Friday, November 10, 2006

Polishing The Art Of Perfect Timing!

With the UMNO general meeting around the corner, the recent high-profile murder news can't have chosen a better timing! I am sure those politicians who are supposed to give fiery speeches have to now re-write its contents to make them more juicy! Definitely, the UMNO jinbeng have more to say and gossip, now that a famous political analyst working for a private think-tank is a prime suspect (even though his lawyer says he is 100% not implicated). When I first heard of the news with all the hints, the first name that came to mind was his and I was hoping I was wrong because I have known him to be such an eloquent figure and well-known internationally. It would be a crying shame. But alas! I guessed right. Boy, aren't we scoring high in the crime department eh? To blast an already dead body?? Astaghfirullah!

And somebody has also chosen to have chest pains (mild heart attack? Blimey! Who diagnosed that? ) at the nick of time! That's what we call perfect timing! :p

Inquisitive query: How come the Star and NST deliberately mentioned the main suspect's name and showed his photo, whilst the rest of the mainstream media didn't and had to blur his picture? Anybody can answer? Azhar?


KKL said...

On a somewhat related issue, U*MNO has chosen to name their flag 'Sang Saka Bangsa'. Erm. Am I wrong here, but isn't 'saka' a word used to describe the sort of penunggu that is reportedly inherited from their forefathers who practised sihir? The type that gave rise to tales of 'corpses' devouring food while their bodies rotted? The sort of 'spirit' that some of the latter generation have a hard time trying to get rid of?
Are these people really sure this is the sort of image they want people to remember every time they see the flag? Hehehehe lagi nak baca ayat protection tiap kali lalu tepi bendera tu adalah... kalau ini niat diorang baguslah jugak sebab nanti bertambahlah orang yang berzikir... hehehehe...

dith said...


Woops! I missed that bit! Really?? Guess, we malays are getting deeper into our 'dark' roots eh? hehe.

Yes I do believe Saka carries that 'dark' meaning. But knowing the bahasa melayu experts around, they'd come up with a different milder meaning that'll make it more acceptable.

*rolls eyes in disbelief*

Mama Sarah said...

These sort of news make me don't want to go back!

Sucker said...

Actually I agree with the name!

It is a most apt name for that flag

Sang Sucker Bangsa.... it truly reflects the current condition of the Partai!

Gagah Gemilang di Angakasa
Satu Sang Sucker Bangsa
Ia lambang kroni dan selewengan
Bersama kroni jayakan

note - malam ni nak gi baca yassin.. taknak ada penunggu

dith said...

Nisak- balik! jgn tak balik! :p

Sucker- psstt...kang blog kawe ni di chop sebagai menyebar seditious issue kang! :p Tak pasai kena tahan reman pasai si saka bertuah tu!

maklang said...

Dah dibunuh, diletupkan pulak...

Maklang pening dah dengar isu2 bunuh2 ni. Rasa macam tak percaya semuanya berlaku kat negara sendiri...

Apalah nak jadi...

pycnogenol said...

Responding to the query:

Ethically, his pic (the main suspect) should have been blurred, for he has just been remanded to assist the police in their investigation. He has not even been charged in court yet. A man is innocent until proven guilty - let's not forget that!

The recent public comments made by the Mongolian honorary consul was indeed uncalled for. Of course newspapers had a field day with characters like him. It's not right for anybody to speculate on anything just yet. Let the police finish with their investigation first. When the prosecution are ready, then we all get to know who is/are the accused/s and what are the facts and issues of the case. (Remember the damage that was done in the Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim's case?) People were speculating and guessing and making their conclusions even before the case comes to court, and look what happen in the end??

I'm not siding with anybody here, but let justice takes its course.

dith said...

Entahlah Maklang. Bila dah selalu berlaku org dah tak ambil pusing dan anggap macam perkara lumrah yek?

I thought so too! Looks as tho Star and NST have gone overboard. And yes that honorary consul is up for trouble. There are many speculations about this case. Some are far fetched. Some are logical and also interesting. You should hear iKelah's version. Sounds like an hour scene from the series 24.

Queen Of The House said...

And if I am not mistaken, the "main suspect" is not even being investigated for murder but just for kidnapping? Innocent until proven guilty holds no weight here, it seems.

azahar said...

kes ini antara yg high-profile dalam sejarah negara membabitkan individu prolific yg ideanya turut membentuk dasar politik & strategic negara.perbincangan kes ini secara terbuka, apa lagi dlm dunia multimedia yg tiada sempadan tapi ada pemerhatinya, tidak digalakkan.spt kata org "cakap siang pandang2, cakap malam dengar2".
bila kes membabitkan indv sebegini, sudah tentu ia menarik tumpuan ramai.biasalah akan timbul pelbagai cerita & spekulasi.semuanya masuk akal.kdg2 saya menarik nafas panjang mendengarnya.
benar spt kata sdr pycno, kes ini masih dlm siasatan.yg ditahan, hanya direman utk membantu siasatan.jadi kita tunggu sajalah outcome siasatan, fakta kes & tindakan peguam negara.
drroza, nstp group tak pernah siar gambar & nama individu berkenaan sejak kes ini yg "berani" itu adalah drp kumpulan utusan - utusan malaysia & kosmo/ The Star.

p/s khabarnya dr ikelah rajin memasak utk juadah berbuka? apa lagi keistimewaan beliau?..hehehe..hebat!

hiyoshi said...

I'm just happy to be a a young, (somewhat) carefree adult in the midst of it all.

Count Byron said...

Eloquence is no passport to being foolproof DITH. Some con us through their teeth, glibly, eloquently. What a sad end, but he's yet to be proven guilty.
I am traumatised.. mildly.. blimey :)

pycnogenol said...

QOTH - The main suspect was not even being investigated for murder but just for kidnapping?
Can it be because it was not him who killed her? See? We dont know anything just yet, and the police do not owe any duty to disclose their findings to the public. That would jeopordise their case, right?

We just have to wait until the case comes to court. I still believe that one is innocent until proven otherwise.

We dont want to 'convict' the suspect even before he was charged, do we??

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