Thursday, February 09, 2006


We are the great warriors,
From this river,
We fight asunder,
Sharing our plights together,
Full of spirit, love and matter,
Stones in hand symbolize strength we've gathered,
A generation to another,
Crystal clear water is the passage we take,
Tainted with blood, a martyr we'll make,
Of great fighting spirit,
Full of steel, with ceaseless fire,
Never surrender, never falter,
Cause the great Warrior's blood flows in us, ever,
In this river, we shall rise, together!
*note: everyone is invited to make a caption for the above pic
Kenakelayan has a new entry regarding the sad situation of 'cartoon portrayals' of our beloved Rasulullah s.a.w. And Bergen was very apt in answering to why we must rise up and display our anger.


Queen Of The House said...

He he he, kalah orang Maori dengan depa semua ni. Who has the longest tongues?

By the way, who are all the warriors in the pic?

bergen said...

I like this poem. And the poet.

bergen said...

BTW: It's something new, doing the haka dance in the water. Maybe we should introduce a new game, water rugby.

BERGEN <------ rugby fan.

JoKontan said...

"Crystal clear water is the passage we take"

Amber suker hok nii. The water is Crystal clear indeed.

mokk said...

so nice entries....

dr in the house said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
NBB said...

yak yak yea!
yak yak yea!
jong jong inai,
mak ipong raja wali,
masuk dalam sungai,
rendam buku lali,
yak yak yea!
yak yak yea!

NBB said...

er..lupa nak cakap tadi, i've tagged you!!

anggerik merah said...

Dr Roza, nice pic and poem. Bestnya main air sungai...

kenakelayan said...

Hmm.. why do I think of Ursula Andress/Halle Berry when I see these males rising from the river?

*rolls around laughing*

Boogey said...

Yes, all fearsome warriors yelling the war cry. Pas tu melompat lompat kena lintah sekor.

easylady said...

2 generation warriors having jolly times together.

bestnya tengok air tu..mesti sejuk gilertu..

dr in the house said...

QOTH- In random order, Panglima, iKelah and Boogey and the kids belong to Boogey and panglima

Bergen- All Blacks fan?

Jo- kat situ air memang jernih dan sejuuuks

Mokk- Klinik sendiri?

Nurul- yak yak yae!

AM- nice pic? hehe

Kenakelayan- Flinstones? Stone Age? hehe

Boogey- Tu wariors hok depan. Takkan hok belakang pon takut lintah kot??

Easy- koi assume memang sejuk giler sbb koi tak de pon kat situ! Koi keje masa tu!

Em said...

Salaams Dr

How are U?

The pic so cute..They look like org Maori wif that post..


Ive moved my blog..can you change d link to

C u der...

Sayuti said...

kalau saya dapat tengok gambar tu nescaya saya akan tahu signifikan kata2 tersebut. lantas, saya akan komen panjang2. tapi malangnya gambar tersebut telah diblock oleh penjaga server company saya ni. bahkan semua gambar yang dihoskan di blogger di blog. saya pon tak tahu mengapa. malas betul saya nak buka blog ini di cc. sebab saya kedekut untuk membayar utk khidmat internet. dan saya malas untuk ke cc. jika tidak, mesti panjang komen saya.

Ku Keng said...

Puan Dr.,
I suspect that they were trying to scare off Bigfoot. Can I have the location to inform National Geographic? We'll share the reward.

Sayuti said...

tapi, saya ke cc jugak. dan baru saya nampak gambar itu. lain betul dari imaginasi saya.

caption: "bekalan piknik tak sedap. nak muntah. aaaa"

dr in the house said...

Em- I am sure they have Maori blood somewhere along their genetic make-up :))

Keng- Huh?!! Bigfoot dah go up north from Mersing??

Sayuti- hehe, ingat kata nak komen panjang lebar bila dah nampak gambar tu! Anyway that's a good caption! Thanks! Btw kenapa tukar gambar?

crimsonskye said...

I love the various poses while brandishing those 'ammo' rocks. The ones held in those little hands look a lot like burnt bun and toast though ;)

Lovely poem drroza. I especially like the connections with the water and river here; it is still a direct reference to the pic, but to me it could mean a whole lot of other things altogether.

pycnogenol said...

Yes Skye..the little one right in the middle looks like he's holding a chocolate doughnut.

Been looking at this pic for days now, but still cannot come up with a decent caption...he..he...

Has said...

Arrgghhhhhhhhh sup lidah?

p5 said...

to those that say most but not experience, we the spears warriors challenge you to a duel in the crystal clear cold water.

come may bigfoot, come may buffalo leeches, and let us witness woe upon whom.

hakka hakka huarrrggghhhh!!!!

Sayuti said...

dith: mmg nak komen panjang. tapi terkedu tgk gambar tersebut. lain betul dari imaginasi saya. pastu, cc plak mahal. so, terpaksa la pendek je.

kenapa tukar gambar? saja nak letak gambar terbaru. gambar yang first ditangkap waktu hari pertama di ofis. gambar yang baru, baru di tangkap hari khamis minggu lepas oleh seorang mamarazi. jauh sket muka tu dari lens, maka susah sket orang lain nak cam. berbanding gambar pertama. saya tukar spek.

Nurelhuda said...

You remind me that the cold spring always brings out my playful inner child...

Boogey said...


Nice poem. Berbakat sungguh awok ni yek?

pycnogenol said...

Spot on Boogey. I marvel at, not just her talents and how candid she can be with so many things, but also her ability to juggle all these, within her tight daily schedule.

Anonymous said...

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