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Sarah, Sofi and their 2 friends
The Blue Mosque in the background.The mosque was built between
1609 and 1616 by order of the Sultan Ahmed I, after whom it is named. He is buried in the mosque's precincts. It is located in the oldest part of Istanbul, in what was before 1453 the centre of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire. It is next to the site of the ancient Hippodrome, and a short distance from what used to be the Christian Church of the Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia) which has now been converted into a museum.

In a diner. The wall painting looks interesting.

Hagia Sophia, (the Church of) Holy Wisdom, now known as the Ayasofya Museum, is a former Eastern Orthodox church converted to a mosque in 1453 by the Turks, and converted into a museum in 1935

My 2 big girls are extremely lucky to have been given the golden opportunity to visit Istanbul, Turkey for their short winter hols. Thanks to Boogey who still hold contacts with some Turks (Said Nursi Foundation) over there, my girls and their 2 friends were greeted at the airport by kind souls who then brought them to a students flat for their accommodation. Since their arrival they've been given genial welcome by some students from Myanmar and Vietnam, and up till today they've covered many of the major attractions as depicted in the above photos. I'll let Sofi update in her blog for the details later.


Boogey said...

Muka tak nampak macam seronok pun? Nampak macam tengah buat lawatan kerja pulak.
Sempat jugak dorang ni hantar gambar yek? Mana gambar awek turki?

Wastepaper basket said...


awak dok sana berkurun2 pun x puas nengok awek turki? zaman skrg boleh pakai google je.

ikelah said...

mereka asyik belayar jee in contract to ehem ehem.... dekat calcium straits la, semalam di bosphorus cruise. muka tak seronok tu sebab kawan mereka kena diarrhoea, so kena cut shot travelling on that day. kan gadis senyum sokmo tu mana boleh kurang-kurang... kalau boleh nak lawat setiap inci bangunan lama tuurkey.

maybe today mereka pergi outside istanbul. anyway thanks boogey./... they are enjoying the trip and yesterday tetiba snowing.

aki ada pesan.... sofi pergi tak jumpa ex acik? hahahaha... ada hp? ada add?

bakul sampah... bila nak masuk wushu.... yang dua lagi tu tau tak happenings kat great eastern mall? ;)

Ku Keng said...

if they are still there, get them to take the boat across to Uskudar. Nice food, cheap, good view and friendlier people. And don't forget Eyup.

boogey said...

I should write an entry on Istanbul. Hey, have they gone to Ortakoy? I had an entry on that place. And yes, was a summer riadah place during the Otoman period. There`s a famous old song named katib about the activities there "Uskudar`s giderirken aldi da bir yagmur..." Hehehehe...terkonang den.

dith said...

Boogey: travelmate tak sama wavelength kot

red: siapa tak kenal Boogey eh

ikelah: aki terkejut depa travel only 4

ku keng: since 2 days ago they've gone out of istanbul to Troy then Izmir. Perhaps if time and money permits we can suggest Uskudur. Thanks

boogey: You should have already. We love listening to you ramble away in bahasa sound so Turkish if dont look at your face that is! hehe

ikelah said...

turgay did not call me because he prefers talking to his turkish brother who knows turkey more than him, that is boogey. you should see them speaking turkey..... just like the indians talking in tamil to each other... ther world is theirs.

ikelah said...

they are now in selcuk spending the night there n tomorrow will again tour ephesus. their host(istanbul) friend in izmir invited them to stay a night at izmir. i told them to go tomorrow after finishing their ephesus tour. kena raikan juga permintaan host mereka. apa yang ada di izmir sebelum mereka bertolak ke istanbul?

ortakay ta pasti but i'll tell them to go there before their flight to moscow. in fact in the schedule it is supposed after ephesus. as for uskadar and eyup, i'll tell tem too.

thanks guys.

ifos said...

Salaam... ktrg kat selcuk ni, hehe... lepak 1 mlm sini at a guesthouse, tomorrow nak g kusadasi n later, back to izmir to spend the night there. today dah toured all around selcuk n ephesus. Before that we explored the ruins of Troy n took the ferry to Gallipoli but didn't get to visit due to time constraint (view dr kapal pn jadi lah. heh). As for Istanbul, we've been to the Sultanahmet area, Beyazit, Sulaymaniye mosque, New mosque n around Eminonu, Dolmabahce Palace, Eyup mosque, miniaturk, took the Bosphorus cruise, and about as much food as we(I) could manage. Hehe. Alhamdulillah my stomach tak meragam plak... it seems to agree with Turkish food. (dah lame tak makan kambing. YUM!!). Turkish ppl are very friendly n helpful. Better than many Malaysians I've met.. Russians toksah ckp la. Hehe. Nanti balik istanbul tinggal 1 day je, tak sure lg nk g mane. bleh tlg suggest. thanks..

dith said...


I have given you the number to contact Simah in Istanbul. She'd love to see you all. I dont know whether feasible. But as Keng has suggested Uskudur and Eyup, both are old sections and Uskudur I think has a good and cheap shopping bazaar.

But I'd really be please if you could meet up with SImah in between. Contact her please!

Take care all!

Boogey said...

Other things you can do in Istanbul:
1. Visit the Fener Patrikhanesi by the Golden Horn. It`s the central church for the Orthodox Christian like Vatican for the Catholics. While there go eat iskembe corbasi or paca at tarihi halic iskembecisi. Iskembe is sup perut and paca is sup kaki kambing. How to get there: Take a bus or lrt from findikzade to eminonu and then another bus to halic or just walk kalau larat.
2. Visit Taksim/Beyoglu area which is the culture centre for Istanbul and during ottoman period the residential area for the non muslims. The architecture is therefore european and many old church there. How to get there? From findikzade ada banyak bas ke Taksim.
From Taksim you can take a bus to Ortakoy but it`s only fun if you go on Saturday or Sunday. From Ortakoy you can get on one of the small boats to cross the Bosphorus to Uskudar which is just across.
Nothing much in Uskudar nowadays though but a mosque. Shops mostly sell clothes but the fish sandwich by the Bosphorus sedap. Nak balik lalu jambatan? Take a bus from uskudar to mecidiyekoy which will cross the bosphorus bridge. From mecidiyekoy, just take the bus to findikzade or eminonu or mana mana lagi u nak pegi.
What to eat? Kena try makan lahmacun di kebab house. Tepi jalan punya pun ada tapi tak berapa best. Kena makan one of the fish sandwiches, kena try iskembe corbasi. These all you can finish in 1 day.

ikelah said...

listen to the malaysian turk. he is wiser. ;)

ikelah said...

...when it concerns istanbul and turkey. ;)

dith said...


Jom laa kita pergi!!!

Mama Sarah said...

DITH, eh i nak ikut gak!

DAh lama i minta nak pergi Turkey. Min 'tawar' je. Dia nak jugak pi Jepun dia dulu :(

dith said...


Jom. I'd like to go there with you too! We can visit Simah!

*Biar Mynn pergi Nippon sorang2, hehe

maklang said...

tak pernah tiba Istanbul....

lama tak masuk sini, bila masuk sini, teringat mee calong....makan aje yang ingatkan....

simah said...

insyaallah ur daughters n i will meet tomorrow.. pls pray that the sun will shine is freezing here :0)

all ladies bloggers.. conduct la datang shopping kat istanbul ramai ramai.. :0)

dith said...

Maklang- amboi ingat Mee Calong jek!

Simah- You should be with them right now..hope everything goes well.

simah said...

akak.. u may wanna check ur email.. :0)

mynn said...

i'm full of envy - nice travel pictures. wish we could travel to such nice places too.

ikelah said...

thanks for taking my daughters around. lovely kids yuo have there.
saw the pics... nice....
salam to your husband and thanks again.

finally they went to ortakay... the place boogey wants them to go... boogey punye tempat bangun atau jatuh.... tak tahu lah.

simah said...


bila i sampai ortaköy.. my first words were.. *eh tu aja ka?* hahahah..i was expecting more..

like ur daughters.. it was my first time pi situ.. selalunya main lalu ja..

i guess boogey is in love with the view of the bridge.. minum teh kat situ while looking at the view..

the view is breathtaking for someone romantic..

panwalla said...

Jangan lupa untuk boikot syampu lavender dan minyak teh.

panwalla said...

Jangan lupa untuk boikot syampu lavender dan minyak teh.

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