Thursday, April 26, 2007


Dr In The House - I just love the wit and humour in her fluid reminiscences although the mood of her writing sometimes does get serious and sombre. This doctor from a family of doctors and would-be-doctors (wow!) never fails to remind me of the importance of good family values and religion as we go about our daily lives.

The above was written by Queen of the house. I must say that I am flattered by her kind words. Even though she knows I am not in the mood to play tag, she still tagged me! I am sorry to be a spoil-sporter and not comply fully to the rules as I am not tagging anyone. Sorry Queen! Thanks for the award and believing that my entries have an impact on your life. Thanks to Idham too for concurring with QOTH and being a passive reader here.


Arif a.k.a Idham said...

DITH....passive reader no more...:)

yes, truly deserve!


dith said...


Thank you. :p

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