Wednesday, January 07, 2009


The cruel oppression by the Zionists towards Palestine has become so mundane that each time a new invasion occurs, many would shrug the news off as apparently we are helpless in preventing the Israelis from attacking the Palestinians. For people like us, our best effort would be to offer earnest prayers for them.

This time, to me, the most affected person is my youngest son, Luqman. We were watching the shocking TV news about the terrifying air raids and bombings of innocent citizens of Palestines especially the defenseless children, when we saw Luqman became teary eyed and embarrassingly trying to wipe his red eyes. Not suspecting that he was genuinely moved by the news, my sister in law asked him what the matter was. In great emotion he related that he felt greatly for the Palestinians and their continuous predicaments. He took quite sometime to recover.

Few days later, whilst having breakfast, I pored over the Star which depicted a picture of a great explosion almost like an atomic catastrophy. It was another bombing of the Palestine, another sad day for them. With diligent interest, Luqman pulled the paper closer and perused the front page. Immediately, his face turned grim and red and tears welled up. He ate his breakfast quietly probably feeling sorry for the poor Palestinians who probably don’t have even a morsel to satisfy their hunger. After breakfast we had to attend an aqad nikah where hubby and Luqman were the official photographers. When Luqman refused to eat the delicious buffet spread, we knew his morose was deep.

Yesterday, I was sending him to school when I turned on the radio. Incidentally the news was being read and it was about the atrocities inflicted by the Israel towards the Palestinians. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Luqman wiping his eyes with his hands and off and on, I heard soft sniffles from him. I was debating within myself whether to change channels as I don’t want him starting his first day at school with a heavy heart. I decided that his profound empathy may appear excessive to some but non the less, it is a good character building block, rarely found in others.

There are so many plausible reasons on why he is greatly affected by the unfortunate war in Palestine. Perhaps he is sad that nothing concrete can be done to help them. Perhaps he is frustrated that we are still free to conduct our daily routines with carefree attitude whilst the Palestinians are fighting for their lives. Above all, he must be exasperated that the muslims throughout the world are never united in the Palestinian cause or for any cause for that matter.

Luqman, I hope that you would nurture this goodwill compassion of yours and let it grow within you and may someday you become a great and just leader of some sort who would protect his people from any kind of war. Ameen.

*TODAY IS THE 10th of Muharram. Sofi wrote about it here.


Queen Of The House said...

DITH, Luqman has great compassion and I am sure somewhere in there is a great guy waiting to emerge. Sometimes we all feel so frustrated at the way things are carrying on in other parts of the world. Malaysia as OIC chairman can't even do anything ke??? Muslim countries cannot unite to fight the oppressors, and that's most unfortunate and shameful.

Praying for the atrocities to stop is not enough, unfortunately.

Jamil said...

It's stories like these that make me feel embarrassed to call myself an adult (if you can even call me one). Where's my compassion gone to?

ikelah said...

My duah he will be a 'hawariyun' one day, a 'jundi'. 'jundullah' full of rahmah.

dith said...

Qoth- Gone are the days of great leaders like Salahuddin Al ayubi

Jamil- You have to inculcate it lest you have a dead heart

ikelah- ameen

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