Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I nicked this from Neemo's latest entry. I think this student is actually a bright student who has a creative mind. She/he may even make a stand-up comedian! These are students who sigh and lament why people like Einstein or Newton didn't keep their complicated ideas and thoughts to themselves! Hehe.

*Just sent Aliah to MRSM Gemencheh last Monday. Very big and nice and well structured but still treeless and thus very hot. Poor Aliah who loathes the scorching heat! This dear daughter of mine is truly a creature of habit who is fussy in every way and knows that hostel life is not her cup of tea but figures that she has to accept the whole idea come what may. I pray that Allah swt give her strength to endure what hardship she faces there and that she'll persevere and do well in her studies. Insyallah, semoga sekolah itu membentuk sya'siah Islam yang tinggi dalam dirinya. Ameen!


flutterby said...

This is neemo speaking(typing).

More creative answers here!

All the best to Aliah!

Queen Of The House said...
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Queen Of The House said...

DITH .... this brings back memories of my MRSM days. But those days the MRSMs were so so different from what they are now. I hope Aliah adapts to her new environment well, and soon. This is just the beginning of her intellectual journey.

So your nest is almost empty now?

* Love the smart alecky answer. The teacher should tell the students that there are no trick questions, though.

hiyoshi said...

Reminds me of a question I was given during my Physiology OSPE recently.

"What is the name of this chart?" (refering to Snellen's chart). Since I didn't have an inkling of a clue to what it was called, I was tempted to answer:

"I sincerely do not know, but for sure, it is not a pie chart".

Of course, that never materialised for fear of being called by the dean to explain what kind of answer is that!

mynn said...


pycnogenol said...

Semoga Aliah tabah menempuhi kehidupan yang serba baru dan serba mencabar.

simah said...

joining ur doa as well..

wah..masyaAllah.. ur children r all high flyers...

dear dith..boleh tak ikecek kecek ur parenting ilmu...?

Queen Of The House said...

DITH, although you may not be up to playing "tag" at the moment,I've tagged you just the same....

Congratulations! Your have won a Thinking Blogger Award. Please collect your blog-sticker and list of rules at QOTH's!

afie911 said...

All the best to Aliah! She's gonna do great.. just like her sisters and brother. =)

Arif a.k.a Idham said...

DITH...i am a reader of ur blog...and feel u truely deserve the TAG from Queen...

and happy belated birthday to your other half...



easylady said...

hehehe it reminds me, years ago masa ambik periksa semester matrikulasi,terlupa bawa calculator! At the end of the paper, dah nak tulis dah.. Pity me, I have to do all these calculation without using calculator!Lepas tu fikir..the examiner will not care.. But I guess kalau saya tulis mesti examiner tu gelak besar.

Mama Sarah said...

how's Aliah? hope she's enjoying MRSM life :)

pycnogenol said...

I've read this entry long ago, but never being good with Maths, I have yet to figure out what's the problem with having an elephant 'hogging the ramp'. I thought the elephant was there for a purpose - balancing out the forces on either side of the ramp, perhaps? If so, that makes for a good answer. Why then, zero marks?

dith said...

Dear guys, internet connection has been non existing for us here for more than a week.

Neemo- thanks

QOTH- my nest is certainly almost empty and is getting so lonely here! Btw, thanks for the tag and the nice words on me.

Yoshi- a friend of Sarah's inserted in the last page of her acount's SPM paper, a plea for the examiner to give her an A....and she did!

Mynn- have you read the rest? The hanging noose is the best I think. Also the El Nino essay

Pycno- thanks for the dua.

Simah- insyallah mudah-mudahan anak2 kita semua berjaya untuk membina ummah yang mantap. But frankly speaking my parenting is nothing to shout about. In fact I think you are doing fine my dear.

Afie- thanks for the kind words

Mr Idham- honored to know you read my blog and that you think I deserve the tag. As for you, your entries are forever with an interesting edge . Thanks for the wish.

Easylady- Kes tak bawak calculator ni sebijik macam Sofi dulu! :p

Nisak: She is adapting ok I think but not appreciating the food . She described the ikan goreng as being so masin macam peluh!!

Pycno- If such answer is allowed then, life would be much easier eh for non maths lover!

Mama Chops said...

How is Aliah by now? Sorry, how old is she? My Afifah is in Form 5 at MRSM Kuala Lipis. Pray for me that she will do well in her up-coming SPM. Have not been blogging for some time! :) BTW, how is your other half doing?

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