Friday, November 03, 2006


Papa and Mama bear have decided to hold a small dinner to commemorate the recent ausipicious celebration. It's decidedly going to be a very small ado, inviting close kins. Furthermore it is to reciprocate C who had cooked up a fine dinner for them a few days ago.

But the enchanted woods is not without life predicaments. The used-to-be-simple animal kingdom way of life has now become severely complicated, entwined with many mind-boggling inter-species rifts and feuds. Papa and Mama bear's thoughts are completely muddled. They can't decide whom to invite. If they invite A, then it would mean that they have to leave B out. You see, A and B have been estranged for a few years due to reasons only known to them. And inviting them both in one occasion would mean either both won't turn up or if they do, it might mean rekindling of an old cold feud!

Thus the bears decided to ask A, C, D for the dinner and plan a separate ado for B. Papa had to execute tactfully the task of calling and forewarning them of the complex and sticky situation. He requested them not to mention anything pertaining the dinner to B, lest B will get hurt. When Papa explained the whole mumbo-jumbo to C, being a simple straight-forward person she is, she excepted it without much exasperating queries.

Unlike C, explaining the perplexing issue to obdurate D proved to be more challenging! "Why can't you invite both A and B together? Isn't it our responsibility to bring them back together?" And D rant and rant further, supplying Papa Bear with a short sermon on the obligations of mending inter-species ties. Blah, blah....Irritated, Papa bear was quick to retort, "Puhleeze! I planned this dinner in my gesture to thank my elders for their kindness. I don't want this ado to freakily turn into a confrontation of some sort! Especially not in front of glorious food!" Exasperated, he added, "You know what D? When one does a deed which is 'sunnat' but at the same time if the deed could provoke bad consequences which in turn might sever already weakened ties, then one might as well abandon the deed altogether, lest the deed might transform into a sin!!" D became quiet, probably trying to absorb Papa's rather ' intriguing ' fatwa'.

Sigh! Why must one make life so complicated? Life as it is, is so brief. Why can't we just forgive and forget and try to be nice to each other?? Papa bear gave a long sigh and told Mama to remind him not to plan such dinners anymore next year!

Papa and Mama bear could still vividly remember the regrettable incident that occurred in their previous house party, a few moons ago. Their dear cousin, Winnie the Pooh, created an uproar when she overheard a famous female crooner in the crowd pronounced her name wrongly as Winnie the Po-Oh! What an unsightly scene! And not to forget the dumbfounding visit by a strange gold-haired girl who invaded their privacy by sampling their porridge, testing the comforts of their chairs and lastly, having the utmost cheek to criticize their beds and horrors of all horrors, to finally sleep in Baby bear's cot! The reminiscing thoughts send cold shivers down both their already osteoporotic spines! No! They won't let such ridiculous incidents happen again under their noses!

Papa and Mama stared at each other quizzically. Maybe they should just call the dinner off?

What do you think? Send your thoughts and ideas on what should be Papa and Mama bear's next course of decision via sms. The person sending the most number of sms with the most popular suggestion will win a dinner for two with Mawi Bear at The Mawi World Resort. Winner will also win a life-long supply of Mawi mineral water (however this prize is subjected to the outcome of the impending suit against the mineral water producer).Type <<>papa-mama bear<>><<>your suggestion<>> to 8234. The line is opened now!


ikelah said...

ini macam nak cari outcome... mimpi iliana <---something like that.

sms ni...kena ada pilihan A= proceed with the dinner, B= call it off. kalay semua vote either A or B, apa tie breaker dia? nak teka sapa goldilocks? sigh.......

Queen Of The House said...

Hahahaha!! DITH (and Ikelah) even with this perplexing predicament, your sense of humour doesn't let up! Perhaps you do need that sense of humour otherwise life would be even more moronic ...

Susah ni ... nak buat baik tapi takut terjadi otherwise. Actually (I think) as the hosts you can invite anyone you wish. The 'warring' parties should know how to behave ... kalau macam I dulu (adalah incident which I did write about) yang tersepit between nak buat tak tahu or to mend the rift ... i chose to mend the rift rather than to not attend the do. But life is not always this predictable .... susah, susah!

GOOD luck anyway ... I tak nak send SMS takut jadi macam case-case yang terjadi sekarang ni - dapat message saying to please try again and made to pay for all the messages. Nak menang RM50 kena charge RM 5000! (which happened closer to home/work .... the driver's wife used the company supplied handphone to participate in several SMS games on TV, and MAX*S presented the boss with a RM 22,000+ phone bill !!!!!)

Ooops sorry terjadi mini entry pulak.

easylady said...

Kak roza, this is hilarious.. sampai air mineral mawi pun keluar. I vote A.

ifos said...

Mak, I think in one of the paragraphs you mixed C with D a bit?? ;) BTW I can guess A, B, C, tp sape D?? hehe.. ade beberapa pilihan yang berkemungkinan. Hmmm... eh Mawi ade resort ke?? Tch2..

dith said...

iKelah- hehe kalau nak teka siapa Goldillocks, sampai zaman tok jun ler!

QOTH- hehe..we need lots of humor in our life kan? As always QOTH is always good with her wise advices. Thanks! Sure'll be handy for the bears! Nope don't do the sms! Definitely bad for non-Mawi fans! hehe

easylady- hehe- sibuk baca buku ke? Alang2 nak belajar tu, ambik terus le subject heavy skit. MRCGP takleh nak charge tinggi! hehe

fi- hehe- C or D? Sesungguhnya cerita ini satira semata2 tiada kena mengena dgn manusia biasa! So don't you go guessing who's A,B,C,D ...or Z! Mawi? That guy has everything now except....INA!! haha

hiyoshi said...

I say ditch the dinner party and head straight to A&W. At least, the Root Beer Bear will be there to provide much needed comic relief.

KKL said...

Haiyah comment kawe kena telan Google tadi, kenalah tulis semula.. Hehehe kawe rasa walaupun takdek kena-mengena dengan manusia biasa, ada jugaklah terkena-mengena dengan manusia luar biasa. ABCD ni macam penaakulan mantik dan pembezaan dy/dx masa sekolah menengah dulu.

Kawe sokong dengan cadangan Hiyoshi, belanja aje dekat Kompleks Teruntum tu (ada ke lagi A&W kat situ?) :D

OK said...


As for me I would love to have ABC special.. kan best.. so that semua orang hati sejuk..ABCD is also good, Air batu Cendol Durian... hmmm does not sound quite right.. Any way, a little high now, kena minum ubat batuk sebab demam dan sakit tekak..

pycnogenol said...

OK - ABC special is not good for 'gigi sensitif.' Kesakitan nya sekejap, tapi menusuk...terutama bila makan makanan sejuk seperti aiskrim dan minuman berkarbonat.

Bila mengalami kesakitan menusuk, hati tak mungkin boleh disejukkan.

I have to say that Hiyoshi's suggestion still seem the best, so far. ;)

dith said...

Hiyoshi-ditch the party? I dont know. Still have to see the sms result. You think the Root Beer Bear will be of any help? The last time I saw him, he was perpetually drunk from too much beer!

KKL- A&w kompleks teruntum dah pupus. Namun tmpt tu penuh nostalgia silam. Tu lah fast food joint terawal milik Kuantan! hehe.

Kawe memang minat sungguh dgn karektor2 ABCD. Mereka seungguh versatile dan kekal anonymous!

OK- wah wah sejak dua menjak ni, demam sikit, ngada lebih! hehe

Pycno-sakit gigi ke? Gi la jumpa pakar gigi.

Mama Sarah said...

text 8234
a very sticky situation indeed. someone must have forgotten to close the honey jar.

if it was me, i'd love to agree with hiyoshi to lepak with A&W bear. But I think i prefer to relax with Baloo from the Jungle book better.

But anyway, walaupun characters are all fictional semata-mata, I hope A & B akan diberi hidayah agar dpt membuang yang keruh.

Sedangkan nabi ampun kan umatnya. Inikan A dan B, beruang biasa.

mynn said...


i think you've eaten abit too much lamb over raya lah...

I vote C(T)

islam online blog said...

Mashallah a nice blog. Please take a look at mine and also and link them up here if you think them of benefit.

dith said...


Hehe- This sticky situation must have come from more than a jar of honey. A barrel perhaps! Yes, I too love Baloo. He's almost human (minus the negative side). Come to think of it, I love Yogi Bear as well coz he is so carefree! In fact I love all the bears in the cartoon world. They are all loveable characters. Btw, I love your last line, hehe, inikan beruang biasa! haha

Mynn- If my entry was influenced by what I have eaten during raya, than the menu would have been Bear Chops, Grizzly Grills, Daging Beruang Hitam masak lemak cili padi, Beruang Pacak, Honey Bear Pie etc etc, :p

Btw, C (T) jugak? isk isk

Islam Online- Thanks! Insyallah will link when I am over eating the above menu!

Ikelah said...

daging beruang halal di makan tak? sedap juga kut kalau dibuat pacak?

hahaha... how about your phone conversation with D yesterday? must be interesting. ;)

JoKontan said...

In this world of highly-complexed interwined-kerusut-serabai-curly unshampoo-ed-Rastaman analogue problems always arise.

Digitised it !. Make it yes or no.

Go for it and Do it for the one-last-time.

I'd go for A.

psst .. I want CT VCD kat Landen tuu... Mawi adalah tidak werl

ayumi said...


Somehow I wish that this story is as simple as Goldilocks and the three bears..

*Still in confusion*

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