Sunday, October 14, 2007


Another raya of tribulation, this year. A test, different from last year's but a great tribulation, no doubt. The whole week before raya, my hubby was admitted for Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis. A serious condition with 20% mortality rate, most likely caused by an infection en route the transphenoidal surgery site he underwent in February.

Alhamdulillah, his quick action of repeating an MRI after experiencing a similar headache he had in February, helped detect the thrombosis early, hence the swift treatment of i/v antibiotics consisting of triple regime of Flagyl, Gentamycin and Rocephine. The rapid management helped to resolve the thrombosis fast and he became much better within few days.

Multiple i/v line for all the antibiotics

However, on the 4th day, he became weak again and developed symptoms of probable Addisonian Crisis which sent me into a panic frenzy, calling his former surgeon and demanding the physician to intervene. After the appropriate therapy, he responded well and I am truly grateful to his former neurosurgeon who took pain to make sure he got the proper treatment here.

So to you all out there, sorry that there was no proper Raya wish. I have been off the internet since the whole plight.


*I cried reading this entry.....

*To Muhammad, we missed you this raya as much as we missed Kak Sarah and Sofi. Insyallah there'll be more raya with the seven of us together!

ikelah and pang5 with Ust Yusof who had been theirs, mine and also my kids' Quran teacher. He's a great teacher!

Raya feast at KKL-OK's

lamb stew!!!

baked spinach and feta cheese pastry

ginger-lemon tea


Has said...

Dear DITH,

Kenapa Ikelah dok asyik dapat penyakit yang canggih2? Hope he'll get his fit self again. It is a good idea to boost immunity. Is he still on reishi?

hiyoshi said...

I hope that Dr Azmi will have a speedy recovery. With that kind of food served, I'm sure that shouldn't be too much of a problem :)

Selamat Hari Raya to you and family.

mynn said...

Salams DITH, what a trial it is for Ikelah to get complications from surgery, plus those are quite heavy hitting antibiotics he had to endure - especially the gentamicin. Not nice when you have to have daily gentamicin levels done, is it?

Eid mubarak to you and your family, hope Ikelah had enjoyed Eid once out of hospital... and hope to see you guys in Kuantan next weekend! Nisa is very eager to meet you & family. salams to ikelah from me.

pycnogenol said...

Guess what? I get to 'bersalam' and hug Pak Su Yahya, my Quran teacher on Raya day too.

I hope Ikelah is fine now. InsyaAllah we'll see you sooooon!! ;)

Take care ya my friend!!

Panglima said...

ikelah makan tak jaga... semua bedal.

pycnogenol said...

Panglima - Ikelah was telling me last night, how you guys were all trying to get him to 'berpantang makan'

Maybe you should list down here things he should avoid. Would that include Asam Rong?

easylady said...

alhamdulillah ikelah dah sihat.Tak tau pulak kak rozza raya kat kontan.Kalau tau boleh gi beraya.

Saya pun tersentuh membaca tulisan ifos.huhuhu.

afie911 said...

Selamat Hari Ray. May Allah be with you always. You are a very strong woman DITH! I admire you.

simah said...

u r definitely tested...

we pray for Dr azmi's speedy recovery....

take care n be strong yea akak.. in such condition... he is lucky u r a doctor n u can guess what was happening... other normal people wouldnt be so lucky...

take care akak.. *hugs*

Restless said...

err... can i have the recipe for the spinach in the pastry thingy pls??

dith said...

Has- Reishi dah lama habis. Mahal sgt nak continue, :p. Nak cuba apricot kernal pulak, :p

Yoshi- thanks

Mynn- insyallah hope to see you all this weekend

Pycno- thanks for visiting us that night! Also thanks for the cake and gifts!

easylady- Bukan tak mahu jemput, memang tak masak apa2 pon. Tapi kalau dtg, makan kuih saja la!

afie- Thanks!

simah- I am overwhelmed with your hugs! Thanks dear!

restless- that you have to ask KKL! :p

Has said...

Roza, beli reishi jenama DXN la, murah! The fact that Ikelah dapat CST, shows that his immunity quite low. Andrew Weil, MD, the best seller author, pun agreed that reishi helps in boosting the body defense system.

Apricot kernel untuk kanser.
Kutip biji epal dan mamah dan telan pun works, makan dengan epalnya sekali lah.

Queen Of The House said...

Alhamdulillah Ikelah is fine now. What a Raya for you. I thought you were exceptionally quiet pre-raya, rupa-rupanya so much was going on. Take care, all of you.

Count Byron said...

I am glad Ikelah is looked after by a great neurosurgeon. May you and your family be blessed always for the wonderful contributions you pump into the society. I can only share the joy.

Selamat hari raya to you and your blessed family


simah said...

akak..has ikelah fully recovered...?? there is no update from there...

n if u r seeing myn this weekend, assuming u will see nisak to right?...kirim salam kat dia yea akak...n boleh tak u tanya kat minah tu..... dia tak ader contact no ker?

maklang said...

Selamat Hari Raya Kak..

Dapat khabar dari Mynn dan Nisak semalam. Maaf lama tak masuk sini, terlalu tertekan dengan kerja sampai tak larat nak lompat2.. ( berat pun ye...!)

Semoga Dr. Azmi sihat selalu...dan Muhammad sentiasa berjaya dalam pelajaran...

Bila nak mai sini?

Anonymous said...

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