Saturday, February 18, 2006



dr in the house said...

To 23,

Jazakillah hairan kathira!
Ameen to all your dua!

Love Drroza

crimsonskye said...

Knowing you has been nothing short of wonderful. Happy birthday drroza :)

Allah Hafeez.

Ku Keng said...

Eid Milad. May Allah SWT increase your taqwa and iman. Place you and your family among the blessed. And the continuing best of health to contiue to serve HIM.

kenakelayan said...

Dearest Kak Long,

Happy Happy Birthday! May Allah continue to bless your life and family, may He grant you health and wealth, may He accept all of your deeds and be satisfied with you, ameen.

Have a wonderful day!
p/s thanks for being very welcoming to Orang Kilang... he really enjoys your and iKelah's company!

H. the Manis :)))

kenakelayan said...

p/p/s: dapat hadiah apa-apa tak? :)

lentiform said...

Happy Birthday.
Semoga dipanjangkan usia, sihat dan bahagia sentiasa.

dr in the house said...

Crimson- and knowing you too has been as wonderful! Thanks!

Keng- Thanks! Ameen!

H. the Manis- Ameen ya Rabb!
We enjoyed his company too :) Hadiah? Dah tua2 ni tak payah lah yek. Dapat hidup dalam sejahtera pon dah syukur, insyallah!

Lentiform- Apa khabar? Lama tak nampak? Sihat? Ameen to your dua!

Em said...


Ohhh its your bday...Selamat Hari Jadi ...

May Allah bless you and yours.May you always be in good health.

Much Luv and Happiness


anggerik merah said...

Dear Dr Roza, happy b'day to you and May Allah bless you & family with good health, happinest and prosperity.


maklang said...


Selamat Harijadi yang ke....??? Semuga panjang umur, panjang rexeki and panjang akal.

May you have agood life ahead of you, InsyaAllah.

Ini sekuntum mawar merah untuk yr birthday....

anasalwa said...

have a wonderful belated birthday.

easylady said...

happy belated 4_ birthday. Comeinya gambar katuntu.

anedra said...

Happy Birthday Doc! Belated actually! May u be blessed with many more prosperous years to come!

dr in the house said...

Em- thanks Em. Yes good health, that's so important!

MakLang- Thanks for the red rose! Panjang akal? hehe

Ana- thanks a lot!

Easy- 44th my dear...that cartoon, kena tanya 23 mana dia dapat

Anedra- Thanks and Ameen! Sudoku still? :)

Sayuti said...

oh.. dah tua lagi setahun rupanya doktor kita nih.

selamat hari tua. semoga bertambah tua dan dimurahkan rezeki.


(uhuk2. terbatuk)


Happy Birthday!

Nurelhuda said...

Sooo how old are you?? May this year be a blessed and frutful one dear Roza

Tj said...

Hava a wonderful Birthday !!

This time, are you Become,Turn, Push, Reach OR Make Fortysumthin' ?

Syukor Alhamdulillah for another Day..

wanderer said...

happy belated birthday!
wishing many good things to come to ur way, dr. =)

bergen said...

It's nice to get older.
It's nice to get closer.
It's nice to get wiser.
It's nice to get weaker.
It's nice to get mellower.
It's nice to know that getting old is about getting used to the idea that life is but a temporary thing and that something permanent is where we are going.
Therefore it is a good idea to be nicer, kinder and more considerate to those around you because by being this way, hopefully, we get to go where we want to go, and end up where we want to end up.

It's a good thing to be older.

Queen Of The House said...

MAny happy returns!!! Happy belated birthday drroza! I tak lupa your bday (KOTH's was a day after yours) but my PC crashed and I was lost for a few days.

I hope it will be another wonderful year for you, semoga murah rezeki, bahagia selalu :)

Anonymous said...

doc, a belated birthday wish from my nomadself, semoga murah rezeki, sihat selalu =)



dr in the house said...

Sayut- Thanks!

Nurelhuda- 44. Ameen!

TJ- Turning sourish, hehe

Wanderer- THanks for the wish!

Bergen- That was very nice and so very true! May we age with increasing eeman!

QOTH- Thanks for remembering mine! My belated wish to KOTH! Ameen to your dua!

Rafthah- Thanks my dear! How are you btw?

ubisetela said...

Salam Dr,
Happy Belated Birthday!
Selamat Panjang Umur.

mnasir said...

insan tidak diukur pada usianya tetapi lebih kepada kedewasaannya.
semoga puan sentiasa dikurniakan ketenangan, ketabahan dan keikhlasan hati.

NBB said...

happy belated birthday kak. semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki yang diberkati.

Jiwa Rasa said...

Happy Birthday. May all yor wishes come true..

OOD said...

February 18th? OMG, you are OLDER than me! Hehe... year doesnt count, i go by the month!


dr in the house said...

Ubisetela- thanks! How are you? Lama tak update. Been looking at that sorethumb!

MNasir- Terima kasih secangkir kasih!

DrNB- Thanks- kome tahulah MNasir tu awak!

Jiwarasa- Thanks for the kind wishes!

0od- the perky anak ikan. You're forever cheerful and I love that about you!

Count Byron said...

Happy belated Birthday Dr Roza. May you have great years ahead, among your loved ones. May you continue giving your blessed services to the people who come to seek your help.. most importantly, may you be happy and contented with life and at peace with Allah.
I need all that myself.

Count Byron said...

And why is your clock 5 hours behind time? You are buying more airtime eh :)

dr in the house said...


Thanks for the dua! Ameen!
My clock is set at Volgograd time to remind me of my 2 girls overthere!

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Sorry for the *exteremely* late wish.. Happy belated birthday to you :) May Allah bless you with His love and mercy each and every single day of your life, insya-Allah :)

Anonymous said...

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