Thursday, June 01, 2006


Sofi has a new entry and a new song. I didn't realise till today that the song was about her longing to come home and she's counting the days!

Yes, Sofi is coming home first week of July, insyallah. 6th of July to be exact. She left Malaysia in September last year so it'll be approximately 10 mths when she comes back.

I can still remember the pain we felt the day she left. Ikelah wrote about it here. And I wrote her a farewell ode here. Her absence. Her empty room. Most of all, not having her around to ferry the other kids to school and fro. It was a profound feeling of lost. Melancholia filled the air then. Even the cats must have missed her badly. She has a way with them. Unlike me. Although I love cats, I am easily irritated when they disobey me.

So Sofi is coming back! And Sarah too! May they have a safe journey coming home. Most of all, may the 2 mths holidays be filled with Allah's grace and barakah, heal their homesickness and charge them up for another 10 months of living away from us! Not forgetting, good luck in their finals and may Allah ease them through all the papers with loads of 'piyat's!

Sofi on the day she left for Russia.

p.s Want to sample a piece of song translated into Temerloh slang? Try this at Pang5's latest entry. Caution: unsuitable for those who are strong proponents for 'never butcher an original song's lyrics' slogon!!! hehe


ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Wow, you guys must be excited.. Wonder what it will be like when I leave for India (insha-Allah).

anggerik merah said...

Pray that Sarh & Sofi get through their final with fying colours. Your two princess are coming back home nya..

abdullahjones said...

koi tumpang gembire awok.

hiyoshi said...

By the time Sofi gets home, I'd be ready to wreck my nerves again by hitting the books. Uhh..rasa dah berkarat sangat dah otak cuti ni!

May both your daughters arrive safely, Ameen.

Ku Keng said...

"Seghonok gilak" kata orang Sarawak, "Anak nak balik"

pycnogenol said...

When Sofi comes back, will she still lock herself up in her room or will she be tagging along with mum, just like Siamese Twins???

My youngest son has this to say of his sister: "Kakak ni kalau balik rumah, suka jatuhkah hukuman penjara pada diri sendiri." ;))

Has said...

Ah Roza, must be very therapuetic for you. I could feel the happy moments.

Em said...


Im glad that Sofi & Sarah are comin back soon..

Btw wat is Sofi studyin Russia?

Ikelah said...

reading this entry make miss them more

Ku Keng said...

If the time of the entry is right viz. @ 0106 hour. That's how much the mother misses her daughter.

OOD said...


dr in the house said...

Ayumi- it'll be the same I gues, :)

Anggerik- you bet! Thanks for the dua

AJ- Koi terima kasihlah awok rase gembire untuk koi. Awok bile lagi nok balik Malaya?

Hiyoshi- is that an excuse to shy away under a heap of leaves?

Keng- Sejak bila jadi org Sarawak pulak ni?

Pycno- Your youngest is definitely a lawyer in the making!

Has- it definitely is!

Em- medicine, insyallah

iKelah- really?

Keng- i think I have set the time wrongly, :))


simah said...

i am so happy for u :0) hati seorang emak menanti kepulangan anak tersayang..:0)

kenakelayan said...

Hehehehe it would be fun to see how their tastes foodwise have changed/developed over the past 1 or 2 years. Sauerkraut anyone? :D

hiyoshi said...


Give me mee bandung anytime.


Haha...Probably not. Running away from the textbooks is not really a good idea. Especially if the lecturers tend to ask questions T_T

crimsonskye said...

For some reason, I can no longer hear Sofi's background songs on her blog. What is it? Kris Dayanti's Menghitung Hari..? hehe.

Anonymous said...

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