Sunday, April 06, 2008


Kerteh beach. Courtesy of iKelah who has been commuting between Kuantan and Kerteh/Paka since March.

April marks the month where the most number of kith and kins celebrate their birthdays. To all of you, I wish a happy birthday, a wonderful and peaceful year ahead, brimmed with Allah's baroqah and guidance. Ameen.

4th- PakTwain (?28th)

9th- Beloved s.i.l., Mas. (29th)

10th- Beloved hubby. (47th)

12th- Beloved niece, Adrianna. (8th)

13th- Beloved second daughter, Sofi. (22nd)

14th- MekTwain's Twins (2nd)

20th- Beloved f.i.l. (76th)

23rd- MekTwain (?28th)

28th- Beloved sister, Ita (33rd)

29th- Beloved son, Muhammad. (21st)

30th- Beloved b.i.l., Boogey, ( 44th)

There you go, a very long list. Now you guys can't blame me for forgetting your birthdays this time!

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall”


"Our greatest glory is not in never falling,
But in rising every time we fall."



Jamil said...

I smell a conspiracy in your family tree. A conspiracy to intentionally have babies in April :P

Happy Coming Birthday to all of them!

p.s. Mak saya cakap anak yang lahir bulan April ni, susah benar nak faham perangai mereka. Betul ke?

dith said...

Hmmm..tak jugak rasanya. Kalau tengok list yang tertera tu, kebanyakan mereka mudah saja saya nak faham perangai mereka. Mungkin ada satu atau dua yang memang kepala keras macam batu, hehe....siapa yang yang makan cili, terasa lah pedasnya!

Tapi dalam kes awak, saya rasa awak ni memang susah nak difahami, bukan disebabkan dilahirkan di bulan April, :p <----joke je ni, jgn ambil hati!

Apa pun, saya ucapkan selamat hari lahir kepada awak jugak. Eh, awak dah balik ke Malaysia belom?

ifos said...

Long live April babies..! Hehe.

Thank you very much for the early wish =)

mektwain said...

yes, april ialah bulan to be broke bcoz it's the birth month for my whole family of 4 too (my husb, the twins, and me).

actually do u realize that in malaysia, april seems to be the most popular birth month?

i did a short survey back in 98 to a pool of classmates, and yes, april IS the most popular birth month for 1980 babies. so i came to a conclusion back then, july/august was a good month to conceive (in 1979).

BUT, when i look at your list dith, i can see a nice spread of birth years, which means, april is a popular birth month in malaysia, for ANY year in general. so JULY/AUGUST is a popular month to conceive in malaysia. why? maybe for the following reasons:
-ada cuti umum/sekolah?
-cuaca gradually bertukar drp panas ke sejuk sebab nak masuk ke bulan monsun
-bulan august bulan "ong" utk malaysia sebab bulan kita merdeka

haha. btw i heard from somewhere the popular month to conceive in the US is during winter months.


ikelah said...

mak twen: 23 april

baby twins:14 april

daddy twins: ? april

dith said...

Sofi- Go and eat out with Kak Sarah on your birthday, on us over here, hehe

mektwain- trust you to have a sharp eye on everything and derive a quick study of it even! Wonder why people relate cold weathers with increase in conception eh? Probably fertility improves in cold temperature? :p

ikelah- tnx for info

mektwain said...

daddy twins aka paktwain: 4 april

cold weather -> ppl stay in more often ???

Anonymous said...

Just curious, why were there never a birthday wish for your daughter Aliah in your blog? Sorry, if have overlooked the wish posted in any of your post. Kalau takde, wish lah Aliah tu, kesian kat dia.

Kak Sal

dith said...

MekTwain- :P

Kak Sal- Read:
This was a special entry. I wish them either in entries or the tag board.
Btw, Kak Sal ni siapa?

momad said...

hmmm, 20 april(gregorian calender)- Rasullullah S.A.W.

20 April- Adolf Hitler.
29 April-Umar thurman.
29 April-emperors holiday in japan, well, though the emperor was born in kuala lumpur... :P

dith said...

Momad- 18th Feb - John Travolta, Yoko Ono, Cybil Sherpherd, Jack Palance, Matt DIllon, Roza Ahmad, :P

ifos said...

(joining the game)

13th april- thomas jefferson, garry kasparov, Samuel Beckett... hmmm tu je la yg tau. hehe.

momad said...

here's a comeback!
29th April- Andre Agassi, Anggun, Westlife singer.

momad said...

sorry, but have to say this... Jerry seinfeld.

Jamil said...

DITH - Oh, I've been back in Malaysia for a week already. It's just that some parties have seen it fit to put me through another two weeks of agony i.e. Research Methodology.

I want my holidays! Give me my holidays! That, and some birthday cake too. Happy Birthday to Sofi :)

pycnogenol said...

To all the Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Thomas Jefferson and Anggun of Kuantan - SELAMAT HARI LAHIR!!!

Semoga dipanjangkan umur, murah rezeki, serta selamat dan berjaya dunia dan akhirat. Ameen. ;)

simah said...

Happy birthday to the people in the list...

akak...cantik gila gambar tuuuu!!! rasa mcm nak terjun ja dalam air tu right now...!!

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