Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This video clip entry was not inspired by Hiyoshi, :p. I think this nasyeed of supplication was very well executed with good vocals and arrangement. The singers are smart-looking too! But, can't help feeling that the set-up was a bit 'Da Vinci Code' ish...mind you I havent watched the movie just yet and have only imagined the scenes through my reading of the book! hehe

This is probably how BackStreet Boys will look or sound if they sang nasyeed huh?


Mama Sarah said...

Oh, There's Sami Yusuf menyanyi mendayu-dayu again!

Rupa the background singers reminded me of footballers (I wonder why?) and Il Divo.

dr in the house said...

Mama - Dont tell me you pon kena demam BOLA jugak?? :p

(hmm....something tells me you dont like his singing?)

Sherin Almashor said...

I think that they are quite good. Mama sarah, which one looks like a footballer? Beckham? hehehe..

Boogey said...

That`s Turkish nashid and the singers look like turks. The shadrazam is ottoman and the pillars helenistic.

dr in the house said...

Sherin- Beckham? Macam Tito adalah, :p

Boogs- Correction:Sami Yusuf, whose family originally comes from Azerbaijan, was born and raised in the United Kingdom. This is British Nasyeed. Perhaps the venue was in Istanbul as you have described, pillars and all! Shadrazam tu apa??

Mama Sarah said...

demam bola? ada juga virus nama bola juga yea.

They all look like footballers dalam barisan in suits. TEgap dan segak.

Tak suka Sami Yusuf? Hehehe... BUKAN CAMTU. SAmi Yusuf and the gang --> George Michael pun kalah.

Lama dulu (13 May) I ada post lagu Sami Yusuf juga (Ummi) kat my blog remember?

crimsonskye said...

I'd think of DVC too- tengok trailer pun dah cukup. No wonder, with the men in black, curtains billowing, pillars, the yellow and white lights of the museum (or whatever the place is). I myself haven't watched it yet anyway... hehe.

hiyoshi said...

mama sarah
Eii..Jangan tak tahu. Virus tu versi online pun ada. Namanya virus e-bola.

One of them looks like Tom Hanks! At a glance la :) But all their voices are very nice...

mynn said...

tak dapat tengok clip kat tempat kerja...!

ill watch it at home ...

curious to see it

Boogey said...

Sami Yusuf is not a Turkish name but selawat melodi cam tu is Turkish. Mosque tu tak sure whether in Turkey sebab ada design yang tak kenal but have ottomani influence such as the shadrazam which is typical Ottomani or selcuk. Shadrazam is tempat wuduk yang berbentuk bulat dan terletak di tengah halaman dan kekadang di tengah masjid.

Has said...

roza, something is missing you know?
tears, yes, where are the tears?

dr in the house said...

Mama- Aliah tergelak dengar Sami nyanyi. dia kata macam lagu hindustan, ;P

Yoshi- When I found out that they were making DVC into movie, I thought Harrison Ford fits the character best and Natalie Imbruiglia resembles Sophie very much. Agree?

Mynn- waitng for your comment

Boogey- Awak dah pergi tak Masjid Wilayah? It has Turkish architecture I think. Beautiful and it's AIR-CONNED!!!

Has- Sami spared the tears for his real tahajjud. Cukuplah dia nyanyi mendayu-dayu!

simah said...

so thye conclusion is..jom semua datang turki tengok masjid turki yg memang best architecture dia :0) (simah dok promote masjid turki ni)

i agree dengan boogey punya last comment..n sami yusuf pun walaupun bukan turk dia memang terkenal kat turki..

p.s orang azerbaijan memang cakap turki pon cuma kekadang sebutan dia lain sikit (mcm la orang malaysia n indon punya bahasa)..turkish language is spoken widely in turk countries like azerbaijan...etc..hence the melody similar to the turkishg melody

Boogey said...

Kawe dah ke masjid wilayah. I disagree that it`s characterictic ottoman design. Ottoman mosque must have minarets at least one. The minaret have at least 1 sherefe or ring platform for azan. Ottoman mosques having more than 1 minarets are constructed only by royal families. The shape of the minarets is similar to the minarets of masjid Sultan Salahuddin Shah Alam, sharp pointed. The central dome is flanked by semidomes to distribute the central weight and supported by huge pillars. Ottoman mosques usually have an outer court also and big mosques consist of a complex of shops, schools, kitchen, hospitals, library and archive. So, looking at masjid wilayah from from outside it`s definately not Ottoman. The masjid wilayah i think is of moorish design but I`m not sure because tak reti sangat moorish ni. The best example of ottoman mosque is the green mosque in Edirne near the bulgarian border and the Suleymaniye mosque in Istanbul comes second. The Blue Mosque comes 3rd although it`s more famous.

Boogey said...

Siapa simah ni? Macam familiar dengan turkish culture je?

kenakelayan said...

DVC - malas nak tgk sbb nak jimat duit :) And bored with all the hype. Anyway Sophie is played by Audrey Tautou, she was brilliant in Amelie, a French movie released in 2001. Watched that at least 3 times, was fun in Paris recognising all the places Amelie went.

Video - is this from Sami Yusuf's new album? There is a phenomenon here where hijabis whistle and catcall during his concerts. Rather sad, really, but I don't think it is really his fault.

dr in the house said...

Boogey ooi- Simah ni duduk Turki sekarang. Jadi rakyat sana koot, betul ke Simah?

dr in the house said...

KKL- whistle and catcalls lagi???!! Masyallah! Dah hilang ke perasaan malu orang perempuan ni?? ish ish...malu malu

Mama Sarah said...

I tak tahu pun kewujudan Sami yusuf until auntie de introduced me to lagu Ummie in May recently.

those hijabis whistled; 'phewit' ke? or the typical arabic 'lulling'(?)

KKL you dah habis 'mogok' lapar ke? jgn diseksa perut tu.

afie911 said...

Pretty cool VC. Thanks for the introduction. Tak pernah come across Sami Yusuf pun. Very mendayu-dayu his voice is. Read you entry on the trip to Genting Highlands. Lol. You acted exactly like my mum did minus the freaking out part on the cable car. Hehhe. Are you actually afraid of heights?

Ku Keng said...

Nice blog look. Why the suspect to be a grandmother in 7-8 years?

Maybe the patient is deaf.

Sorry comments, not relevant to entry.

Happy Father's Day to iKelah.

kenakelayan said...


Hmm I wasn't there but during the nasheed concert I went to last year, I did think some of the people were behaving 'too rowdily' for what is supposed to be an Islamic event.

Mama Sarah

Whistle as in phewitt. Bukan ululating tu. Pandai tak buat? *tgh practise* :D

mynn said...

finally managed to have a look .... hehehe

i think you should post up more nasyids you like on your blog dith, nice one.

pycnogenol said...

I like the first part where the men in black were singing in chorus....bergetar dan berdentum rasa di dada.
However, the solo part, much as it is sad and 'mendayu-dayu' sounds a bit awkward to me....sorry.
Dont get me wrong, I like the voice. Would have been superb if that part of the song was sung in Malay or Arabic, but in English (to me, at least) doesnt seem to blend well with the 'mendayu-dayu' tune. Ah dont bother me...perhaps it's just my listening and admiring of such songs that needs re-orientation.

pycnogenol said...

May I add: It sounds like "Bersyair in English", even if it was Siti Nurhaliza doing it, it would still sound funny to me....what more now that she has decided to marry the old man.

dr in the house said...

Mama Sarah- so can you ululate too? :p

Afie- Cuti lama lagi ke?

Keng- That 'about' comment has been all along in my blog, ;P.

KKL-So if the girls ululate, then it's ok??

Mynn- Actually, what I liked about that VC is the smart back-up singers!

Pycno- I agree! Sami does sound like he's ber'syair'ing and doesnt blend well with English language eh. But come to thimk of it, if Siti sang it in proper English pronunciation, I would appreciate it better, never mind that she has a penchant for old men! hahah *semua 'old' men dengan tetiba mengangkat antenna masaing2*

Mynn said...

dith ni, sama je kita semua ni rupanya ... tengok vclips for the people who sings ......

Mama Sarah said...

DITH and KKL is that the term? Ululate? Waaaah, never knew that!

Nope, don't know how to. But I have seen Arab women (In UK and Malaysia) doing so.

I kinda agree with Pycno about the chorus brings getaran dan dentuman di dada. but i don't mind Sami Yusuf berkeroncong as well. That's his style. (Although less mendayu-dayu probably better)

DITH you said you like 'smart' back up singers.

smart as in good looking or smart= nampak kemas?

saje nak clarify. So that both mynn and I faham apa yang puan doktor maksudkan. kot-kotlah ikelah pulak kena pasang antenna ;)

*gurau tu* gurau*

dr in the house said...

To Mama and Papa Sarah/Amar,

Hmm...this is a golden cup question (cepu emas?). Of course I meant as a whole, smart and good-looking, hehe.

*Methinks Ikelah's antenna was up when he saw the video but 'stiffled' a laughter when he heard Sami sang* <==ikelah had great difficulty deciphering Sami's articulated lyrics!!

Anonymous said...

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