Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Special Tribute To My Xangan Bloggers

A bespectacled dude I think he is,
Traversing the blogs he is comfortable with,
Making comments with much wisdom and wit,
Enigmatic is the status he chose to remain,
Apparently promising to expose himself time and again,
To Ayumi, when she's off to study in a foreign land,
His entries by far are political in nature,
This makes me wonder,
Pycnogenol,are you a political science lecturer?

Crimsonskye,a name befitting your person,
The reddish hue coloring the sky from morn to dawn,
Writing entries with much maturity and reason,
Reflecting a very deep thinking disposition,
You are definitely a girl so much besotted,
With a mother who had truly guided,
If I had a grown son,
Would you be a DIL of mine?

Another blogger with a biochemical name,Inositol,
Who also prefers to be incognito, unknown and all,
Recently changed her background,
To cheer some people who were emotionally unsound,
Jotting entries full of words of advice,
Have you gotten hitched I asked,
No lah, just busy at work, she claims,
Guessing your identity is the name of the game.

A cute little boy with a sheepish grin,
The picture icon you chose to print,
Interesting entries including many,
Of LRT rides, of transvestites, oh so scary!
Self-portrayal of someone so shy,
Easily tongue-tied, and yet so sly,
Hiyoshi, under a pile of leaves would you really lie?

Anything Japanese would perk her up,
So betrothed is she with the land of the rising sun,
Of Samurai, Kimono, Bon Odori and Ayumi-san,
Never forgetting to give salam is her sincere trademark,
Very pretty girl, so sweet and smart,
Detailed entries,
Of her college activities,
Ayumi, this tryst with Pycnogenol,
Will he turn up at all?

She slept over to meet Sofi,
The only Xangan I've met in person,
Her mother turned out to be a junior of my hubby,
(Years ago in SEMSAS)who would discern?
Afie, of Afie, a girl so merry,
Bila nak ke sini lagi?

To all you Xangans,
Who came and left comments,
I'll treasure them all in this space of cyber,
May ALlah swt bless and guide us forever.


pycnogenol said...

I see that you can already claim six "Wong Solos" plus six passport-size, colour photographs.

Skye, inositol and me including, padan muka!! Pandai-pandai nak request poem from a natural poet. What about those who have not specifically requested for a poem, but given one nevertheless??

For now, it's a "WOW" drroza, you're really talented. I'll respond to the riddles later.

crimsonskye said...

I have this really big grin on my face right now :D Never heard of this Wong Solo actually, but I'll do some bit of research of my own *wink2*

Thank you so much!

hiyoshi said...

Crikey...I haven't written anything like that since....since....wait a minute. I've never written anything like that before in my entire life. Sorry.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to cook up a wonderful...err...whatever-you-call-it. Yes. Thank you. And honestly, I couldn't help smiling reading that bit about me where you said I'm "easily tongue-tied, and yet so sly". Hahaha...

uipts said...


inositol said...

Thanks for thr tribute. I REALLY have to find the Wong Solo outlet now. Can you please help me here with the direction, drroza or ikelah? I'm serious here. I HAVE to have the Wong Solo before Ramadhan!! Am not too familiar with Ampang area, unfortunately. I know Ampang Point, Kampung Melayu Ampang and Spectrum. But, where is Taman Dagang,eh?

As for the "pengeras", can I eat the Solo chicken on your behalf, and just send you the passport-size photo? ;)

pycnogenol said...

Can a political science lecturer hate politics and cannot stand the majority (not simple, but big, big, BIG majority) of politicians?

A good attempt, though. Dont give up just yet....

Nurelhuda said...

Jeles saya!
Ahem I also write some prose but only when inspired and lately no inspiration
But here is one extra soppy Ode to online friends

You touched my life

We never met , you and I
Yet you touched my life
I know not how nor why
That distance time and space between
Did not stop you from knowing me
and me from knowing you
Enriching each other
Influencing each other
Carrying each other
Within our thoughts
You live within the warmth of my being
That you are gives me meaning
You touched my life

dr in the house said...

Inositol- If you really need the map email me: Cis! Ada ke nak makan pengeras orang! Sungguh kurang sopan! :))

Pycno- kawe dah penat meneka.

Nurelhuda- That is a good one- describes well our relationship eh?

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Oh gosh!! Such a nice poem.. That is so very sweet of you :) I DO sincerely hope that Pycnogenol will keep his promise!!!

Ikelah said...

wong solo location:

from KL to ampang tru jln ampang. at the flyover, at the junction(traffic light) on ur left will be ampang point. drive ahead until u reach a T junction with a traffic light.
straight will be to ampang, left to taman dagang and cahaya. take the left turn. drive ahead, about 1/2 km i think, there will be a break at the divider of another T junction, with commercial blocks, giant supermarket as the landmark on ur right. turn right, straight for about 150 metres and u will see a food arcade on ur left with wong solo and his 4 wives staring at u.

good luck and selamat menyambut ramadhan al mubarak... semoga sentiasa dalam barakah.

pycnogenol said...

That shouldnt be too difficult to find. Hey guys, today is Sunday, how about us all driving up to Taman Dagang and "stare back at Wong Solo's 4 wives".....oops...what I meant was: "to not only stare, but enjoy Wong Solo Roast Chickens.....THAT, you can have more than 4 !! ;)) Thanks ikelah.

And, Marhaban Ya Ramadhan to you and drroza too. I plan to carry out your Ramadhan resolutions too, InsyaAllah.

Arifah a.k.a. afie said...


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