Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Luqman has been earnest regarding the Palestine's War. He has,

1) Sold sushi to his school mates and donated profits to Tabung Palestin

2) Put up posters of products to boycott

3) Continued to not eating related fast-food

4) Designing T shirts to campaign for Palestine and to donate the profit to Tabung Palestin.

And Queen of the House related that her small son has already succeeded to not watching Disney channels and eating related fast food for more than a week. Bravo!


Queen Of The House said...

DITH, thanks for the mention :D

We went with Ayamas instead of KFC. And maybe I should really start baking our own pizzas. The TV channels boycott may not last long but I am proud of the effort.

What about asking Luqman to sell us some T-shirts? Kids size pun ada ke?

Anonymous said...



dith said...

QOTH- Wah , belum siap dah ada order, hehe.. Wll suggest Luqman to make some kids' size!

AJ- Dah balik Kuantan ke? Boleh TT dgn Dr Ali sekali, :P

DD said...

wahh mantap la too da avoid sume listed product tuk boycott israel

Anjang Aki said...

Syabas untuk Maman. Nanti kawe pun nak jugak T shirt. Saiz XXXL ade? Deme dtg KL kan esok?

DD said...

Nway..btau maman...da siap Tshirts tuh..i'll promote them here(uia)..hehe

Queen Of The House said...

T-SHirts dah siap?

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