Wednesday, September 28, 2005


MEME my life.
I have read in several blogs where they have MEME-ed their life story and felt that I needed one too! I have seen several versions but queenofthehouse's simple ado attracts me. So here goes:

when I was born...came into the world.According to mak I chose to arrive when it was about to berpuka puasa time (it was Ramadhan then). At a private maternity home in Malacca.

At 1 -4 .....toddling around, still in Malacca. Bukit Peringgit I think. Bapak was an English teacher in a high school before he joined the Customs. We lived in a quaint government quarters

At 4 -5.....In Klang. Can't recall much.

AT 5- 7..... In Penang Island. Attended kindergarten there.

At 7 -13....In JB. Went to SIGS primary. Had great friends and teachers. Then to SIGS Secondary which had and still has a well-renowned school band. We were mighty proud of it.

At 14......1st term in Assunta PJ (bapak was supposed to transfer to KL, so went first with my sis and stayed with an aunt at sect 16 PJ) . 2nd term back to SIGS JB (bapak's transfer was cancelled) 3rd term went to Zainab Sec school, Kota Bharu (Bapak got promoted ) Imagine 3 schools in a year! Can anyone beat that?

At 15...Still in Zainab. Loved KB, great town! Sat for L.C.E. there

At 16-17...Again bapak got transfered, now to Penang. Form 4 and 5 in St Georges' girls' School. Great school. Great Friends too. Sat for MCE there. Loved Penang Island so much. DO you know that a friend and I used to walk from our house in Green lane right up to Pulau Tikus which is about 7 km in distant? But the roads were then covered by shady trees left and right and walking along those roads were simply mesmerizing!

At 18+...Matriculationin Sek Sri Puteri a.k.a Sek Men Kolam Air. It was ok, though we the matric students were not accepted well and were considered 'outsiders' by the 'real' students there.

At 19+....1st yr Science , Lembah Pantai. We lodged at section 16 flats which we named 'cabang'. Shared a flat with 4 others: me, Khairani and 3 seniors. They were great and took care of us. They nursed me once when I was sick. Sad that we are no more in contact.

At 20-25+...2nd yr-6th yr Medicine in Jln Raja Muda. Hostel at KTDI. 5 glorious years there. Got hitched at 3rd year. Graduated with 3 kids in tow, SARAH, SOFI and MUHAMMAD:)

At 25+......started housemanship at H Kuantan. Life was terribly hectic then. Doing calls almost everyday! That was nightmare. Wouldnt want to go through that again! Had Mr Kanda, Surgeon as boss during Surgery posting. Mr Hla for Ortho. Datuk Dr Looi for Medicine. Dr Harbajan Singh for Paeds. They were great bosses though can be a pain at times,:))

At 27-28+...MO ship, district posting DH Sg Bakap, Penang. Learned to live amongst the kampong folks. Much hardship though!

At 29-30+...Blood bank HKL.Dr Mrs G Doraisamy was the head of HKL Blood Bank then. She was a brilliant teacher but with little patience though, :))Going around in blood donation campaigns.Making sure that blood supply whether whole, packed, frozen plasma or platelets were enough according to each blood group. And making sure they were judiciously given to patients.Was fun but strenuous. Had Aliah at 29.

At 31....Moved into GP. Had Luqman through LSCS. Down with a series of health conditions but alhamdulillah coping well.

At 32 till now....still GPing.

10 yrs to come: my wish is to lay back and enjoy my fruits of labour. If Allah wills I hope to be still healthy and fit and maybe go backpacking with ikelah around Europe, Turkey and Middle East. Who knows? Stop snickering!!....I know many can't envisage me go backpacking especially ikelah ....ok, ok...maybe 4x4 road tour? No?...oh well..I'll just rock myself away on the rocking chair and reminisce...


Queen Of The House said...

Wow, you're very detailed whereas I left out some years and only jotted the significant ones about LIFE/LIVE/LIVING. My guess is yours was the last year for the LCE and the MCE (so we took them the same year 1977/79?) I skipped a year. Anyway, I once worked under the husband of Dr G Doraisamy (if it's the same one - Dr Thuraiappah) at the MCGP (now Academy of Family Physician or something). Small world - ever heard of the Six Degrees of Separation Theory?
And wow dr, you packed in lot - graduating with 3 kids in tow? You must be superwoman ;)

Nurelhuda said...

Assunta was my alam mater from kindergarten to form 2 ! It's a small world!I lived in PJ at Jalan Changkat off Jalan Gasing and used to climb Bukit Gasing . Got lost once with some friends in the foresty part of Bukit Gasing..long gone now....

hiyoshi said...

I'm not snickering! *giggles stupidly* No, no...By all means, go on with that backpacking trip around Europe, Turkey and Middle East. Just don't get caught in another Gulf War.

By the way, if you do go on that trip, I insist that you update us daily. I'm sure that by that time, they'll already have wireless internet in the hot, sandy deserts.

Anonymous said...

RA dulu pun St Gorges Penang jugak.
Dia duduk di Peel Avenue.

Nurelhuda said...

What? St Georges Penang?
I was there in form 3 and lower 6..
Form 4-5 in TKC
St Goerges St Georges we ll ever proclaim....

Ikelah said...

hahaha... RA masih dalam kenangan, 1 of boogey old flame...

i thought u did ur housemanship at 25. hmmmmm... some gray matter got entangled?

do u still remember about the monyet at zainab? ustaz mokhtar from st georges who stand in the 1999 election at sg bakap?

crimsonskye said...

'Around the World in 80 Days: drroza & ikelah' would make a really great spinoff from Reminiscence :) btw, I once met with a distant relative who was also doing medicine and at the same time married with kids. While we were chatting in her room, she saw me staring at this truly enomormous bulk of a textbook (and wondering how in the world she managed to juggle both family and study at the same time) and said, that's my pillow :))

inositol said...

I salute you with two hands, drroza! Never mind that I look silly; I still salute you with two hands. You managed to juggle between your studies and your family. Even more amazing is that you've managed to raise up your children so well, and they've turned out into intelligent and beautiful individuals.

dr in the house said...

QOTH-yes LCE 77, MCE 79. Born yr of Tiger. Yes thats the same G Doraisamy. So the Six Deg Separation Theory has some truth eh? So how has the budget, Puan Economist?

Nurelhuda- Was in Assunta in 76. In St George's in 78, 79. Do you know Kairani Omar of PJ Assunta? You still remember the school song?!!

Boogey- RA dah kawin lom?

Ikelah- Trust you to check my mistakes. Cerita pasal monkey pergi sekolah and Ust Mokhtar nanti.

Hiyoshi- I prefer your chortle anytime. ANd insyallah will write entry everyday, rain or shine or desert storm :)

Crimson- I have a personal story about these books. Will relate soon

Inositol- :) sure look funny in my imagination. Thanks for your kind words

pycnogenol said...

Many of the places you mentioned are places I have been. Except for Klang, Johor Bahru, Malacca and Penang are all my favourite places in Malaysia (especially Penang). And guess what??...I was in Sultan Ismail College in Kota Bharu for two years, and Zainab Secondary School was our next door neighbour. Ramai budak SIC yang mengorat budak Zainab.....tapi Pycnogenol "bejughuh, kalau nampak oghe ttino, tak akak kepalo" ;))

If you and ikelah ever decide to go on that backpacking trip, can I and my beloved join too? Tak sakit belakang ke?? ;))

dr in the house said...

Pycno- ambo tahu sekolah SIC tuh. Mugo mace sekolah kembar siye Zainab ...tak seko mu jenih hok bejughuh sampai tak akak kepalo! :)

Insyallah kalau ada rezeki why not? A double backpacking just like a double wedding eh?! Sakit pinggang tak tahu la sbb kira2 nya nak suruh orang lelaki je yang bawak backpack nih, hehhe

Crimson- During my first yr, I had to study Botany and I had this American as lecturer. He had this accent/twang which is so thick that I don't understand him sepatah haram. This made me loathe Botany. The day before the exam, I realize I had this pile of notes and Botany Books knee high that need revision. So I parked myself and the books/notes at the surau and halfway through out of frustration slept with them!!

Ikelah- In respond to your comments. Yes I remember during form 2 at Zainab, I had this classmate who only attended class once a month. Each time she'd bring her pet monkey and it would sit on her shoulder thru out class! Can you imagine that!!

Ikelah said...

Botany lecturer tu, the best lecturer.... u dont have to write everything he lurted out... just jog the important points... my whole botany revision is less than 3 hours.... complete from my point of view... :)... tak dapat A pun, tapi 3 hours with a B for the whole semester. but at that time yang dapat A just a handful, so tak terkilan sangat.

galos galos, naja naja... apa tu yek? from the zoology class

arifah said...

Dr Mrs G Doraisamy <--- is she in UPM now? coz I think she's my lecturer. small, cute and petite right? how lovely! =)

How did u juggle kids and study?
I myself can barely handle the stress (ni baru 1st year! yikes!)

You did great from then till now,Dr roza. I admire you for that.

dr in the house said...

iKelah- hehe, this you can't win, GALOS2 and NAJA2 are SSSSSNAKES! Right? No?

Arfie- No G DOraisamy is tall, slender and not petite at all. She's a Ceylonese. She considers herself a Transfusionist. She's also a Hematologist. A great one.
Arfie, you just persevere, insyallah you'll make it. Just be strong!

Anonymous said...

Cikgu botany mat salleh tu bukan ke nama dia andrew ?
Yes, I still remember RA sebab dia antara yang cun. Entah la kat mana dah. Beranak pinak dah kot.
Ini kira antara hubungan yang mendapat tentangan keluarga...hahahaha

Nurelhuda said...

Assunta school song

Onwards through the ??halls of learning
Ever dadadada

Lallala Assunta

erk only remember the tune not the words..

I am waaay your senior
My school head in Primary School was Miss Chow and in secondary School was sister Enda god bless her ...

dr in the house said...

Boogey- tak ingat nama dia but quite good looking I reckon. Tentangan kelaurga RA la tu coz I never knew any tentangan from our side. So did you have to go thru the same dialogue in Ibu Mertua Ku tuh? heheh

Nurelhuda- Assunta's song I langsung tak ingat, lyrics nor tune. But SGGS I remember that proclaim line!

Boogey said...

Tak silap nama lecturer mat salleh tu andrew la. Dlm soalan periksa ada dia tanya"Dlm perjalanan ke Cameron Highlands, motorsikal Andrew rosak di mana? Jawapnya di Taman Templer. Dapat la markah bonus. I agree with Ikelah, dia ngajar best. Very dinamic macam jual minyak urut compared to other lecturers yang macam ngajar kelas dewasa pendekar bujang lapok.

Boogey said...

I trust Ikelah can travel backpacking. Dia pernah backpacking di India once and considering he commands fleets to the other end of the galaxy, he is Paladin have gun will travel. Er...but as for you, i think camping in front of your house also can be too challenging oredi.

Ikelah said...

boogey... nanti buat entry cerita travelling ke pakistan, india and kashmir. awak punye rodong bila nak update?

cerita motasikal rosak dia tu... semua batch dia beritahu. motosikal buruk nak panjat cameron hills.

naja-naja= king cobra
galos-galos = ayam hutan

...agaknye.... cant really remember.

dr in the house said...

Boogey- awok buat rumah depan rumah kawe, pastu kita camp ramai2 kat beach...I have a strong hunch that this backpacking dream of mine will come true one day insyallah...just wait and see!

Boogey said...

You don`t want me to build a house in front of yours. Nanti gambar pantai dari tingkap bilik tidur tu jadi kenangan jek di tutup permandangan oleh bilik air atas rumah kawe.
Kawe buat sipi sikit la dekat situ jugak. Tak de la deme boring kat rumah sebab anak anak awak dah besor tak lama lagi sorang sorang kawin duduk Kolumpor. Masa tu, boleh jugak la datang nyakat anak kawe.

dr in the house said...

Boogey, betul tuh. Tapi kawe bukan jenis nyakat. So anak awak safe from the kaki sakat.

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