Sunday, September 25, 2005


Sarah,my firstborn,when she saw the ode to Sofi,demanded a poem too!You see, Sarah doesn't blog as she prefers cooking,reading and sewing to fill her freetime.Sorry Kak,didn't mean to leave you out. So here goes,my special poem for a special daughter!


Your wispy voice,
Your soft demeanor,
Makes our heart rejoice,
Your father,mother,brothers and sisters.

Your gentle ways,
Constantly helping, giving and sharing,
Make our days at bay,
For you are forever caring.

Your heart so soft,
So sensitive of feelings,
Always forgiving,
Always thanking.

How many a times,
I get to hear,
Sarah's an angel,
You don't have to fear.
Whatever she does,
She does with sincere.

My pray to Allah,
May you gather,
Whatever you desire,
Succeed in this life,
And in Jannah,the hereafter.



pycnogenol said...

Can Pycno ask for a poem too?? No?? ;))

crimsonskye said...

Me, me too!! LOL

Fascinating how some people can just pour their words out into a beautiful poem. I have yet to find my inner poet though ;)

dr in the house said...

To Pycno and Crimson, ada pengerasnya:

-gambar paspot size (color)-sekeping

-belanja makan ayam bakar Wong Solo

Boleh? Ok, set one peom for each one of you. Tapi ingat pengeras mesti ada depan mata baru ada idea nak pusing tulis poem nih. Bukan senang beb nak cakap slang and style si Yoda tuh!

pycnogenol said...

drroza, you are so, so, so, so Funny. :))

Be careful though...I might just come up with the passport size photo and ayam bakar Wong Solo. Do we have the Wong Solo chicken in K.L.???

pycnogenol said...

If I cannot come up with Wong Solo Roast Chicken, can I replace and present to you "Ayam Renek Masak Opo" instead ???

Ikelah said...

wong solo ada kat taman dagang, ampang...not far from giant....

pycnogenol said...

So I have no excuse not to "belanja makan ayam bakar Wong Solo", eh? (as pengeras)

Halal ke ayam si Wong ni?? Or do they serve the chicken complete with its beak , and no evidence of the sharp knife ever touching its long, slender and perfect neck????

dr in the house said...

heheh, Halal insyallah. Don't worry kita orang bab halal ke tidak memang teliti. Sampai ada list emulsifiers yg halal dan tak halal dalam wallet so that boleh check dalam ingredients brg2.

Wong Solo ni Pak Indon, ada chain of franchaise kat sana. Baru bukak kat malaysia. Ayam bakar dia famous. Tapi yg paling famous ialah dia ada 4 bini dan hidup sungguh harmony.:))

I read about his success in the papers and found out dia bukak outlet di Ampang and kebetulan near my mom's. So that's the story la.

pycnogenol said...

Penyakit 4 bini dan mampu hidup penuh harmonis ini boleh berjangkit ke pada penggemar ayam Wong Solo? If so, please be careful. You don't want ikelah to get too addicted to the "Wong Solo" ;)

inositol said...

So much has been said about ayam bakar wong solo that I feel I must go and hunt for it. Maybe if I find it, I too can ask for a poem, drroza?

Wong solo has to have 4 wives; one to clean the chicken, one to season them, one to cook them and the other to serve!!! Wong solo to give the instruction!! They have to live in harmony for the sake of business. ;)

P5 said...

waaa.. how come you guys never treat us at wong solo? its always at some obscure tomyam stall by some dusty road side.

so unfair!!! i want poem and a wong solo treat.

dr in the house said...

pycno- penyakit tu insyallah tak berjangkit cuma menular sahaj, heheh

inositol- don't worry, I have a poem up my sleeve for each and evryone of you, :P. And you are absolutely correct about his 4 wives putting in effort in the business. Bahagia hidup!

p5- you've got it all mixed up. The ayam treat is a pengeras for ME to conjur up a poem . You can't have it both!!

kenakelayan said...

:) wah really good poems! is blogspot going to be in poetry rather than prose?

*must remember to check out this Wong Solo thingy in KL nanti... oooohhh so many things to do in so little time!*

Kat Ampang kat mana? Anywhere near Nan Corner or is it the other side?

dr in the house said...

Kenakelayan- I think I need to make another entry depicting a map of Wong SOlo's shoplot, hehhe

hiyoshi said...

I'm thinking really hard whether to ask for a poem from you, or a Wong Solo roasted bird from pycnogenol....

We should start a Wong Solo Fan Club *chortle*

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