Thursday, January 22, 2009



simah said...

With all ┼čitz flaw..i am so glad that orang kat turki r very against and r boikoting israel products whenever they can help it...

sedih kan bila it is clearly satu penindasan dan the world power do not do anything much...

akak apa khabar? hope things r well at ur end.. suami akak sihat?

Anonymous said...

mak, salam from granada... =)

Has said...


Umi Kalthom Ngah introduced me to the herb Jiao Gu Lan or scientific gynostemma. Also known as miracle grass.

It is a cure all, but especially good for cholesterol and cancer. I baru dapat dari kedai herb cina same floor as food court kat pavillion. Tak mahal, satu tupperware harga sebelas ringgit.

Sharing in case you and Azmi nak cuba.

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