Sunday, December 17, 2006


The MMA Pahang held their annual dinner tonight and I was invited by a physician who sponsored a whole table of ten. I was initially reluctant to go as ikelah is on call tonight and that means I had to attend the dinner alone. Going stag to a formal ado is such a pain. Essentially you'll be mingling with perfect strangers or people whom you only meet once a year! I tried coaxing a colleague to come along but alas she can't find a replacement for her night shift. Alhamdulillah I get to sit next to a fellow GP who is into aesthetic medicine and I got an insight of the compelling field she is practicing now. The food was ok. Though I can never understand Chinese course! You eat all the protein first and the carbohydrate last! Technically I think it's a healthy way to eat as you are forced to ruminate slowly on each dish. But I ended still feeling hungry as I had to leave early (my poor kids were waiting for me at the nearby mall) and didn't get to savor the rice.

As all formal functions in Malaysia (why aaah?), the dinner started almost an hour late waiting for the VIP guest. The event was emceed by two doctors who spoke quite eloquently I daresay. One of them is a guy who chose not to practice medicine right after housemanship. Instead, he made a tremendous 'jump' into the ICT world and started a successful internet business. I am forever at awe of such brave people who dare make great life-changes and follow their heart.

We were entertained by the state budaya dancers who danced gracefully a potpourri of local traditional dances. The person next to me queried, 'Why do the dancers smile continuously whilst they dance?" And I replied, "It's to show that they are enjoying the exercise!'. To which she responded, "Yes but it'll be otherwise if the dancers are doctors cause they'll be frowning away, hehe!"

After the third dish, roasted chicken, I made my move and excused myself from the table. Only after having left the place, did I realize that I should have left my invitation card with the guests at the table to collect the lucky draw prize if my number, 121, got lucky! Oh well...Sorry no pics of the dinner. Going alone to the function with no partner is an embarrassment enough. Bringing a camera and clicking away might worsen the uneasy scenario.

However I have some lovely pics taken by my son, Luqman at the recent wedding of ikelah's cousin. He managed to capture the heart rendering moments of the bride hugging her dad. It's as though she had crossed a border with a heavy heart and reluctantly, she had to leave her dad behind. For a good moment, both daughter and father were lost in their own oblivious 'space and time', not wanting to be separated. Obviously anyone can tell that the bride is close to her dad. I can't explain why but I never fail to shed tears each time immediately after the 'akad' is said successfully and the 'saksi' persons nod positively in agreement whilst everyone else sighs in relief. This time, my tears rolled even more when I quietly watched the tender hugging moment between daughter and father. And I believe my girls will be doing the same thing with ikelah when their time comes....


ikelah said...

hmmm... with their dad alone? how about their mom?

maman did well that day. he asked me, what else to take after the akad.... i told him, just follow the bride and there will be lots of moments to take. other photograpers were busy with the bridegroom.

MMA dinner? no comment but dith met her close friend there at a different table.

tramontina said...

if you need companion for dinner, boogey will say YES before you even ask him.

Mama Sarah said...

Ikelah; I thought normally the bride gets more attention?

DITH, i'll make sure that i carry a box of tissue when I attend a wedding reception with you.

Has said...

Lor, I ingat bride dok hugging hubby dia ;-)

DITH, Carb last better, so when it induced insulin rush, your tummy is full, thus no more space to binge further.

You gi train dengan doktor yang sebelah tu ler, so boleh tolong buang wrinkle kita orang for free, heh heh.

Actually nak buang wrikles, sental muka dengan pati kentang yang baru diparut. After that heavy dose of raw kentang juice, my skin rashes yang dok ada hilang dalam tiga hari. Tu belum amalkan tiap2 hari tu.

KKL said...

:) Missed that great moment, I arrived alte. But Father of the Bride said that he felt relieved all went well when I asked him how he feels now with his 1st daughter married off.

ikelah said...

if only i had another that day, i guess the best photo composition will be maman with the camera and danial following obediently close with a camera bag.

usually the bride gets more attention, tapi hari tu pelik.... pro photographer pun ikut bridegroom sehingga mereka nampak maman takingn the close chot of daughter and daddy. ;)

dith said...

ikelah- hmm...close friend?

amir- takleh, meja tu khas untuk GP yg support Tan Kian. Melainlah Boogey ada berjasa dgn dia, hehe

Nisak- you mean, you'll be affected by my crying and would cry even more? hehe

has- kalau bride pelok groom cam tu masa kawin, habis ler kena kutuk weii! hehe.....the potato treatment is interesting. WOuld try it this weekend, insyallah

kkl-You arrived alte eh?....binged too much on the latte?? hehe

another?? another??? hmmm...Nisak, we better do something about this enthusiasm of theirs!!

Mama Sarah said...

i guess both of us crying seeing our paparazzi wanabe husbands at work lah.

what shall we do eh DITH? Like scraping every single penny of theirs on a shopping spree? Hmmm... we know we are more sensible than that kan, kan, kan?

pycnogenol said...

Looking at all those tender hugging moments between daughter and daddy, I'm just remindded of the lyrics:

She'll change her name today.
She'll make a promise and I'll give her away.
Standing in the bride room just staring at her,
She asked me what I'm thinking, and I said "I'm not sure,
I just feel like I'm losing my baby girl."
Then she leaned over and gave me...

Butterfly kisses, with her mama there
Sticking little flowers all up in her hair
"Walk me down the aisle, daddy, it's just about time"
"Does my wedding gown look pretty, daddy?"
"Daddy, don't cry."
Oh with all that I've done wrong, I must have done something right
To deserve her love every morning, and butterfly kisses......

Ah well....this is what love is.
You know that you have to one fine day, let your daughter go, but we will ALWAYS remember......
Every hug in the morning, and those butterfly kisses...
LOVE is after all, learning and finally, having to let go.... :(

ikelah said...

hehehe.... jiwang maut. why not play the song or send it to us. nak dengar juga lagu syahdu ni(saya memang tak tau songs). ;)

i tak boleh jadi paparazzi, segan nak ambil gambar perempun yang bukan family. :(

another meaning the other, coolpix 5700 yang dah patah sayap sebelah or the sony V1 yang myopic tu. At leas i could capture the moment. :(

dith.... bukan ke i kena peluk macam tu masa lepas nikah dulu?? ;)

Mat Derih said...

Ish ish ish. In my collection ada jugak la beberapa keping gambar masa Ikelah kawin. Rasanya ada gambar bride pelok groom.

Paul Moss said...

Why do brides wear thick makeup. It`s more like xtreme make over like wearing a mask. Like chinese opera. can be someone else behind the make up. Oh mi god!

ikelah said...

hahaha... mat derih awak kat obersea masa tu. mana ada ambil gambar... kah kah kah.... kawe nak selongkor semula gambor awak kawin kat album kawe... nak tengok macam wayang cina pek ji atau tidak.

awok dah tangok gambor ehem ehem kawin? hehehehehe... sms kawe kalau nak tau.....keh keh keh.

kawe kawin tak pakai mekap. dith pakai gincu jee...hehehe...

dith said...

Nisak- You bet! We are the most sensible wives on earth! :p

Pycno- Lucky that you'll only have to undergo that heartbreaking phase once, unless Bea decides to have another daughter that is! :p

iKelah- Yes I remember that someone pelok you lepas nikah, arwah Mummy ek?

Mat Derih- Awok kat Turkey, guano lak sempak ngambek gambo weii! Tapi gambo kawen awok kawe ada banyok. Leh tayang sini dok??

Paul Moss- Sekali sekala nok nampok lain dan cantek cam Siti Nurhaliza, tak boleh ke?

iKelah- hehe

Mat Derih said...

Kawe ada gambor deme kawin. Arwah mami ada hantar. Kawe simpan baik-baik untuk kegunaan hari hok seperti hari ni lar. Kalau rasa macam tak percaya, kawe boleh scan dan post kat fotopages kawe. Baik jek DITH masa tu. Kalau pijak semut pun, masih cukup la lagi sipat untuk di macrokan.

dith said...

Mat Derih yg dihormati,

Laa...kawe kan baik sampai ler skrang ni...sekarang ni kalau kawe terpijak semut (sesungguhnya kawe jalan cukup berambi dan mengelak dari terpijak segala bagai makhluk bernyawa), kawe kutip semut tu dan buat CPR stat. Lepas tu kalau nak di macro kan memang boleh!

cik eni said...

mi, roza, edor jemput wokme sabtu ni bertandang di kuantan. 12.30 dimasjid pematang badok. dia suroh bawok budok budok sekali. kalau orang lain ada balik kuantan, bawok sekali.

dith said...

bz ke malam ni? banyak patient? angin kuat balik. Air kat jambatan dah melimpah!

cik eni said...

bengkok kaki 2 minggu datang pagi bute, pas tu nok balik rumoh.

Mat Derih said...

Aik? Ni Cek eni sungei leng ke weh? Edor bertandang ke Kuantan apa he nya? Duduk rumoh Teik ke rumah Mi?

ayumi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ayumi said...

So when will "the time" come? Hehehe..

I never really liked formal dinners.. they sort of make you feel uncomfy. I like small, close-knitted group dinners.. they're always pleasant :)

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