Thursday, April 26, 2007


29th APRIL

To Muhammad Ibrahim, happy 20th birthday! I pray that Allah swt will guide you constantly in the true path and that He bestows you with strong iman, good akhlak and beneficial ilm. Along with this birthday wish is also a dua for your up and coming final exams. May success follow suit and that Allah swt ease your way to achieve your ambition.

* 28th April. Today is my sister Ita's birthday. I pray that Allah swt will bless you with everything good and wonderful, your whole life through.

* 30th April. Boogey's birthday. May Allah swt. grant you a good life ahead!

*Picture is courtesy of Mynn


ikelah said...

Happy birthday Ita, may Allah bless you, give you strength and guidance.

red said...

happy birthday to all born under the sign of aphrodite.

in case anyone forget, mine will be on the 27th may. top on my wishlist is the Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 EX DC or alternatively the Zuiko 14-54mm f2.8-3.5.

Ku Keng said...

Assalamu alaikum<

wow, there goes all the pay for the birthday presents.

Anyway I did comment on you in my latest entry.

hiyoshi said...

Is there not a person in the family who was born outside of April? No wonder Sofi wrote that entry on April babies; very fitting indeed.

Anyway, happy birthday Muhammad. Here's wishing you to a year full of blessings and happiness

Mama Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Muhammad.
Best of luck for your exams :)

mynn said...

happy birthday Muhammad and Boogey
good luck in your past, current and future endeavours. Wishing you guys happiness and serenity.

simah said...

Happy birthday to muhammad ibrahim, ita n boogey!...

semoga panjang umurdan murah rezeki :0)

afie911 said...

May you get all the best in life, insyaAllah! =)

ikelah said...

we visited him yesterday at his college. insyaAllah he was in good spirit.
We pray that he will be a good muslim, succeed in flying colors in his coming exam.

P5 said...

Hepi Besday Momad
Hepi Besday Boogey
Hepi Besday Ita
Hepi Besday Ikelah

Teacher's Day is on the 16th of May
Amira's Besday is on the 19th of May
My Anniversary is on the 25th of May
and I like the Tamron SP90mm f/2.8 and the Nikkor AF 70-300mm

pycnogenol said...

Happy Birthday Muhammad, Boogey and Ita. Many, many happy returns of the day!!

So, almost all of you are April babies. No wonder 'ngam' sangat-sangat. Tak pernah kelahi ke?? I always thought that like poles repel?

mialova said...

hepi birthday to ur son..:)

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