Thursday, August 03, 2006


4th August 2006

Happy Birthday dear Kenakelayan who will be celebrating her:

24th birthday (the age that she acts)
21st birthday (the age that she feels)
27th birthday (her biological age?)

Anyway whatever age you are celebrating, to quote Pycno, you'll still
be a year younger next year!

We pray that Allah swt bestows His blessings in abundance upon you and that
things will settle accordingly once you're back here with us, Ameen!


Mama Sarah said...

Happy birthday KKL. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan diberkati Allah selalu.

Sudi-sudilah datang ke Coventry utk makan cake harijadi anda ok?

crimsonskye said...

Happy birthday kenakelayan!

Looks like a scene out of some fairytale enchanted forest, with all those flowers behind her ;P

Ikelah said...

Selamat Hari lahir, semoga diBerkati dan sentiasa diberi Rahmat olehNya.

pycnogenol said...

Pycno mendoakan agar tahun ini Allah memakbulkan segala doa Kenakelayan. Semoga segala usaha anda menghasilkan kejayaan, dan semoga kejayaan nanti adalah kejayaan yang diberkati. Ameen.

kenakelayan said...

Jazakumullah khairan kathira to all the lovely duas and warm wishes, may ALlah repay of of you with the same or better, ameen. Thank you for making a special entry about me DITH (eheheh malu gaks but good thing is you can't really see me in that pic!)

Mama Sarah
Saya juga sudi menerima pengeposan kek di alamat kediaman saya. :D

Yes we just went 'mashaAllah' all round when we saw those amazingly beautiful flowers! It was at Richmond Park this recent spring.

Ameen, and thank you. Ada ke org lain birthday August ye?

Ameen... wa iyyak. Saya suka part makbulkan segala doa tu.. :D

mynn said...

happy birthday H~

you know what dith, i thought of grabbing the same picture for a birthday wish, but you beat me to it!! so tak boleh tiru yang sama lah.

Ikelah said...

8/8 anwar ibrahim jika tak silp. ;)
31/8 abdul rahman salleh

yang ni members of ur boat. ;) semoga selamat dalam pelayaran, menempuh badai dan gelombang besar serta selamat sampai ke arah tujuan.

pycnogenol said...

Bea pun birthday juga bulan 8.....28/8.....tahun.....Ayam

mynn said...

my father pun a leo. 10/8/7.

mynn said...

eh silap pulak letak ~/7 <-- hehehe. mana boleh lahir tahun 2007

ayumi said...

Happy birthday KKL! That's a really nice pic of you :)

pycnogenol said...

Mynn - My guess is your dad's birthyear is either 1947 or 1957....betul tak?

Ask him if he can remember the song Rhinestone Cowboy or not?

mynn said...

pycno -- well guessed! i slipped up!

you know what pycno, i don't even remember the names of the songs he remembers...! LOL. What's important though, like most people here, is our age at heart :)

ps - throughout the years KKL nampak sama je. gracefully aging (backwards) eh KKL?

Mama Chops said...

Birthdays mean - being wiser and able to think more straight. I wouldn't say that part where people get a year older because "IT'S JUST NUMBERS!!!"

neemo said...

happy birthday! lawa gamba :)

kenakelayan said...

Hehehehe flattery will get you everywhere Mynn!

Ramainye orang lahir in august ye.

iKelah: yes hpw can we forget Abdul Rahman Salleh indeedy! Tu nama my dad yang kasi :D

If the pic was good, it's thanks to Dinah Jee Aapa Jee who celebrated her birthday on the 5th of August, who was the photographer!

Happy Birthday Dinah Jee Aapa Jee! Your present is on its way inshaAllah...

Ku Keng said...


Been trying in vain to access the comments pop-up page, but with no luck. Though belated, Happy Birthday. Birthdays do not make anybody older, just less younger.

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