Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fettucini Al- fredo on a Sunday-o

This is Luqman's version of Fettucini Al fredo. Remember I told you he ordered the dish at LemonTree ? Well, he prefered this homecook version and said this: "hmm yang ni better. Yang kat LemonTree tasteless"

Cook the fettucini pasta till ala dante.

Al Fredo sauce ala Maman

Chopped garlic
Chopped Tomatoes
Sliced button mushrooms
Chicken fillet sliced
Evaporated milk
6 slices of sliced cheese
Corn flour for thickening

Add in: all available dried herbs. In todays case are:

Dried rosemary
Powdered Oregano
Powdered Pepper

I would have added in Bay leaf and nutmeg powder but
have ran out of them.

The very easy method:

Saute the garlic in sunflower oil (konon nak reduce
bad fat but what about the cheese and the milk??)
Browned, add in the chicken, then the milk, then the mushroom,
tomatoes,cheese and cornflour mixture.

Season with salt plus minus sugar.

Dash all the available herbs.

Lepas ni kena buat exercise to get rid all the fat!!! Yucks!


crimsonskye said...

Al Fredo.. Al Fredo.. haha.. I love the name! As well as the dish itself of course. Looks very yummy indeed :)

kenakelayan said...

Sedapnya... the tomatoless pasta dishes are really full of subtle tastes... have you tried the one with smoked salmon and double cream?

OK said...

Michael Corleone's brother, the one that betrayed him, eventually err knocked off while in the middle of the lake..

pycnogenol said...

Meaning of tabibah fi al bait?

Everytime I buy fettucini, somehow it'll always end up being thrown away because date has expired (in our keeping, of course), not with spagghetti though....that will always get cooked almost immediately.

Dont ask me why? Ask Bea.

OK said...

tabib = doctor , tabibah female version
fi = di
al-bait = rumah

pycnogenol said...

Thanks, okay. :)

Ikelah said...

this version of fetutucini taste better tahn the one maman have at lemon tree.

my first fettucini dish was about 10 years back, recipe from tv, prepared by aziz m osman. the taste was good, no tomato paste, tak de evaporated milk. i lost the recipe book as i am lazy to cook nowadays. :( biar maman and dith do the cooking.

Has said...

dith, guna double cream lagi lazat, he he, anyway, not for me now, tengok aje booleh. U punya mula tengok, ingat nya kueh teow.

nnydd said...

for ikelah

hiyoshi said...

Italian names always get my head spinning. For instance, how do you differentiate a Fettucini from a Materrazi? Everything is almost similar!

But the dish itself, I have to say, looks inviting :)

Mama Sarah said...

saya sungguh jakun. tak pernah makan fettucini al fredo.

kena cuba ni!

dr in the house or tabibah fi al bait (given by Hiyoshi) said...

skye- try our recipe, it's cheaper than the original !! hehe

kkl- no I havent coz those are luxurious items! :p

ok- are you talking about one of the books you're reading? Ramadhan nanti berbuka mcm mana? drop over eh

Pycno- perhaps fettucini is thicker and doesnt taste as nice but perhaps Bea can try my cheap recipe, hehe

iKelah- the chef, actually

has- ready made cream semua mahal and susah nak cari yg halal so thats why I tak pakai

nydd- told ikelah to look at it

yoshi- or Paparazzi even eh? hehe

Nisak- kita pon jakun gak, semua recepi Nisak saya tak pernah rasa. Nak tunggu org Coventry balik Malaysia ! :p

nnydd said...

lawak tak? i dont actually intend it to be for ikelah. saja melawak sbb clip tu on jumuah prayer.

dr in the house or tabibah fi al bait (given by Hiyoshi) said...


I am still loading it...and seeing it a bit...memang lawak habis...baru sampai bab Mohd ambik wudhu gila2...nanti tengok semula

mynn said...

OMG i didnt know whether to be offended or to laugh! it's quite funny though. driving to jumaah with "i think i should switch off the radio, oh wait ..." i could so relate to that! ha...

wahhh sedapnya. i am particularly impressed with the red garnishing on the pasta. well done... what's he cooking next? (ps ... practising before going overseas [insya allah] ke?)

"What's the difference between Fettucini from a Materrazi" <-- LOL. ditto!

dr in the house or tabibah fi al bait (given by Hiyoshi) said...


I can 'palpate' your sneering remark about that red garnishing thingy! Perli ek? hehe

Wait, you havent reached the part about how Mohd ambil wudhu gila2...nak nagis tengok!

nnydd said...

mynn n dith,

i am in stitches watching it. lost count how many times i have replay it. humour aside, the best thing about it is its portrayal of how muslim youngters are living in the west. look at the dress - seluar pendek? anger-politics, the content of khutbah - salafism, neo-islamism etc, the way women are treated at the mosque, etc. this is good - delivering messages gently. i heart it! every single part of it.

Ikelah said...


sorry tak boleh nak view, pakai dailup crawling sangkut-sangku...>10 masih <10%.

OK said...

I wrote something different but the beta blockers came so I had to rewrite... hehe.. actually what I was talking about was the name Alfredo, the same as Michael Corleone's brother in the Godfather part II, the brother who betrayed him in Havana. Later Michael had him killed in the middle of the lake at their home.

OK said...

What a crazy video.. hehehe.. tapi kat msia, esp kat pantai barat, jumaat kena cepat keluar sebab kerja... kat Trg a little more relaxed but still susah nak cari makan..

DITH - we will take you up on the offer, insyaAllah bila KKL balik nanti.

23 said...

that looks so yummy. and its definitely do-able.

rasa macam lama tak masak pulak.

Safiyah Azmi said...

Waaaaa nape tak masak ni time balik aritu... btw my petai stock dah nearly finished. Tidaaaaaaakkkkk...

dr in the house or tabibah fi al bait (given by Hiyoshi) said...

Nydd- I still havent finished watching the video. Sampai kat dia jumpa Nasyid Rapper tu. My dial-up is so slow!! So you think it's ok and not harmful eh? The joke is definitely enlightening tho!

Ok- Insyallah kita buka sama2 nanti ok!

23- been to your blog many times but couldnt leave comments!

Sofi- Use this cheap recipe and try overthere Fi!

nnydd said...

Gosh, people should have some sense of humour! Of course too much recreation is not good, so after all the laugh, come down and do the serious work.

mynn said...

regarding the red garnishing -- no, i wasnt being sarcastic, it does look interesting because normally garnishings are shades of green or brown. red = unique, i wonder what it is.

the video is a must see, it's darn funny. it's worth it, even on dial up!

i'm still surprised you're recommending a video such as this, dude.

nnydd said...

kenapa surprise mynn?

mynn said...

because it's hilarious nnydd and ...

OK said...


kenakelayan said...

and what mynn?

Mat Derih said...

Hujun minggu depang 5 ramadang kome balik kontang. Kome nok buke pose makang fetuccini. Aoukme masok lar yek? Pang5 pung balik.

nnydd said...

see mynn, everyone is curious!

so, and....?

azahar said...

dr roza,
fettucini tu memang nampak inviting betul. cuma...kalau bolehkan...doc..entry makan2 boleh hold dulu tak sepanjang bulan ramadan nanti.kurus puasa saya nanti..hehehe.

mynn said...

... and so unlike nnydd liking something that is not nerdy or bookish! haha, ive said it!

pycnogenol said...

The bookish nerd is only a facade. It's what you only see on the outside.

Inside, nnydd is one cool rapper!!

OK said...

haha,, nydd group cresent moon warriors.. UK side massive .. aight cuzz

nnydd said...

thank you for the compliment! you are not the first.

pycno & OK, setakat nak 'yo man, yo! whats up?! itu sudah biasa beb!

Ikelah said...

masih tak dapat lihat jumaah sebab loading lembab.

credit dah nak habis... kena topup.

dr in the house or tabibah fi al bait (given by Hiyoshi) said...

Nnydd- so it proves that you're not that nerdy or nnyddy eh??:p

Mat Derih- awok perot ulu makan petai sambal tempoyak, mana roit makan Fettucni kembong kang!

Azahar- insyallah bulan puasa kita buat entry serious, :p. Member di Lubnan dah balik?

Pycno- Nnydd one cool rapper eh? :p

OK- Is Nnydd your cousin btw? you kept saying aight cuzz

nnydd- mana boleh. As the decendent of the Ottoman/ Oltroman you must act befittingly, :pp

ikelah- kesian kita kan?

KKL said...

Hahahaha. Nnydd, I have never exchanged words with you in real life, but I think I can recognise you on sight.

Now some people here think I am jovial, so much so that when I get into a contemplative mood they think something is wrong with me. :P

ikelah said...

ada orang bagaikan electron yang teruja kerana akan balik tak lama lagi.

harap tikus-tikus memberikan kerjasama.

hiyoshi said...

Am dying to see what the video is all about. I have to download it first and watch it later at the hostel since the computer at the faculty doesn't allow streaming media to be played -_-"

azahar said...

saya gemar tulisan dr roza yg agak sederhana. tidak menyentuh sesuatu topic yg berat. begitu juga blog dr ikelah,kagum dgn gambar2 yg diambil.bagaimana dua dr ini mempunyai kemahiran menulis serta kecekapan mengambil gambar dengan baik sekali.seharusnya saya lebih cekap dalam dua bidang ini kerana ini adalah area saya.rupa2nya anugerah Allah swt terlalu besar & tiada had & batasan.
jadinya, saya berkongsi pengalaman, pendapat, gurauan & rasa hati dr roza & ikelah beserta rakan2 lain dlm kedua-dua blog ini yg boleh dikatakan org yg sama, utk kebaikan diri saya juga.
bab pic2 juadah dr roza tu,sorry ya...hehehe.dekat dan puasa ni.

semua rakan di lubnan sudah pulang.
tetapi seminggu selepas ramadan, ada dua team ke acheh dan pakistan (lubnan saya tak pasti) - mereka akan buat liputan bagaimana mangsa tsunami & gempa bumi menyambut ramadan di sana.

p.s saya ada bayang2kan pd dr ikelah, tidak mahukan dia ceritakan pengalamannya bertugas dalam misi GPM ke merapi & pakistan dlm akhbar. cubalah pujuk. saya ingin sangat tahu cerita suka duka dia di sana.

Em said...


It looks yummy and the bomb!

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