Saturday, September 09, 2006

Temporary Shut Down Of At Taqwa

An anonymous blogger pointed out an urgent matter pertaining to the transliteration I used in my blog At Taqwa. I've been using Shakir's translation as I find his words simple and easy to understand compared to Pickthall's and Yusoff Ali. I didn't realize that Shakir's translation was based on Qadiyani's translation. I am sorry and apologize to all of you who have followed At Taqwa till now. May Allah swt forgive me. Thus I have temporarily closed At Taqwa from public viewing whilst I make the neccessary redemptions. To al Anon, thank you for pointing it out and may Allah swt guide us always!.

Btw, 22 years ago, September the 9th, iKelah and I got married! So tonight, we brought the kids out for a small family do. What did I get for iKelah, you asked? Hmm, I think his Nikon D50 sort of covers for several years of anniversary and burthday presents! So no Wacom board, no Sony Ericson and no Bangkok trip! Just a warm family dinner at "Pokok Limau" a.k.a. LemonTree, :p

Luqman's choice

But I am treating Mynn this time! On his request, I am putting an old pic of iKelah on our memorable day during the akad. So Mynn, feast your eyes! Sorry I am not putting MY own pic on that day, (mahal sangat! Nanti menangis Siti! hehe) . Unfortuantely we don't have many good photos of our wedding. Apparently the cameraman, a relative of mine, who captured the pics, developed the pics in JB and kept them. (yes Mynn, the days before digital photography can be so cumbersome!) So now, our mission is to retrieve them ASAP.

9.9.84, The Akad

p.s. KKL, were you there during our wedding? I saw a pic of your mum amongst the entourage but none of you.


mynn said...


Senak perut & keluar air mata !!!!

that was priceless......

thanks dith!

congratulations dith & ikelah, what a sweet couple and you guys have come very far together. I hope our family would also be as successful. may the years ahead be as beautiful as the years at the beginning for both of you.

sedapnya makan kat malaysia eh? i'm salivating ......

CONGRATS ikelah & dith :)

oooo the camera was a gift from you.

dr in the house said...

Mynn, when you are married as long as we do, you'll come to this scenario:

Anything valuable bought by one of the spouse is considered a birthday gift from the other spouse!! Geddit? No? hahahah

Mama Sarah said...

i belum sempat nak baca properly, baru dapat tgk gambar. (Tengah masak dinner utk anak2)

anyway mynn called to tell suruh tgk your NEW entry ;)

ikelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh you really have to balas in your blog - letak gambar dith si rupawan di hari perkahwinan. pretty please.

Mama Sarah said...

ok dah baca dah.

1. had to google "Qadiyani". Now you know how cetek my ilmu is.

2. you've 'upgraded' to blog beta. yippee!!!

3. 22 years eh??? sweeeeeettt! selamat ulangtahun perkahwinan. semoga dirahmati dan berkekalan hendaknya.

pycnogenol said...

Dear Dr. Azmi and Dr. Roza,




pycnogenol said...

Ikelah looking so young, but full of confidence.

And I strongly support Mama Sarah's request. Will be clicking at Ikelah's site every other hour the whole of this week. We know you're not going to dissapoint us!!

P/S: Kita bagi diorang ni sikit cyber-pressure. Pycno tahu strategi.. ;)

Has said...

Dear Roza & Ikelah,

Taniah dan selamat menyambut hari ulang tahun perkahwinan. Ikelah nampak beliau remanja aje, dari gambar ni dah dapat bayangkan gambar persandingan, klasik habis.

Since you mentioned fasal Siti, teman kat sini nampak gambar 'gu dia makin hari makin senget misainya, nampak macam dok membawa banyak beban aje. He he tak habis2 nak analyse orang.

dith said...

To All,

Thanks for all the wishes and ameen to all the dua.

p.s. Misai K dah senget? Kesian, :p

kenakelayan said...

Happy Anniversary!! Semoga bertambah berkat lagi.. amiin... Hari tu lalu kat 'Pokok Limau' tapi tak makan pun kat situ, tak sempat, sedap ke? Maybe I should try it when I come back...

Saya rasa that birthday gift philosophy pun kami amakan jugak... guess what my birthday gift this year was? :D

Er, I don't really remember if I was at your nikah or not, maklumle, masa tu more interested in running around or hiding in a cupboard with a book. But I was definitely at the reception in Kuantan; that was when Khin used a black marker to cross out 'Baru' to be replaced with lama, so that all the messages on your wedding presents read: Selamat Pengantin Lama. I just watched him, perplexed, as at that age I wasn't really sure what Pengantin Lama meant and why Khin seemed to think that was funny. Did you wonder who did that to your presents?

azahar said...

tahniah dr roza.

2wenty3hree said...

many happy returns. may Allah bless all the years to come insyaAllah.

my parents don't have any pictures of their akad nikah, just one of my mum waiting on the stairs while my at that time to-be dad was downstairs with the imam and the rest. would have loved to see that.

Queen Of The House said...

HAppy Anniversary, DITH & Ikelah!! Mana aci tak ada gambar you .... nak gak tengok the youthful DITH and Ikelah bersanding :-)

dr in the house said...

KKL- kawe tak ingat pon pasal presents tu kena 'tampered'...:p. I know your birthday gift this year is a flat screen plasma TV, hehe

asahar- thanks!

23- Hope you have many pics on your special day, wink!

Qoth- Aci, aci bukak pintu..

Queen Of The House said...

DITH, dah tengok gambar kat Ikelah's blog ... jadilah. Hee hee nak tergelak dia kata dapat kiss anak tudung aje lepas aqad tu :-)

crimsonskye said...

Alamak... so late already! Sorry2 for this late wish, but with all my heart HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! moga bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat.

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