Wednesday, June 21, 2006


We have now reached Al Imran verse 121-125. Thank you for those who took time reading with me. And thanks again to Crimsonskye for your never ceasing earnest to help with the audio!


Mama Sarah said...

Kalau ada jawatan kosong; ie menaip, I'd love to contribute too.

dr in the house said...

Nisak, thanks for offering your help. At the moment I just copy and paste so no typing needed, ;P. But I do edit the tafseer if its too long. At least that way I get to read and understand as well. Tell me if you can help with editing the tafseer. At the moment I am using Tafseer Jalalyn from a website.

Ikelah said...

keep up the good work

kenakelayan said...

MashaAllah. Tafsir Jalalayn lagik. Kat mana jumpa? :)

Mama Sarah said...

i can try. (erkkk)

but i might end up copy and pasting without editing long or no long. (i'm never good in summary writing)

ada link to jalalyn tafseer tak? boleh study dulu.

dr in the house said...

To KKL and MS

ini link nya

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