Friday, August 18, 2006


crimsonskye said...

Thank you so much :) The card is lovely.

pycnogenol said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Crimsonskye dear and to Mum too.

May Allah bless you two, with wonderful and happy days ahead!!!

hiyoshi said...


Unlike DITH, I am not so good in my computer skills. Therefore, I will just have to wish both you and your mom the old fashioned way.

"Happy Birthday!"

*I've really got to start learning all these fancy stuff*

abdullahjones said...

Balik doc. Puasa dan raya. Ha? Jemput ke rumah? Insyallah jika ada telor itek masak lemak.

Selamat hari lahir juga untuk Crimsonskye.

Mama Sarah said...

Happy belated birthday crimsonskye and her Ummi!!!

Sorry lambat. But better late than never, right?

mynn said...

happy belated birthday crimsonskye!! bila nak belanja? (whoops, supposed to be the other way round)

Anonymous said...

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