Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Going uphill Bkt Pelindung is akin to facing life battle, tough and rough, huff and puff!

For many, life is an uphill battle, facing tests after tests. Occasionally you are thrown into a big tribulation that may seemed impossible to bear at that time but eventually with Allah's help, you find your way out and emerge a stronger and better soul, insyallah. Today marks the first year since my beloved other half underwent a major surgery to remove his pituitary tumor. 21st Muharram 1428 or 10th February 2007 was the fateful day. Alhamdulillah despite some hiccups, he is recovering well. I pray that he will get back to his normal health and celebrate more anniversaries of this auspicious day, years ahead, Ameen!


simah said...

our prayers will always be with u both akak...

a year passed already? it seemed just like yesterday.. how time moved really fast...

u have been one very brave lady thruout all the ordeal... MasyaAllah ikelah is lucky to have a soulmate like u.

Has said...


Cepat masa berlalu ya. Kadang-kadang bila dok tengah "down", I sendiri terasa hairan macam mana I boleh lalui masa-masa mencabar dengan begitu sabar dan bersemangat.

Ni masa OK, kadang-kadang dok stress dengan benda yang bukan-bukan pula. Tapi in my case, bila dok berdepan dengan patients terminally ill all the time, rasa insaf datang berkali-kali.

Dari derita dapat dihargai kebahagian yang sejati. Tuhan maha bijaksana.

Saya doakan untuk kita semua. Moga 20-30 tahun akan datang, kita masih sihat bahagia.

raggedyanne said...

alhamdulillah... and amin!

dith said...

Simah- thank you! I still remember your precious call that day! Yes it seemed just like only yesterday!

Has- Terima Kasih! Betul tu! Banyak pengajaran yang berharga cuma kekadang tu terlupa dan lalai semula, :((. Wah 20-30 tahun lagi. Insyallah. By that time we'll be about 60 odds. Ok gak tu. AMEEN!

dith said...

Anne- Thanks! Still doing the Hudsons huh? :))

Queen Of The House said...

So fast the time passed. Insyaallah you and Ikelah will have many more great anniversaries to celebrate together.

Jamil said...

Like the rest of the commenters, I too cannot believe that it has already been a year. But no matter the period of time that has passed by, I sincerely hope that ikelah will have a safe and uncomplicated recovery. InsyaAllah.

momad said...

mak, buangla gambar momad kat tp tu, buruk. bosan plak diorg da blk.

OndeOnde said...

dear dr roza,

Insyaallah didoakan your beloved husband cepat sembuh. His strength datangnya daripada kasih sayang you.

Looking at this photo of bukit pelindung, I have the same exact spot (must be correct by looking at the road and sceneries), the picture of myself and friends climbing the hill but it was taken more than 24 years ago!

Damelehrer said...

Long live your beloved husband, insya Allah. Thank you so much for paying a visit to Arifah at Tanjung Api when she had the accident. She still walks with a slight limp though... (can keep the crutches away now!)

dith said...

qoth- thanks.Ameen!

jamil- Ameen to that too!

momad- ok apa gambar tu :p

onde2- thanks! Dulu sekolah di sini ke? Teknik? Mrsm? Afzan? :))

damelehrer- Ameen! It was my pleasure. Hope the limp will go away too!

OndeOnde said...

dear dr, dekat jalan alor akar, medan tok sira and when the photo was taken, I was 13 years old..hehehehehe

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