Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The following was written the night before raya:

Alhamdulillah. Allah swt has given us the strength to endure a month of fasting in Ramadhan. Along with it we were also given the extra will to perform
supererogatory prayers at night. Tomorrow we will be celebrating eidul fitri. Keng has highlighted in his entry that :Mengikut hadith yang diriwayatkan oleh Ibn Majah, yang bermaksud: "Sesiapa yang bangun pada malam 'eid (fitrah dan adha) dengan mengharapkan pahala, nescaya tidak akan mati hatinya pada hari mati sekalian hati". Lets try our best to be amongst those who enliven this night with tahajjud. And also it is said that Rasulullah, after the completion of Ramadhan would greet people with :Taqabalallahu minkum i.e. May Allah swt accept our deeds and yours!

As previous years my father-in-law will ask everyone to join him for the last iftar at his place. I had this rare opportunity to sit together with Boogey's and Pang5's wives tonight and let our hair down and discussed things so perculiar to our husbands who are siblings! Tonight we realized even more, how the three brothers are so alike in many, many ways! Their 'zanny' passion for photography and cameras. How they would take pain to endure many obstacles simply to satisfy their whimsical urges! For instance, if we're on a long journey to somewhere on the highway and an interesting subject catches iKelah's eyes, get prepared to extend the journey hours further! He'd park our car by the roadside and would approach the 'said' subject or landscape nearer at a closer angle, in order to capture the 'perfect' composition. Boogey's wife related that on buying 'lemang Kijal' this morning, after leaving the stall, he had exclaimed in dismay for forgetting to snap photos of the stalls. This caused him to stop the car and took extra time to take pics of the smoking lemang. How so alike they are in their passion! My description of our experience at Parangtritis explained this fact explicitly.

Incidentally, we broached on the subject of their being 'slightly' disorganized and how they would unyieldingly and stubbornly defend that their untidiness is never a hindrance for them to search for their things. iKelah would adamantly say," Please do not move my things, no matter how untidy they may be, cause I can search for them even with both my eyes closed!' And when my patience has reached its brink, forcing my 'itchy' hands to arrange all the unruly papers and what nots in proper looking order, he would instantly have difficulties to retrieve any particular bills or receipts and come up with his popular remark, "if you hadn't moved my stuffs, I would have easily found the wanted bills in between the piles of knick-knacks in a jiffy. I know exactly where in between the papers, they are situated!' Both Boogey's and Pang5's wives echoed my sentiments and voiced how spookily these brothers are so alike!

Well this was one of the rare times we get to sit together and compare notes regarding the guys! Each time we hit the 'nail' and realized how alike they are, we would squeal in laughter!

But dear friends, raya this time was not without its downside and heart-wrenching moments that brought 'flooding' tears....more of it.....

Mak and I (dinner Friday night)

Experimenting with shades. And I looked best in a Mickey Mouse for kids!

We were visited by beautiful people! KKL, OK, Cik Ma, Mak-twain, hubby and twins, Khin and wife.


Mama Sarah said...


now i'm squealing with laughter too. I wonder if Min is somehow related to ikelah? Oh dear...

btw, the heart wrenching moments cannot be accessed. "access denied" :(

dith said...


Yeah, could they be related eh? hehe

I have given you the link.

Em said...


Good observations...May I know which one is KKL...

and what is the link about?

dith said...


Oops, I gorgot to ask her permision. We'll let her coment ok!

Em , write to me for the link

23 said...

my dad is the same when it comes to his stuff. but its absolutely true. he may not look like hes keeping tabs on things, but when he needs something, he knows exactly where to get it.

cant say the same for anak dia yang ni. total opposite. i would keep things somewhere safe (so i thought) and in the end, would forget where ive kept it.

glad you had a good time dith. :)

ikelah said...

habislah gambar aku kena hijacked.

hiyoshi said...

I really liked the shades picture! Especially the one where your mom (I think) is putting one finger on her lips ~

"Don't I look good?"

pycnogenol said...

I have to agree with Yoshi there...the 'experimenting with shades' pics was a blast.
The top-right-hand corner pic and the Latifah Omar pose of your mum, right in the middle, captures genuine enthusiasm of ladies who have gone shopping in a group.
I bet if it was a solo outing, no one would be caught dead, trying on the shades and posing like Erra Fazira...he..he.. ;)

The top-most Raya pic. would have been complete with your two "Russian-girls" in it. (Can that possibly be the reason for the solemn-looks on both Ikelah and DITH?) Even Maman was telling everyone: "Dua orang kakak tak ada dalam gambar!!" sedih...sedih.. :(

Any possibility of Raya being celebrated during their long vacation in the near future?

mynn said...

i love this entry!!!

i actually have seen glimpses of the entry this morning, but since i was rushing to work i wasnt able to read or leave a comment.

great pictures on display here of the whole family. great picture of you in the shades - subtract 20 years! macam the equivalent of blues brothers hehehe.

nice borders for the pictures.

funny quip about ikelah & brothers' photo-taking habits too, i was laughing heartily reading about them. I'm afraid ive become slightly like them too, but instead of dragging the family while i take pictures, i rather go alone. quite looking forward to see them, mana lah tahu boleh join photo trip :)

also, thanks for including pictures of KKL & OK ... however, why does OK look so happy and satisfied, but KKL looks tired and punctured...? *cheeky grin followed by laughter*

dith said...

23- Yes I too like to keep things in supposedly safe places and end up not finding them!! :p

iKelah- sorry!

Hiyoshi- yes that's my mom alright!

Pycno- Yes you're absolutely right! I wouldnt let myself get caught trying on sades alone in a shopping mall! haha. Insyallah SOfi dah kira congak mungkin her final year hols nanti coincide dgn puasa and raya! Best nya! Sarah tak sempat.

Mynn- subtract 20 years? No kidding? Ni nak kena pakai shades 24/7 ni!!!
Re- photo session, iKelah has not the luxury of time so he has to include it in the time he has with us!

I am not going to comment on your last naughty lines...hanya KKL and OK saja yg boleh mengomen ttg itu!

JoKontan said...

He hee ..

Tunggu Maklang ngan Maam berkok kek kok keek, bercerita tentang me and Paklang..

Has said...

he he bukan main lagi, no wonder kat sini gelap aje, kah, kah, kah.

Queen Of The House said...

Shade for Raya, DITH? That looked like a fun family shopping spree!

Nice pics semuanya. I am curious too about the tear-jerker. Email me the link please.

I take it you raya was a blast?!

mynn said...

abit off topic, but would like you to know that I've finally seen Lake House. I have to say it's quite interesting and no wonder you guys love the movie so much.

Dr Think said...

You look cool with the shades. Nurelhuda here, had to change identity because of a new blog I am trying to cook up ..yes cook up :-)
Selamat Hari Raya ..nak jumpa Raya tak nih?

Sang Pencinta said...

Salam eid, sweet memories. hopefully ramadhan and eid was growing and flourishing our loves.

dith said...

Jo- I bet Paklang and you have so much in common huh?

Has- Sekali-sekala bagi can la!

QOTH- Cant really say it was a blast as the sad incident on raya morning marred everything else. :(. ANyway I am glad to be able to spend some days with my parents as I failed to see them during Ramadhan!

Mynn- thought there was some iota of romanticism in you after all!

Nurelhuda- Hmm new cooked up blog eh? Haha...nak jumpa raya? Ni kena tanya Tok Penghulu Fellowship a.k.a. Pycno!

Sang Pencinta- Insyallah! Pengalaman pedih di pagi raya sesungguhnya memerlukan roh kasih sayang memautkan hubungan antara keluarga! Sesungguhnya akhir2 ini nampak gaya manusia tidak faham erti memberi atau memohon kemaafan dan betapa besar ertinya di sisi Allah swt!

mynn said...

i like lake house for the architecture lah :p

maklang said...

dith, selalu gak cerita pasal dia orang ni dgn Maam...dah 2 kali incident masa tukar kereta. Kami tak tahu langsung yang Jo and Maam nak tukar kereta. So, bila jumpa tengok2 sama dah berkereta baru. And time was even worse. We bought the same brand cars, just within days apart...how alike they think. Kalau nak cerita memang tak abis...

Cuma pilihan hati je lain, satu besar, satu comei lote!Kalau dua-dua sama kang lagi terconfuse...

Selamat Hari Raya dith, bila nak mai sini? Boleh maklang jamu dith makan!

Has said...

DITH, gamoknya kamu kena pakai spek hitam selalu, sebab gambor pakai spek tu yang bottom-left tu mengancam habis ;-)

ambik gambor tu bubuh kat profil, so kita boleh tengok gambor tu sokmo.

neemo said...

check out the twins - so comel!

misoSoup said...

Hehehe more pics of the pocikkenits @ http://yellowbuttercup.fotopages.com

dith said...

Mynn- yeah ler tu!

MakLang- kereta baru ke?? Hari tu nampak cam dah baru sangat, hehe. Thanks for the invitation. Memang nak sangat rasa your cooking! In fact I owe many people di Kerteh, Paka and Dungun visits!! Insyallah will make an effort!

Has- Gamoknya laa! hehe

Neemo- memang comel and cheeky habis! ANd manja! Love them so much.

Misosoup- thanks for the fotopage. Wa lawa tema tahun ni. gold lagii! Peluk the twins for me!

peacehaslina said...

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin

misoSoup said...

Err, how can I peluk the pocikkenits when time and distance set us apart...


(.....Ni adek Mak-Twain daa)

crimsonskye said...

I love the Experimenting photos ;) Everyone seemed to be having such fun posing with all those shades.. hehe.

btw it just struck me that we've only taken one single photo for the whole duration of our 'Eid celebration!

azahar said...

saya tak tahu drrozza & ikelah ada di KL pada raya 1&2.kebetulan saya bekerja.jika tak, boleh juga kita beraya sama.
terhibur menatap gambar2 raya sebegini.
selamat menyambut bulan mulia ini drrozza & keluarga.semoga kita dpt menyambutnya lagi tahun depan.insyallah.

dith said...

Haslina- How was Raya in S'pore? And Maaf Zahir Batin to you too!

Misosoup- Adik!! So sorry! I thot it was you but when I saw gambar raya kat tanga tu, I changed my mind, hehe. The pocikkenits are sure lucky to have 2 doting aunts!

Skye- what happened to your blog???

Azahar- Bagus jugak boleh gi lawat HM,:p. Tak balik kampung?

Em said...


How you feeling better?Did you ask KKL already.

azahar said...

besar hati saya bila dpt berjumpa nanti dgn dr rozza & ikelah yg saya kagumi.
insyallah, bila turun ke KL lagi,kita jumpa ya.
HM di 3rd floor NSTP Jln Riong, Bangsar. cukup hampir dgn hospital pantai, menara telekom, TNB & dataran maybank.Tak akan sesat.jemputlah datang...hehe.

tahun ni giliran saya bekerja pd hari raya.isteri & anak2 pulang ke Kelantan. sunyi juga bila ditinggalkan keseorangan pd malam & pagi raya..hehe

easylady said...

Weh..Kak roza, ada jokontan kat slide show kat bawahtu?Saya jarang bloghop sekarang,bila ada masa saya katamla yang tertinggal.MAsa berinternet hanya ditempat kerja semasa ada masa terluang.Never kat rumah.Sekarangni konon-2 nak ambik MrcAGP.konon aje tu..

ifos said...

Comelnya the tw(a)ins! Geram tgk yg berambut hebat tu... regarding abah- kadang2 tak jumpe jgk pn brg2 die tu, die lupe yg die dah pass kat org ni lah, tu lah.. hehe.

Count Byron said...

DITH, beautiful family. You have been blessed. And u are a role model for many. I am happy

ayumi said...

What a beautiful family.. sigh.. missing mine... :)

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