Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Life is so full of ironies. Just when you think that everything is fine and sunny, down comes the rain pouring with relentless vengeance. That aptly describes our most recent Sunday . The day went brilliantly, all plans executed accordingly and on our back home journey at night, just as we were reminiscing the great time we just had, "zap" came our tribulation. Our car decided to fail us at the most difficult hour and place. Initially we thought the engine ran out of water. After patienly waited for the engine to cool and several on foot trips to the nearby Geliga mosque to fetch water in a plastic bag (we had no big bottles in the car), we slowly adjourned with the journey again. This time, much slower, as we were worried of more serious engine complications (read: sudden cooling of engine causing sudden contraction). Alhamdulillah, the car went smoothly and I gave a sigh of relief.

But alas! It was a short-lived triumph, when suddenly we heard a high-pitched rotating sound and a sudden 'snap'. This time, we dare not take further risks and pulled to the side which actually was at a bridge! We called AAM for immediate assitance which in reality took an hour to reach us after what seemed to be an inifinity as the various tow-truck drivers were hesitant to help us. We also called our personal mechanic and requested that he waited for us as his work-shop. At this point I was thinking how so similar this episode was to a sick patient who badly needs medical attention from his/her doctor at an ungodly hour! Yes, we reached Beserah at 1 am! But not before enduring an hour plus journey in our on-tow car! Exhausted I kept on sleeping at intervals and too tired to even think of the bad concequences if the tow-car cable snapped! Nauzubillah! The tow-truck went at a steady speed and even managed to overtake a lorry at one point. Imagine! We were on tow and even overtook a lorry!

But all that was worth undergoing as we've had had a wonderful day filled with lots of friendship and closeness with friends of old and new! You see, my friend Lolo and hubby have been asking us to visit them at Paka since three years ago. We have been making promises but never fulfilling them that we became so embarrassed. So making this journey was tremendously meaningful. When Maklang invited us recently, I decidedly made plans to see all of them in one go i.e. Maklang in Kerteh, Lolo in Paka and KKL/OK in Dungun. Thus it was a 3 in 1 journey.

Maklang's house is heavenly! It absolutely qualifies as my dream house. Wooden flooring with a touch of country. Fabulous green landscaping with pegolas and gazebos. To top it all she's a great cook too! Apparently she had cooked for us early in the morning before going to work! She's such a gracious host! Not forgetting also, I am at awe of her fine needlework. Well, it's not at all surprising though as she's a Johorean! Indeed it was a great pleasure to have met both Maklang and Paklang. Our copious thanks to them.

Then it was off to Dungun to see KKL and OK. KKL had prepared Laksa Penang and dungun keropok lekor for us. OK made a special concoction of iced lime mint tea which went down well with the food despite it being a bit 'strong'. We had so much fun talking about any topic that comes to mind and I also had the chance to witness KKL's cute sketching of OK on her new Wacom board! Afer performing our jama' solat we excused ourselves and headed back down to Paka to meet Lolo and planning to meet them again at Kerteh for the 'much-talked-about' dinner.

Lolo is my sis OG's friend actually whom I got close to. After making so many visits to our place and asking us to drop by at theirs, they sort of almost gave up. Thus this trip was also to compensate our guilt! They brought us to their small beach house by a hill, facing the sea, right next to a river mouth. Stretched upfront is a sand-bank forming an island-like structure with trees on it, thus breaking strong winds from fully reaching them. Over here, the fishing boats would load their catch of the day and you could buy fresh sea-catch at unbelievable bargains! And fishing by the river-mouth is also another activity worth doing as the sea-fish also swims there. And there's a big gazebo perched at the front edge where you could view beautiful sunrise in the morning or perhaps enjoy barbeque at night. Lolo has furnished the cute wooden cottage-like house for her guests and we've been invited! Luqman has set his heart for it! Btw, this place makes a perfect 3h2m getaway for a someone we know, eh?

We were so carried away with the place that we were late for the dinner in Kerteh! Our greatest apologies to OK and KKL who patiently waited for us for more than an hour! Masyallah! I have never tasted a truly gastronomical feast of delicious sea-food spread before. 3 large plates of huge crabs fried with chilli. The crabs were tastefully fresh and 'sweet'. They even provided us with a claw cracker which I didn't use as I find eating the claws so cumbersome and chucked all of them into iKelah's plate. Being the crab eating expert he is, he handled the claws with ease and as always he'd say that the claw-meat tasted the finest! Oh well. There were sotong goreng tepung, grilled pari in sambal and freshly grilled oysters and they were exquisitely delicious. Needless to say that we ended up as 5 very satisfied sea-food devourers. Oh yes, there was also Jamil, OK's friend, who made our company merrier.

Alhamdulillah we truly had a fruitful trip, enhancing ties with beautiful friends and kins. Although we were tested with a small calamity in the form of a faulty car, we praise Allah swt for giving us good friends and may the tribulation serve as a reminder for us.


hiyoshi said...

That's it. This time, I'm really going to find someone who will take me for a sea-food fest of my own.

Any takers?


mynn said...

cool but hairy story. i cant believe the tow truck managed to overtake a lorry!

must have been quite scary.

i cant wait to see OK and KKL. i was thinking, maybe in february while waiting for a job (i heard it could take ages) i would love to tour around malaysia meeting old and new friends :D

dayah said...

waahaa..setiap kali bukak blog ni,mesti nak balik malaysia..nak makan!!!..ehehhe:D

Has said...

Roza, di pusingkan ia berlapis di antara doh biasa dan doh berlemak adalah untuk keranguppan walaupun sudah sejuk, dan juga untuk tampak menarik.

Kamu ni betul ler kurang penyabar, sebab rata2 orang (bebudak pun) yang cuba semua menjadi.

I nak try soto tu, tapi makan dengan mee hoon celup, nasi himpit issue plastik yang menyumbang kepada kanser.

Eh, makanan kat Kerteh tak ke mahal giler? But then masa I makan tu I pergi dengan kereta pelekat kerajaan K.T, so depa tau, makan guna LO, Kah, kah, kah.

maklang said...


termalu pulak maklang dengan 'perkataan2' dith tu...

terimakaseh daun keladi..
ada masa jemput datang lagi...

kedondong dah habis dimakan ke?

mama sarah said...

i wonder why you didn't use your potion to get the car back to life?

i really hate to imagine both of you in the car being towed PLUS overtaking a lorry. And so lucky, Maman and Aliah were not there too.

23 going on 25 said...


this is a very evil post. you described everything sooooo mouthwateringly delicious that im having fits already.

i echo hiyoshi, i wish for a seafood fest of my own too! :D

glad you had a great time though. (imagining all those glorious food....)

dith said...

Hiyoshi- any takers yet? :p

Mynn- Nak round satu Malaya eh?

Dayah- :p

Has- it was on OK and KKL and apparently it's considered cheap

Maklang- Kedondong dibuat jeruk! hehe Thanks

Nisak- If only I could! Anyway thanks for the genuine concern. I can feel it here, :p

*evilest grin*

hiyoshi said...


Unfortunately, no :(

23 (going on to 25 already?)

Come! We should meet up sometime, gather a few more people and catch our own deep sea creatures!

If we fail at that, we can always go to the wet market.

23 > 25 said...

hiyoshi, yes, (notso)-unfortunately i 25 is just a couple of months or so away.

seafood fest? why not. im sure ramai lagi penggemar2 haiwan2 laut ni. :D

i think i better have a hot juicy kebab today to get other yummmy food images out of my head.

neemosaurus said...

"We were on tow and even overtook a lorry!"

Terpaksa gelak. Hillariously funny! Hehehe.

neemosaurus said...

... how you put it by the way. Not the whole thing itself. Must've been so scary!!

dith said...

hiyoshi- cakap wet market , mcm ler dia biasa ke sana!

Balik cepat and prepare for your Hajj! :p

Neemo-Half scared and half embarrassed, actually, :p

23>25 said...


i know drroza.

sekarang ni pun, while my sister is in class (if i dont follow along and attend lah), i'm brushing up on reading regarding hajj.

lucky to be in the times when technology is this savvy kan?

Em said...


What an adventure you had with car...I hope the car is doing fine now...

But I am glad that you had a lovely time visiting your mates...

Now I want to eat seafood at Kukup because of your entry

Azer Mantessa said...


the east coast hospitality!

nnydd said...

demo dimana di kuantan?

dith said...


Di Beserah. Lama hilang, cuti ke?

nnydd said...

Lama hilang? Tu yang musykil sikit tu. Puas parents saya bertanya kat kaunter pertanyaan supermarket tu. Sedar2 je dah kat Teluk Cempedak!

dith said...


Duduk kat mana sekarang?

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