Saturday, January 19, 2008


*This entry has been censored and axed for more than 50% of it original writing that it fails to impart my main intention of telling you guys about my latest interest in nature. For fear of the many abusers out there who might sniff this 'info' and destroy the natural habitats of these certain species, I had to conform and leave you with just this:

There's a hill in Kuantan overlooking the famous Teluk Chempedak and the glorious blue sea around it. It's the staid Bukit Pelindung. Every morning and evening, dozens of fitness freaks would throng the road that meanders up the hill as a means to get their daily dose of the 'feel good' hormone, the endorphins. However for a couple of weeks recently , the serene hill has attracted a different kind of people, the photography enthusiasts, namely iKelah and his jinbeng of Nikon users (yours truly included, although I am SLR-less)

A long procession of black termites (approx. 200-300 meters), coinciding with the ma'al hijrah!

Beautiful mushrooms. Edible? I don't know.

As the hill is carpeted with a thick virgin forest with luscious green foliage, it provides them with myriads of colorful and strange looking arthropods, when shot in the macro view, magnifies their awesome beauty. Their close-up shots, impart a great world of wonder, unappreciated by the naked, unaided eye.

A trek connecting to TC

As for me, my personal interest would be to exercise the extra, extra fat (since I broke my toe, I haven't been exercising, thus adipose tissue has insidiously collected!) and also to scout for burrows of some great species. However, I restrain to mention them further as I was warned that sadly there are maniacs around who abuse these species, lest I might attract their attention!

Trudging up Bukit Pelindung can be treacherous for beginners as there are several stretches of very, very steep gradient that can make you huff and puff. Amazingly, however , you tend to see the same faces making their routine rounds of up and down the hill, everyday! So I guess, after some time, your body adapts and the climb gets pretty easy and addictive. My theory is this: the difficult cardiovascular climb is immediately rewarded when you begin the much easier and less demanding downhill walk, except for the pressure on the knees which is minimized if you walk backwards!

This insect is called the spider assassin

So what's on top of the hill, you ask? Nothing, except for the TM signal station and perhaps a spot to view the sea and Kuantan town. Oh yes, they also view the anak bulan over here but I am not sure of the exact spot.

*all pics are courtesy of iKelah without his permission! Thank you iKelah!

Btw, for those uninitiated, have you heard of the alleged plagiarism by Natasha Hudson? Read here and here.


Ku Keng said...

When we were staying in Kuantan, as kids, the locals told us that Joog Makjood (Gog an Magog) lived within Bukit Pelindung. That is why the hill is called Pelindung or Shelter. Did you see traces of them there?

mektwain said...

The last time I walked up Bukit Pelindung (or any bukit for that matter) was when I was 12, harharhahrahar. Need.To.Exercise.More.

Speaking of plagiarisms and copycats, last week I saw a copycat version of my chocolate cheese cupcake, being sold in a bakery!! Wahlaueh!!!!!

P5 said...

yeah, i remember that story. dajjal was entrapped in bukit pelindung. cant recall who actualy told it to me.

anyway, the mushrooms do look delicious enough to be eaten. why dont you give it a shot, and tell us how it is. i've had my share of eating poisonous food to last a lifetime. hehehe...

ikelah said...

memang teringin nak makan tapi ini kawasan hutan simpan dara kekal, maka tidak dibenarkan mengambil atau memusnahkan apa-apa hidupan yang terdapat di sini.

its still very cooling here even during the day and the air is fresh. i have climbed a few times and yet to see this gog magog.

now they are doing some construction and cutting down the hill side where it was just gazetted as hutan simpan but not kekal. we will see if this gog magog will be released and destroy kuantan.

this stupid 'people' should know why it is called bukit pelindung. it stops the strong wind and rain from reaching kuantan town. at times, it rains at pelindung pantai ang beserah but not beyond bukit pelindung thus sparing the town from flash flood.

masa dahulu sesuatu nama itu tidak diberikan melainkan ada maknanya.

dith said...

Keng- I wonder at which part of GUiT did your stay in Kuantan fit in? Tinggal kat Beserah ke? Ya'juj Ma'juj belom keluar lagi. Tunggu lah bila depa tarah semua bukit nanti. Bahagian yg mengadap Tok SIra dah habis rata buat rumah mewah :((

MekTwain- You dont need the exercise my dear! :p. Ni yang susah bila makanan kena plagiat...tak boleh buat apa2!! Gi lah daftar patent rights!

Pang5- Wah hebat betul Bukit Pelindung ni. Ada Ya'juj Ma'juj. Ada Dajjal. :))
Orang kata mushroom tumbuh kat pokok is usually safe to eat. ang tumbuh kat tanah selalu racun.

ikelah- Next Sunday kita pergi lagi ok!

hiyoshi said...

All this talk about arthropods reminds me of my Parasitology -.-"

alqasam said...

Salam kak

What a beautiful scenery.
Talking about the allegedly plagiarisms, it is somehow hard to believe, it is something so obvious and why did she has ever has a gut to do it at the first place. Duh!

Ku Keng said...

Not at Beserah but Kampong Tengah.

simah said...

beautiful pictures as usual..but tengok semua serangga u...geli geleman la akak!!...the mushroom tu kalau boleh makan dah lama masuk pan soup :0)

our thanks to akak dith for posting the pictures (even without ikelah's permission= hehehe

dith said...

Yoshi- So are you good in Parasitology?

alqasam- Long time no hear.How are you dear?

Keng- Read the entries. Kampong tengah now is no more kampong. It's now packed with housing estates. but the big monsoon drain which AG used to play is still there, usually full during monsoon, of course. Was that SK Teruntum or SK Abdullah he's talking? Wonder why your ayah was transferred for only 6 mths eh? Or is it because poor mum couldnt adapt herself to Kuantan?

Simah- mushroom tu tak boleh makan sbb dalam hutan simpan, :p

red said...

about this gog magog, can we macro it?

dith said...


this morning on our trip up and down the hill, we were caught in the rain and then we saw possible traces of Gog Magog. Macro them? Time will tell, my friend, time will tell...

maklang said...

kak...kat sini kalau nak ambik gambar nyamuk pun boleh...banyak betul nyamuk malam ni , nak baca blog pun tak senang...geram betul!

Has said...


suruh Azmi baca articles kat sites ini:


ikelah said...

thanks for the link has, i have read and understood.

Jamil said...

Err...I used to be. Does that count?

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Yatika Dhingra said...

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