Monday, May 19, 2008


Mayo, our semi-persian, went missing on the 14th of May, 2 years ago. This morning, exultingly, iKelah called me, "ada shocking news for you! Mayo dah balik!" I was so happy to hear it because all this while we thought that she was probably dead. "Memang Mayo. She's showing all her peculiar behavior."

When I got home, after much inspection and scrutiny I confirmed that it was really good old Mayo and she's pregnant! She was allowed in for a short while until she began her bad habit of scratching the sofa. Furthermore, I couldn't allow her indoors in view of iKelah's health condition. After feeding and stroking her I left her in the porch. In the evening when I left for work, she was still sleeping there. However later, Maman told me that Mayo was not to be seen anywhere!

Mayo is missing again but this time I have a strong hunch that she's being caged up near by. The people who is keeping her must have left the cage door opened and she escaped only to return back in this evening.

There are several pointers to why I am having the above suspicion:

1) I once saw a familiar orange long-haired cat coming out from the possible 'cat-napper's gate.
2) Mayo perked her ears when she heard the 'cat-napper's voice calling for her
3) The 'cat-napper' has a cage for their 'mafia' cats at the back of their house, hidden from outside view.
4) Mayo couldn't possibly get herself all lost again so soon after coming back all these years unless if she's familiar with her second abode which happens to be close by!

Meanwhile, for sure I'll be doing a lot of sleuth work ala Nancy Drew. I need a pair of good binoculars to spy on the possible 'cat-napper' and the cage!

If my suspicion is true, I am definitely going to lose faith in the human race! Imagine, for 2 years Mayo was actually within reach and we didn't know it! Ini macam punya manusia dalam dunia juga ada!!


Queen Of The House said...

Tak boleh buat police report against cat-nappers ke? (not the sleeping kind lah).

Jamil said...

Cat burglars!

I'm just curious as to their methodology (I seem to be using that word a lot these days) of enticing Mayo to stay with them. How do they do it? A better brand of cat food? Squeakier mice? An irresistibly charming rogue tomcat?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the cat-napper thought that Mayo was lost/does not have an owner or the cat-napper does not know who the cat belongs to. Masa Mayo hilang dulu, you ada tak buat poster 'missing-cat'?

Cat Lover

Ku Keng said...

Mayo got lost and pregnant in May. What a coincidence. Salam from Cairo. Today being my penultimate day here, finally have some space to surf. The hotel service is charged by the day and too expensive.

dith said...

QOTH- hehe. Banyak keje polis lagi :p

Jamil- None of what you suggest are the enticing factors. We provide the best biscuits around here if not the whole town,KKL can vouch that because she's the supplier of the best quality cat biscuits! The reason is simply because Mayo is plain docile and won't put up any resistance!

Cat Lover- Nah! The possible catnappers know that Mayo is ours from day one! Btw, you may be a cat lover but you've got no guts to reveal who you are! :))

Keng,-Yes, May is a month full of landmarks eh? :p. Reminiscing Cairo, I see! You must be staying in those big hotels huh charging exorbitant fees. Ada Tune Hotels kat sana tak? hehe

Anjang Aki said...

Senang hati Anjang Aki dengor Mayo dah balik. Kena catnap rupa-rupanya yek? Anjang rasa catnapper tu buat gitu sebab dia pikir hendak dia je. Tak amik peduli pun hok ograng lain ke dosa ke pahala ke, ograng sedih ke meraung ke. Nok bagi dia belajor perasaan manusia hok berbagai gitu, Anjang cadangkan DITH nih gi kidnap je anok ograng tuh. Tengok gona gaya dia meraung. Gamaknya nok dapat balik anok dia, 100 Mayo pun dia sanggup bagi balik siap dengan reben meroh berloceng sekali. Gitu lah gayanya hidup kita di dunia nih. Jangan dok sedak jek amik hok ograng. Ni pasal kuching. Anjang sokmo jugok nampok ograng kita buat jugek menda serupa gini. Amik tempat duduk ograng, amik giliran ograng, amik hok bersuara ograng, amik hok anak-anak seniri, amik air muka ograng tapi kita selalu tak sedor atau sedor untukseminit jek sebab buke kita hok make ati.

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