Sunday, August 06, 2006

.....9 Years Ago

This is an old pic of Maman when he was around 4 years old, I think, during my sister Ita's wedding. He was one of the bride's 'flower boy', :). He was taken unwell after that and developed bouts of vomiting and had to lie down. This prone position must have alleviated much of his tummy discomfort!

Sofi found this old pic whilst doing her 'reminiscing through old albums' and going down memory lane session. We all went 'oohs' and 'aaahs' looking at the cute boy lying on his tummy looking all so forlorn! We can't remember who took that photo and with what camera and the quality is pretty bad but the adorable subject with his desolated pose makes this a truly priceless memento.

Each time I see old pics of my kids when they were small, cute and so huggable, I'd tell them in jest, "I remember this kid. He/she was so good and obedient back then!"

I love looking Maman in this photo thus I'll place it here as a treasured pic!


Em said...


Look at that face so melancholic ey!

mynn said...

"I remember this kid. He/she was so good and obedient back then !"

back then je ke dith? im sure maman nowadays pun a very good boy.

what a nice picture! kesian maman, sure segan his mother is displaying his baby photos <-- typical mother!

Mama Sarah said...


maman so cute!

pycnogenol said...

How true...We'd go 'oohs' and 'aaahs' too looking at old photographs of our children. Honestly, I'm so tempted to post pics of my children too, when they were Maman's age....yes that cute age!

And Mynn, you will learn soon enough that children will ONLY be 'so good and obedient back then!'.....After that, they'll start to be your sparring partner/s. So, enjoy your time with them while they are still good and cute!!

mynn said...

oh no
like someone commented in dith's previous entry some kids are like flying jumbo jets, not kites. if so, our kids would be F-16s! complete with (stink) bombs and (water) missiles!

mynn said...

ps, my "oh no" was directed to pycno's comment "they'll to be your sparring partner/s"

pycno, post lah pictures of your kids. I'll enter the pictures into a special software, age them a few years and we'd get a picture of you! *insert maniacal laugh*

mynn said...

by a few years i meant ALOOOOOOOOT of years

only joking pycno!

dr in the house said...

Em- Hope you are not melancholic too!

Mynn- :p...Alhamdulillah I consider Maman pretty much a good boy (though he has his 'times') I know we should be praying for them to be obedient and good all the time, that's why I said them in a jest!

Pycno- Kekadang bila dah tak larat nak sparring dgn depa ni, kita nangis jek laa!

Mynn 3x - wonder how your maniacal laugh sounds like

Has said...

he he he, tak oohh and ahhh tengok gambar lama you ke?

Queen Of The House said...

DITH .... definitely so cute and small(er)! Love them at that huggable age!

So that prone position can help alleviate some stomach discomfort? Must try lah, and thanks for the tip :-)

neemo said...

bak kata orang rusia.. sympatichni!

raggedyanne said...

indeed a charming albeit forlorn photo. Looks a lot like my younger brother with that cute button nose.

dr in the house said...

Has- The oohs and ahhs when looking at my old pics are due to painful eye-strain as the pictures are severely blur ..:p

QOTH- small(er) <===you got that right man! hehe

Neemo- Sympatichni= muka kesian? :p

Anne-Really? In fact my mom's neighbor's son looked a lot like him too at that time, they 're almost like twins!

Mat Derih London said...

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crimsonskye said...

Aww.. sakit2 pun he looked so cute!! :) Only little kids can do that eh..

azahar said...

salam dr roza,

rakan saya sudah beberapa hari berada di Beirut.Ada khabar dr ikelah ke sana?

azahar said...

jika dr ikelah tak pergipun bagus juga. keadaan di sana tidak menentu.bahaya.ini peperangan bukan bencana alam. pesan saya pd dr ikelah, jangan pergi.


neemo said...

Sympatichni means comel!

I dont know what sympathetic is in Russian. Hehehehe!

Em said...


Melancholy is my middle name

kenakelayan said...

Maman was always a cute kid. My mum was besotted with him when he was a baby. Me, hehehe, it was only in recent years that I 'got' babies.

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