)

Has said...

he he ambo belajak dengan pak chik sigmund freud kat viena dulu, ambo ni suko ler baco tang orang dok mimpi2 ni, ore dok kecek dok abstract2 pong ambo suko mace lentiforme tuh, he he he.

Has said...

betul kata aki anjang tuh, belens kena gi check gok sekali sekala, yang ikelah dok gitu tuh o.k tak? Bab amnesia ni appeared as if you want to forget something that is troubling, amnesia ke dissociative disorder? he he alamat kena sergah lagi nih.

Aki Anjang said...

Andak wei. Awok ni ngigau pulok ke?Kayu Koka tu orang buek perahu buek kapal layar zaman dulu dulu. Ada ke orang buek ubat kayu tu. Setahu Anjang lar orang buek ubat pakai daun kayu pakai akor kayu. Mana orang buek ubat pakai batang balak? Kat Mekah tu kalau zaman Nabi Noh dulu ada pokok Koka pun, zaman sekarang ni rumput pun payah. Tasbih ada lar buat dari kayu Koka tapi tu pun orang tak telan bijik tasbih. Nama pun tasbih jadinya orang buat berzikir, bertasbihlar tuuuu. Kalau nak telan, tak de la orang gelar menda tu tasbih. jangan telan yer Andak? Awok tu dah tua, kalau tercekik kang, orang nak tolong tepuk pun takut kang putus pulok urat jantung. Daaah kena CSI.

anasalwa said...

interesting dream you had there. I often have a dream too. Sometimes they are vivid, I could recal every single thing. Sometimes they're just blur sketches. Nevertheless, my dreams always come in black and white.

Tokki Andak said...

Tu la awok Anjang. Kuat taki sejak zaman mudo lagi. Awok tak tahu ke sekrang nih org buat kayu koka jadi gelang, tasbih bagai. Kalau dapat sebijik jadi, rendam dalam air, buat ubat. Koi rasa kalau awok minum air rendam kayu koka nih, hilang sikit sifat degil awok tu. Bau kayu Koka tu pon sedap

lentiform said...

what a coincidence!I wanted to talk to somebody abut my dream yesterday, when I dozed off during my short afternoon nap, I had a dream, or was it a vision? of my beloved late grandmother, who had just passed away few months ago. I don't know wether it was as a reminder to me, cause last week I was so busy and stressed up, that I forgot to doa kat dia selepas solat. Suddenly she appeared in my dream, her appearance was gaunt and exactly the same during her illness before her death. It was so strong that I woke up startled. All this while, after her death, her appearance in my dream would be just like when she was younger and well, and they were always of happy dreams. I'm not sure if it means anything.

Nurelhuda said...

Seronok sakat Dr Roza!Ni makna umum jek supaya mudah nak faham sendiri:
Dreams resolve what we go through in the day time. We always dream but most times we do not remember our dreams. So dreams are an emotional outlet.Dreams about being chased, and somehow being in broken cars and such are signs of hidden anziety over something happening in real life.Dreams of buidlings : buldings are our own selves and adding a room means improving ourselves in some ways. Journeys and cars and travelling are our life journeys.Dreams of being undressed in public shows we are ashamed of something that we did or we fear being exposed about something.
Dreams of dead relative may actually mean they came to visit us but frequent dreams of dead relatives, come and see me to get a remedy!Dreams of water can be good or bad depending on if the water is clear or muddy.Sometimes dreams maybe a way our subconscious mind is telling us something. For example , a nurse dreamt she had a tumour starting in her breast. She quickly went for a mammogram only to find a stage 1 A tumour that only needed a lumpectomy. So take heed because your subconsciouys may be trying to tell you something via a dream.
How to remember what you dream? Place a pen and paper by the bedside and make sure you have a table lamp with a convenient switch and write down your dream soon as you wake up. People on spritual journeys usually have dreams which tell them their progress and directions. And if you did an istikharah or solat hajat, all the more reason to record the dreams .

Nurelhuda said...

PS lucid dreams are dreams that seem almostt real and, sometimes they are because the people we visit also had the same dream with us in the dream so the souls actually did visit with each other. It is actually an obe , out of body experience

lentiform said...

betulke our souls actually meet with other souls that we dream ? you are not pulling our legs ah? Oh no, macam tu, think of all the people I want to meet in my dreams , and those that my soul has met!!!!....exciting! excited!!!

Em said...

Salaams Dr

Ayatul Kursi 7 times helps as well.I had a veri strange dream a few weeks back where little Japanese men chased after me.. I woke up petrified...

pycnogenol said...

Of late, there are so many people dreaming of a white Christmas, and that actually come true!!! Just visit shopping complexes now, and you get to see that it has been snowing like crazy in hot, humid, tropical Malaysia. Kan ajaib tu!!

So Boogey bawa jemaah pergi Hajj ye? Good for him. Banyak-banyak bersabar dengan kerenah setengah-setengah jemaah tu...semoga semuanya selamat. Doakan kita semua dapat ke Tanah suci lagi...

dr in the house said...

Lentiforme- insyallah if I were you I'd just pray to Allah swt for Him to bless her soul. But Nurelhuda nad Has might just help you here since they are now assigned as BDIP (Bloggers' Dream Interpretation Panel)

Nurelhuda- the women with all the knowledge in the world, :)) Thank you for the dream info. But from what you wrote, my journey and tall building dream may not be interpreted as something good huh? And oh, I never thought istikhorah also involves what we have dreamt..always thot its only to do with our conscious OBE..intriguing, how intriguing!

EM- hahah---if I were a dream interpreter, I'd say a big Japanes firm will offer you a good job but for a more romantic interpretation, you might end up marrying a Japanese like Halela (also a Sporean)

Pycno- Selamat Pulang! White Xmas? Let them dream on! Haah, nanti Boogey balik kita suruh dia buat entry pasal karena Jemaah...bukan umpat tapi sebagai teladan kan?

Has said...

I share Nurel interpretation of what water symbolised in dream. Whenever money is coming my way, I dreamt of water, clear blue water gushing the force of it depending on the amount, he he. For recognition and promotion, it usually me wading or swimming in blue sea to an island.

Whe I was in the university and had very poor self esteem at that time, I had recurring dream of crawling on my knees, could not stand on my own feet. In reality at that time, I had poor beliefs in myself, always thinking I was not good enough and always xeroxing friends assignments, those friends that in real exams failed and me passing and excel in the real examination.

I took a grip of myself and my belief system, when I had enough of the recurring dreams.

dr in the house said...

Anasalwa- You still have the durian red bean pengat? Btw- that durain must have cost you a bomb?

Has- the only water dream I have would indicate that I have to get up and rush for the loo! But look at you, you even can swim to an Island! If I did that in my dream, I'd be swimming in @#$%&^*!!

Nurelhuda said...

Your dream of the journey is your life. My free ( ada harga ker?) advise is to start charting an objective and your goals that lead to that objective . Then set the tasks you need to reach the goals and hence the objective. This is the meaning of the dream, you are not sure of where you are going and need to clarify. As for being lost, this comes from the uncertainty.
The tall building with the base becoming insecure is just that ie insecurity . It could be a showing you your limiting kind of mindset in the sense that it could cause us to limit how far we go for fear of letting go of safe places.
heheheh not pyschoanalysis or what just plain old nurelhuda sense

Queen Of The House said...

Has can swim to an island in her dreams, but like I told Has in her blog, I can even walk on water in my recurring dreams. And I can't even swim in real life! Usually this "act like Moses" dreams occur when I have something bothering me - the dreams involve rough seas/lakes, rising tides/sea water, steep beaches and all (very scary) but I redah aje, which result in swimming to safety, walking or driving on water (hey, kereta boleh float lagi!). Has has given her interpretation. Would anyone else interpret differently, I wonder.

hiyoshi said...

I'm not much of a dreamer during my sleep , so I guess that's why I make up for it during those boring afternoon lectures T_T

For me, the best dreams are the ones where I become aware that I am dreaming and that I get to control my dream. Strange but true. And it's happened to me on quite a number of occasions too.

On the contrary, the worst of dreams are the ones where I dream I've already said my Subuh prayers, only to wake up and realise that I haven't T_T

cL said...

beli kereta Gen2 : what a NIGHTMARE!!!!

ke aku dah lari dari tajuk nih??

dr in the house said...

Nurelhuda- Thanks for your kind nterpretation- I like them, they make sense

Queen- If your dream really reflects your true personality, I think you're one spunky lady!

Hiyoshi- Nope can't recall whether I have ever had the pleasure of controlling my dreams but iKelah said he had many a I guess it's a guy thingy (but I bet Nurelhuda can too being Nurelhuda, hehe).....yes, I hate being duped into thinking in my dreams that I have prayed but realizing on waking up that I havent, sheesh! But I envy Pycno who could wake up at 4 am even after coming back from a long journey. Dont you just wish you're LIVING in the same house with him???

CL- Gen2: nightmare? Ok apa Gen2- I dont mind driving one :))

Count Byron said...

Lovely write-up Dr Roza. The ayats to read, and wirid too make the entry very special.

Thanks for sharing

Has said...

keh, keh, keh, high time to keep doing the Kegel/Kegal Exercise dear drRoza.

kenakelayan said...

Kegel? *eyes open wide*

I normally forget my dreams upon awakening, but I might remember particularly vivid aspects of it. I wish I remember more, but maybe sometimes it is best not to be blessed/cursed with total recall?

I have had the sad, heavy burden type of dream, and also, the fake Subuh prayer dream as well (now I know this must be setan).

Nurelhuda: have you ever read Ibn Sirin's book about the interpretation of dreams? How did you find it?

I have always been a bit hesitant about getting dreams interpreted, I guess I need to be really comfortable and know the person really well to tell the dreams that I do remember.

The solat hajat dreams I haven't personally experienced, just feelings, but I know people who have, and those dreams were true! :)

Nurelhuda said...

I have the ibn sirrin book and a few other dream interpretation books. Yes some symbols seem to be universal and are archtypes but I believe that they are also time sensitive which means that we have to take into consideration the present day equivalent of the symbols. Some symbols are enduring of course.The most important thing to ask oneself is, what does that particular aspect mean to oneself.
An interesting point: when we dream of people in the dream, realise they are all aspects of our self.
When I expand in consciousness I dream of giving birth.When I add a new dimension of my self, I dream of adding rooms to the house. Changing roles dreams for me was when I dreamt of getting a change of hairstyle and so on and so forth. If we are observant and keep a note of our dreams we can begin to be guided by them , with the emphasis that we pray for guidance and are conscious of it when we sleep.
Dreams in which we are aware we are dreaming are called lucid dreams and when we become aware of the dream then we can control it. I have not tried this tho, too lazy to practice .
Heightened spiritual states like when on retreat usually produce remarkable and insightful dreams , this is my experience.

Foulla said...

very special..thank you

anggerik merah said...

DITH, very interesting entry and also comments. I will come back to read as I am now in the midth making the story outline for my thesis.

But 2 nights ago I dreamt of meeting my late uncle (passed away of cancer a year ago during Ramadhan). We were in the midth of mitigating something in the dream.

I had been thinking a lot about him for the last two days ever since I knew that his house was badly flooded for several days already. He had countless kitab of his collection, which might be soaked into flood. Unfortune enough no one in the house during the flood. My mind was so much think about it and wish that his soul could come back and save all the precious kitab of his collection.

Has said...

happy new year to you and family.

dr in the house said...

Count- still shrouded with the aftermaths of the wedding eh?

Has- Kiegel jgn tak Kiegel!

Kenakelayan- hehe-- trust you to open your eyes wide upon detecting something as scandalous as Keigel's Exercise! I know what dream you love the most...*wink*...huggybear dreams la!

Nurekhuda- you so good with dream interpretations ....can't remember if I had any Lucid dreams lately

AM- you might want Nurelhuda or Has to read that dream for you

Has- same to you

Jiwa Rasa said...

Salam drrozza,

I had a dream where I fly like a bird. Flying above the sky.. and later... I got a promotion..what a coincidence.

Zed said...

the one dream i shall never forget, and am compelled to share thanks to your post is when i dreamt of someone reading me the Surah Al-Asr.

this i shall never forget, and it always makes me feel that time left here is so short =)

kadang2 tu serik jugak, tapi selalunye gagal lah. hmmm... susah jadik orang nih.

Ikelah said...

minat dan setuju bebenor tok ki anjang cakap pasal ruh kedua yang pasal budi pekerti.

1. kalau seseorang takut ular, dalam mimpi pun takut ular. kalau takut hantu, terus cabut. kalau yang berani dalam alam nyata, dalam mimpi pun dia lawan walaupun ada kala tewas... tapi tetap perasaan dia berani.

2. kalau seseorang tu pemalu dan di alam nyata dia tak suka mengorat yang luar batas, maka dalam mimpi pun dia control mengorat sebab dia tahu salah dan takut yang mimpi turut 'against his/her principles'.

3. kalau dia mimpi pelik, misalnya semua orang jadi alien dan dia sorang je normal. dia tahu itu mimpi tetapi tekanan mimpi untuk mendatangkan stress itu kuat sehingga dia perlu melarikan diri dari alien, bagi mereka yang kuat hati/ kawal diri, akan cuba keluar dari mimpi tersebut agar tukar cerita lain yang lebih favourable pada dia atau sesuai dengan peribadi dia.

4. kalau seseorang mempunyai sifat buruk yang tersembunyi, dalam mimpi sifat itu akan didedahkan dan orang lain tahu.... perasaan malu dan bersalah akan timbul.

jesteru itu apabila kita ke alam barzakh, apakah ruh kita akan mengalami perkara yang sama? suka duka, ceria siksa seperti mimpi? jasad hancur dimamah tanah namun ruh yang ada bersedia untuk menerima nasib berasaskan amal.

wallahu 'alam.

amar_kun said...

assalamualaikum.. just passing by ur blog, and i found it interesting and wanna share sumthin..

sebelum tido mmg bagus kalo baca2 ni:

1. khatam al-Quran
2. bertaubat
3. pergi umrah
4. (tak

susah? senang jer..

1a. khatam alquran dengan membaca al-ikhlas 3 kali
2a. bertaubat dengan beristighfar banyak2
3a. pegi umrah ngn bertasbih, bertahmid, bertakbir
4. banyakkan mengucap kalimah tauhid..

dan jangan lupa ambik wuduk dan solat witir..

hope you'll have nice and flowery dreams after this.. like mine, eheh.

Aki Anjang said...

Ada jugok orang setuju dengan Aki yang dah tua ni. Ikelah ni berilmu jugok orangnya yek? Aku cakap sebijik, Ikelah sambung cakap sampai bijik berakar jadi pokok tumbuh bunga meriahlaaa taman.
Budak baru lahir mimpi apa gamaknya yek? Ada orang kata budak baru lahir, tengah celik pun boleh mimpi. Tu lar bila roh baru, masih suci, jasad pun baru lagi, nak guna mata guna telinga pun belum reti lagi, dia tengok pakai mata hati lar gamoknya yek?

dr in the house said...

Jiwarasa- dapat promotion terus beli rumah yek? :)

Zed- alhamdulillah to be blessed with such dreams. Memang susah nak jadi orang...sebab tu kena selalu beringat dah muhassabah diri.

iKelah- adakah anda menyamakan mimpi sama seperti di alam barzakh sebab ianya berkaitan roh sahaja? Tapi analisis saudara tentang mimpi dan personaliti diri tu memang menarik...adakah itu semua dari pemikiran anda atau dari pembacaan anda?

Amar-kun- terima kasih kerana nasihat itu. Sejuk perut mak.

Tokki ANdak said...

Anjang wei! Lerr awok baru tahu si iKelah tu berilmu? Koi dah kenal dia 21 tahun, memang bijak orang nya. Koi cakap sepatah, dia jawab 10 patah.

Budak baru lahir, entah ler yek? Koi kurang arif bab ginih. Kena tanya pakar mimpi ler

kenakelayan said...

Thanks for the input. I find myself paying more attention to my dreams lately.. I wish I have more real ones instead of merepek ones though. How does one recognise one had a true dream though? Is it the fact that we remember them at all?

Huggybear memang best! Mana huggybear nih? *dok cari-cari*

Seram memikirkan alam kubur. Tak sure if the experience is dream based or physical based. Maybe a bit of both? Anything is easy for God.

Anonymous said...

Kenakalayan Wow ,you know, we could write a whole magazine article with the input from Dr Roza's blog here..maybe get some fees for it too! Pecah rekod DR! I find one wakes up immediately after a significant dream with a message, usually it is timed just before dawn and there is a special clarity to it, no mixed jumble

Nurelhuda said...

oops how did I become anonymous , that was me up there

ifos said...

Nice new layout =)

dr in the house said...

Kenakelayan- are you still slinking around in a dark trench coat? Whilst you're at it, put on very dark wild shades, high black boots!

Nurelhuda-yes, why dont you just do it? :). Just like Jiwarasa and gang who compiled their blog entries into 'bloogs'..wonder who'll buy eh?

iFos- Fi!!!! Sihat dah? That nite I was waiting for Kak Sarah to pass the phone to you but she didnt so I guess it was her credit and talking time. p.s. someone gave this layout to me!

Aki Anjang said...

Memang lar kalau awok cakap sepatoh Ikelah jawab 10 patoh. Mak Anjang pun gitu. Dia cakap sepatah je, tergantung pulok tu. Kita tak faham, kita tanya lar "apa mendanya mak Anjang weh awok cakap ni tak clear" Dah sepuloh patoh. Biasalar orang pompuan ni kalau cakap dia suka bior orang laki teka selanjutnya. Bila kita saloh teka, haaa lesai.....sama ada bertubi kumat kamitnya atau dia senyap muncung sebatu. Dia tak de sepuloh patoh lagi dah. Sama ada tak de patoh atau tak terkira patohnya. Remok abis.

kenakelayan said...

Hehehe I think there is a great demand for this dream thingy. Try putting a Pay Pal link on your blog and say if you are happy with the advice feel free to pay... ehehehehe... and the money could go towards helping others in your clinic or something.
That dream before dawn bit scares me a bit, as I had a quite weird and unpleasant dream a few days ago before dawn. Now do I get it interpreted or not? *usap dagu tak berjanggut* Bits of it were clear but others were haberdash.

Hehee today it is black tudung and pink baju kurung. Shades are carried around in my trusty bag, and I AM wearing boots. But I guess the pink makes me an easy target!
The easiest way to avoid this person is NOT to call her even to ask how she is... to avoid getting asked for favours! ;) I just main kirim salam thru others.

Aki Anjang
Tapi kalao orang pompuan tak bercakap karang sunyi sepilah pulok umoh tu!

Kak Teh said...

i dont want to dream, cos i just want to that possible??
Have a prosperous new year ahead!

Tokki Andak said...

Anjang weii! Aik! Kenapa lerr awok kata biasalah orang pompuan...sejok bila lerr koi bertukor jadi pompuan nih...Anjang weii, awok tok ingat ke koi ni Andak....masa kita dok main mandi tepi sungei dulu di Pesagi, pastu kat Buntut Pulau, Temerloh dolu...ish pelupe benor awok nih..

Nurelhuda said...

write it down kenakalayan , madam Nurelhuda at your is my paypal working???

Anonymous said...

i could never remember any happy dreams that i had; they would be fuzzy at the most, but the memory of the bad and sad ones sure stayed with me for the first few hours of the day...

crimsonskye said...

i could never remember any happy dreams that i had; they would be fuzzy at the most, but the memory of the bad and sad ones sure stayed with me for the first few hours of the day...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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