Thursday, December 21, 2006


Dear people, the Monsoon is back, baring its fierce fangs. The howling strong winds would hurl the rain with great force, splashing it carelessly all over. And the mighty waves would fearlessly hit the sand banks making a great clamor. The non-stop pour has once again cause the small river behind my house to overflow the wet-land and turns it into a murky lake.

Tonight,on my way back, I had to make several turn-backs as many spots of my usual route were flooded causing me to take the Gebeng-Kuantan bypass instead which incidentally is in the upgrading process into 2 lanes on each side. Thus there were many colossal pot-holes and my car nearly ended up in one! Almost reaching home, I found that the narrow road near the small bridge was flooded too! The river, which opens to the sea, due to the high sea tide and heavy onslaught from the rain, couldn't contain the rushing water anymore and let it spill its brim helplessly. Whilst contemplating another detour, a motorist passing by told me that it was shallow and passable. Alhamdulillah.

Below are some similar excerpts from my last year's Monsoon entry:

The rain poured relentlessly, sometimes hard, loud and thrashing, sometimes soft, monotonous and drizzling, alternatingly. But never the sun shined a single minute, never! At times, the eeirie sounds of monsoon wind hit the rattling window, sounding so much like a human voice trying to scare little kids away. Even the sea-waves wanted a part in this monsoon 'play', culminating into a few feet high and hitting the beach with full vengeance, 'daboooosh!'

As I finished typing this entry, I was starting to feel relieved as the rain began quieting down, pelting its last drop when suddenly, a new thunderous shower began to fall again with shameless vigor!!

Although a bit late, the monsoon is, without doubt, here, once again!


Mama Sarah said...

i wonder how my children are going to feel like with Msian kilat petir hujan ribut weather. We don't get kilat petir that often here.

Your descriptions are pretty scary tau.

dith said...


Rest assured. This description is largely pertaining to my house area. As it's very near the beach the onslaught is drastic. However the weather is less dramatic, inwards.

And do not worry. Monsoon spells only bring heavy rain and wind, with minimal or no thunder/lightning at all!

Insyallah Sarah and Amar can survive Malaysian weather in due time.

Boogey said...

Suruh Ikelah tu ambik gambaor bebanyak. Boleh ambik gambor petir.

cik enik said...

boogey, awok ni orang mane? musin tengkujoh mana ade ribut petir. angin je kuat dengan hujan tok berenti.

dith said...

boogey, mana ler ada petir ler ni.

ayumi said...

Read about the monsoon on Pretty scary.. I hope all my siblings are safe and sound..

Aki Anjang said...

shameless vigor tu amendanya weh? Macam pernoh dengar pulok. Macam nama cuka. Cuka getah ke andak wei.

JoKontan said...

Banjir kat Sg Isap. rasanya surut dah.

Minggu lepas, air naik sampai ke pangkal buku lali. (Sungai Isap Perdana)

Pmatang Badork, rasanya dok banjir tahun nii.. :-)

dith said...

Solehah- insyallah Shah Alam not affected by the present catastrophe

Aki Anjang- ye ler tu. Sejenis cuka getah seangkatan dgn budu cap ketereh!

Jo- Rumoh awok ok insyallah tok naik air, kawe doh petrol do

hiyoshi said...

Time to bring out the boats again.

Funnily enough, I've been sleeping in sweltering heat these past few days in my room. KL clearly does not adhere to common meteorological laws.

nai said...


Eid Karem

pycnogenol said...

The monsoon has not even spared Eidul Adha DITH??

Harap-harap korban dan melapahkan lembu tidak berlaku dalam hujan lebat.

Mama Sarah said...

you've been MIA for too long. don't tell me it's the 'line' problem again?!!

Wastepaper basket said...

ok je... mana ada hujan pun. monsoon kat batu pahat la tahun ni.

dith said...

Yoshi- alhamdulillah its shining now

Nai- Salam and Eid karim to you too

Pycno- apparently as to quote my dad: the monsoon this time skipped the north and the east coast and lashed on the south!

Mama- MIA for many reasons- the line, time and everything!

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