Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Khin has generously given me the honor to copy these pictures from his fotopage and encouraged me to kutuk write a bit on them.

The tragedy of an inappropriate combination of camera and lens, forcing him to use a concrete tripod!

So, meet Boogey, an avid photographer, who would crawl on his fours to capture his most coveted shot. Who, other than him, would do the photography unthinkable? A photography stunt i.e. requesting a lower-end camera to fit into a giant lens which has an absurd analogy of fitting a turbo-charged engine to a Kancil! (this happened during a Cannon photography meet at the Zoo recently)

Who would be drenched in profuse sweating macam lencun kena hujan only seconds after starting a photography rendezvous. Who would ogle at a slim belly dancer, whom he opined should put more weight to produce more profound gyrating of the adipose tissue, capture her in titillating action but only to crop the picture and omit from her belly downwards!

Watch out for that frown-lines or you'll need Botox sooner than expected!

Just look at his intent facial grimaces as he closes shut one eye and focuses the other into his treasured D50. Be it to snap a distant flying heron or a close-up shot of a dangling spider, his whole being seemed to be in full concentration with each and every muscle working in great synergy. His steady arms are trained to imitate a tripod, lest a shaky and blurry picture he'll produce. And when he lies prone to indulge in a macro-world of creeping crawlies and bugs, he adopts an attitude so much like a trained infantry sniper.

In deep thoughts, searching for the best angle

I have observed him in various multitudes of stances and some are not pleasant to the eye, I daresay. Whilst at Prambanan, Kulo and I were sniggering at their (he and ikelah) ridiculous postures in wanting to get a good view of the temple: body bent at the waist, legs splayed out for balance and their buttocks jutting out. Khin would have had a field day snapping that shot of them! Squatting, crouching, kneeling, supine and prone, these are the painful postures, just to name a few.

Sweltering heat eh?

And when he looks far ahead with his darling D50 in hands, one can tell that his mind is trying to compose a worthy shot out of a particular scene, searching for the best probable angle . Which reminds me again and again of the time in Parangtritis when he was darting to and fro with his camera and tripod, vying for a good spot against ikelah. I can still recall their playful laughter in the still of the dusk. Ahh! Those were memorable moments.

Photography eye??

As Khin has nicely put, one needs to have a photography eye (is this scientifically proven or just a self conjured up phrase by them?) to identify an apparently ordinary subject and turn it into a state of art. For people like me who know nuts about photography, a stray branch of leaves is well...just a stray branch of leaves! But photography nerds like Boogey, seemed to have this ESP ability to captivate ordinary objects or subjects and turn them into spellbinding images! Ye ler tu!!

Little Miss Muffet, he is not!

Even though his pictures were not picked as winners, Boogey was truly satisfied with the Cannon zoo meet. He developed a high fever later that evening. Probably the excitement of getting to sample the giant lens was way too much for his system to handle. Anyhow, Boogey said it was definitely worth it!


Mama Sarah said...

haha very funny lah.

boogey looks different from different angles lah. The 3rd one ada sikit2 P.Ramlee or S.M.Salim lah. (errr, does he mind me saying that?)(If he does, tolong delete utk saya ok?)

Wastepaper basket said...

can't put it any better myself. :)

i seriously think that the fever he has now has something to do with a certain deprived craving which was triggered in zoo negara.

ikelah said...

boogey is down with denggue fever. his platelet count is still within normal limits. hope and pray that it will not drop.

i have cases where platelet was down below 10 with platelet transfusion given. even that we had to pray that there is no autoimmune response causing the complexes causing further harm.

i'll be meeting bakul sampah this evening. i something from uncle bob to his favourite menantu, mas.

later we will be visiting momad and if time permits p5 at hospital pantai who had undergone surgery yesterday morning. he had to correct his ankle which became 'pengkor' a few months ago.

then we might visit boogey(it will pass midnight then).

i had to rush to an internet cafe because sarah n sofi did not open their mail while in volgo and they need the contact number in istanbul.

they are on their way to istanbul. may Allah give them protection and guidances.

sorry for the anti climax comment.

dith said...

As he is not well (down with dengue), we shall wait for his response. Meanwhile let's all pray for his recovery.

Bakul Sampah Kertas-
Unfortunately it's not. Semoga Boogey cepat sembuh.

Hehe , wah, Mas has now risen to a new league eh?? Congrats!

Mama Sarah said...

Get well soon boogey!

Queen Of The House said...

I echo Mama Sarah ... get well soon, Boogey.

Kena gigit nyamuk Aedes at Zoo Negara ke?

Boogey said...

Thank you all for the best wishes. Dah feeling better now but still resting at home. Tak tahu lah kena gigit dengan nyamuk betina tu kat mana. It seems that not only girls but nyamuk betina pun attracted to the lens. I realised i wasn`t feeling well while still shooting the storks. Rasa kembung perut and I thought sebab silap makan. It got worse and masa ambik Ikelah pun ingat dah tak larat tapi sebab dah janji nak jumpa orang Turki tu, kawe redah je la. How long does it actually take to develop the symptoms? It can`t be that fast kot.

AJKtingkap said...

the fever... get well soon.

its no wonder why boogey didnt invite P5 to the zoo for the photography shooting contest. he knows his skill is no match against P5. rather than face the challenge, he kept quite. hahaha....

dith said...

Nisak and QOTH:

Thanks for the wishes, on behalf.

Incubation about a week to 10 days I think. Definitely not from the zoo. Has your Dr reported to the health dpt? They need to fog your house area ASAP.

wah P5 sekarang dah ada spokesperson pulak yek, speaking on behalf? :p

Wastepaper basket said...

some adventure with ikelah just now. we were stranded like 2 hours on the highway because a bus caught fire.

boogey, P5 and ikelah,
let's play fair. Saturday 8am at Putrajaya for the florafest. get your gears and show off your skills. everyone's invited. ikelah can write MC for himself to get excused from the conference.

dith said...

bakul sampah kertas:

Masyallah! I hope no one was hurt.

Hehe, an open invitation as a caveat, I see!

ikelah said...

kena cari internet cafe sebab nak check something... asa test pulak seminar ni... sori kalau ejaam tak betul... KB dia dah tak de symbols dah.... bebudak kat cafe ni main game agaknya.

nalan ni stay kat hotel je. baru lepas dinner dgn old friend.

seminar tu macam course je... medical review officer.... ada power besar... nak certify orang tu ok atau tidak termasuk CEO.

bakul sampah, tak leh gi floral parade tu... ada test... nanti tak dapat sijil. selanat berentap dgn p5 dan boogey...


dith said...


for a kb with no more letters and poor eyesight, I give a 8/10 for your typing, hehe

Yes, selamat berentap Khin, Boogey (yg baru nak baik demam) dan P5 yg baru lepas surgery kaki.

Khin, awok menang walk-over jer laa nampak gaya!

Boogey said...

Nampok gaya memang Red akan walk over je. Kawe tak roit nak duduk tengah panas menunggu kereta berhias menunggu VIP. P5 ambik gambor kaki dia, kawe ambik gambor bintat kawe.

dith said...

Boogey!! Awok ada bintat??? Awok kena masuk ward ASAP!

paul moss said...

Mama Sarah, I don`t mind at all kalau orang cakap I look like P Ramlee ke from different angle. As long as nobody says I look like Britney Spears ke amenda.

Boogey said...

Masuk ward pun bukan deme boleh sagat bintat tu. Lagi pun duduk ward ni leceh. Bukannya boleh berehat. Nok kena berjalan keluar pintu pagar baru boleh isap rokok. Lagi parah. Elok duduk rumah je la berehat layan pening lalat ni.

Count Byron said...

Lovely shots.. and it does tell how much love he has for photography.. yes DIT.. it shows in his eyes (though I cannot see the eyes).

Wastepaper basket said...

susah betul la x de pencabar ni. semua tarik diri menyebabkan kawe terasa power semacam je.

hidup sigma!

mynn said...

was the dengue from his time at the zoo for the canon photo trial? poor boogey, i hope a full recovery soon.

but even if the dengue is from the photo trial i bet boogey would say it was worth every second!:p

dith said...

Boogey- Dah fogging rumah?

Count- shots not mine

wastepaper basket- yes! Hidup Sigma!

Mynn- Of course not. He developed the fever that very evening. Of course you would say that..you're a true-blue Cannon spokesperson!

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