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Sahabat blog semua. Esok dan lusa, 9 dan 10 Muharram, disunatkan kita berpuasa. Saya mengajak semua termasuklah diri saya untuk sama-sama mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengerjakan ibadat puasa sunat yang digalakkan ini bagi mengenang segala peristiwa yang berlaku pada 10 Muharram. Sila rujuk kepada blog Keng tentang peristiwa-peristiwa tersebut.
Kepada yang memasak bubur Asyura, tolonglah hantar sedikit (walaupun semangkuk) kepada saya (note: saya suka style Kelantan yag berisi daging siat serta berempah, sedapnya!)



ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Thank you for the reminder..

Oh.. and I'm sorry for my long response to your last entry.. sometimes I just get all boiled up.. was in an uproar to write just now.. heheh

Has said...

DITH, you have entered some obsession into me when you mentioned about daging siak in the sura. I thought I will chop everything, now have to boil the meat and chicken and siak them first, well, can't wait to get my hands on all those stuff.

However, if you are preparing it, I think you have to bear with patience for the sura to cool and solidify, thus cutting it out nicely. Keng's recipe tu lack nyior gula, mine I will put gula melaka and nyior gula cos my mum entered another must to the characteristic of authentic sura ga'nu. It must be black and shinny and quite solid. Good luck.

lifecuppa said...

I dont know how to cook "sugho" but being kelantanese of course I like sugho kelate...aduh, you've made me drool....

sapo la mmasok sugho tu wak maghi la siket.

Sayuti said...

tak rugi singgah blog ni. terlupa pulak pasal hari Asyura esok. Thank you for the reminder.

bergen said...

You are a good doctor, ma'am.

Boogey said...

Kueh koci hari tu belum dapat rasa lagik.

kenakelayan said...

Selamat Hari Asyura!

Nak bubur gak! :D

Mohd Adib Noh said...

selamat berpuasa kpd semua.
memang bubur sura kelate sedap.
AKAIK,it is the best.
(My opinion is biased because I was born in Kelantan)

crimsonskye said...

I love the sweet dodol-like bubur asyura with nuts and corn and all those other stuff. Don't know what version is this.

Ikelah said...

alhamdulillah, managed to fast today and berbuka with bubur asyura brought by my dad.

10 muharam has lots of happenings from the earliest prophet until the time of our beloved prophet who encouraged the muslims to fast on the 9th & 10th of Muharram.

it has been a tradition to prepare bubur asyura on 10th muharam. someone might say that the prophet muhammad tak buat pun bubur asyura. what is important during the prepation is semangat gotong royong, kerjasama and it helps to strengtened the brotherhood of islam if one does it right. if not it will become another pesta yang melalaikan.

may Allah give us His blessings and Guidance.

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