Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Guess what? Allah swt answered my prayers this evening. I prayed that Mayo return to us again. As I opened the front door, my mind was thinking of her when suddenly she appeared out of nowhere and entered through the door as if beckoned by me. To prevent her from getting away again I decided to keep her indoors.

Tonight when we got back, we had a surprise! Gasp! When we opened the back door, we saw her lying down against it, licking her wet body. Only after a few good seconds did I realize that Mayo had just given birth to two fine kittens!

Mayo with her kittens, minutes after delivery.


simah said...

anak dia sama kaler dengan mak dia!! bapak dia tak contribute kaler kat anak pun...,,

alahai.. manja nya diaaaa...!!

Jamil said...

Have you come up with names for her offspring yet? I thought 'Thousand Island' and 'Tartar' would be a nice addition to the family :P

ikelah said...

yang ada tu red dan cream actually.the third one came later with black fur.

they were already named: red=ceri/chair ray, cream=pisang/pee sang, black=anggur/hang gurl. ;)

abdullahjones said...

nama dah kasi, bila cukur jambul? jemput saya.

Queen Of The House said...

Haha datuk nenek kucing ni tak sedar nak dapat cucu ke? Nasib baik kalau nak sambut anak-anak kucing, it doesn't need any preparations macam nak sambut anak orang :D

Em said...

Salaams!The kittens are so cute...

Has said...


Padang muka orang yang kurungkan Mayo (lama pula tu); sebab dia bawa balik anak dia ke Nenek he he he.

Agaknya dah berapa kali Mayo melahirkan anak semenjak dia tiada? Orang tu buat bisnes kot?

OOD said...

Kirim garu-tengkuk to the proud mother of anak kucing buah2an (ceri, pisang, anggur).

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