Thursday, February 16, 2006


Dr NB had this particular entry in her blog regarding her menu of the day and I concocted a similar menu below. See whether you can stomach (pun intended!) it!!

Menu Of The Day!
Probably most apt for a beaten houseman who gets bullied by the specialists, MOs, nurses and even patients!! Rushing around the hospital with not enough time for respite nor proper meals, housemanship may well be the most challenging profession of all times!

Scrambled leg
Toasted Hepatitis
Milk Shake Effusion

Chilli pancreatitis
Poached spider nevi
Steamed dendrites with uric acid sauce
Carbonated Serum with Iced platelets.

Fried caseated lung,
Gluteal dumpling,
Endometriotic salad
Chocolate cyst
Tomato juice ascitis fluid

Broiled coagulated blood,
Hot cervical wart

(Burp!!! Excuse me!)

Thank you Nurul for your ever witty ideas!


NBB said...

alhamdulillah..kenyang satu hari!

JoKontan said...

Oww, that's simply deliricious..

"Steamed dendrites with uric acid sauce"

The sauce, the sauce !! I can provide some. One topower to be exact.

lifecuppa said...

I can smell all the medications makes me dizzy!

bergen said...

Doctors have strange diet.

Nurelhuda said...

Thank you DITH, you are helping me stick to my diet:
Target lose 10 kg by May . Started
1st of Feb, weight lost so far 3kg+-
My menu today : b fast shake Herbalife 2 soops, soya powder 2 scoops high protein powder 1 scoop.
Lunch , tuna 5 tablespoons, 4 kraker meal biscuits, 1 spoon peanut butter , one coleslaw without the dressing..dinner? well dinner is usually roasted something, 1/2 cup rice 1 bowl vegetables and one yum low fat dessert

Em said...

Olas Dr...

Ish me dahlah tgh lapar..Kenapalah Nurul n you hv weird menus..

Hmm Im off to the kitchen now..ish for NORMAL food.

Sayuti said...

bergen, diet make strange doctors.

kenakelayan said...

Hehehe.. I think it was the supper that did me in.

I used to be a heavy duty eater. But I found that heavy lunches make my brain processes slow (blood diverted to the stomach?) Nowadays I like salads for lunches... they fill me up but perk me up instead of slowing me down. A mixture of pasta, couscous, coleslaw, tomatoes, cucumber and beetroot is my fave.

But if you put a biriyani and a salad side by side, no question that the biriyani will win hands down.

pycnogenol said...

Aaah...kenakelayan, how do you take your couscous? Bea tak pandai buat lah. I remember enjoying the dish in UK dulu.

Drroza, I'd rather burp after having my couscous, anytime....;))

dr in the house said...

Nurul- alhamdulillah :)

JoKontan- you're the first person I know that can make fun of his Gout! And how are you gonna extract the acid out of your system, may I ask? Probably use a needle to aspirate all those uric acid crystals at your inflammed joints and then melt them over heat huh? :))

Onde- you've got drug allergy eh?

Bergen- only when they're on call 3 days in a row!

Nurelhuda- wow 3 kg? SO we're gonna see a slimmer you eh? Wish I have your will to stick to that gruelling diet!

Em- Yes Em, that diet is only fit for a busted houseman who would take anything to be on the go!

Sayuti- whatever that means! :)

Kenakelayan- you mean the hot cervical wart? hehe Wait a minute! You mean to say salad really perk you up? Not pulling my legs eh? The only thing that can perk me up has to be laced with caffein! Perhaps we can sprinkle some caffein in the salad huh?!

Pycno- Kawe tak pernah makan couscous. Tapi rasanya banyak dalam Moroccan dishes. It's something lke rice , correct? But I tried their Moussaka once and it was ok (not to mention that I had to do the final licking as the rest just took a bit as their taste buds were not that adventurous!)

Kak Teh said...

How about dessert? I would suggest a bowl of caramelised body fluid, with a generous sprinkle of dead skin cells, preferably sundried or smoked.

Nurelhuda said...

My diet is a no hunger diet and no deprivation diet. I do not get hungry nor do I feel deprived.
When I have lost the 10-14 kg that I set out to lose then I will write a book on it heheheh now trying to help my cleaning lady bring her weight down to 80 from 100...mind you I am not that heavy to start with ....

lifecuppa said...

dr roza:
answering your Q, I think yes, each time I visit someone admitted in the hospital, I will going back feeling giddy - just to smell the "hospital smell". Belum tengok darah lagi tuh! aiyooo..

maklang said...

Yuks....macam dalam FEAR FACTOR... Just can't believe those Americans and soon to be Malaysians who can eat all to obnoxious things....Goli den

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

*gasp* Ewwww... My appetite is ruined! This is a really good way to encourage one to lose his/her weight. Haha.

By the way, it DOES sound like something from Fear Factor.. but I don't think Fear Factor is a suitable title for the TV show when it comes to eating all those abominable stuff.. more like Disgust Factor or something.

Nazrah said...

ewwwh, i baru lepas makan...noooOOOooooo

definitely points for creativity though!

dr in the house said...

Kak Teh- never knew you could be that gruesome!

Nurelhuda- The title? Hundred Ways To lose Weight Without Feeling Deprived?

Onde- Yes- I do get patient (men even!) who goes faintish when I draw their blood

Maklang- Den goli jugak, hehe,tengok boleh, makan, tak nak den!

Ayumi- Why not huh? Disgust Factor is more apt isnt it?

Nazrah- Makan apa tadi Nazrah? Nephrotoxic Burger? hehe

kenakelayan said...

Hehehe so far I haven't managed to learn how to make couscous, other people make it for me. But inshaAllah lemme try looking it up in my cookbook... hehehehe... But previously I have it served with tomato gravy (hot) or mixed with chopped veggie (cold). But I have noticed that couscous fills you up real quickly (sometimes it makes you feel bloated) and you will get hungry quicker. Allahu'alam.

Hehehehe yeah surprisingly. That or hot minestrone soup. But caffeine in salad sounds fantastic, maybe you should give it a go? Salad nicoise with Colombian Coffee sprinkles... mmmm hmmmmm...

Do share with us your eperiences. I's like to learn how to serve healthy AND delish foods on my dinner table. Quick preparation time is a bonus too! I hope you don't use too many far-fatched ingredients like aduki beans etc...

crimsonskye said...

I barely know half the terms of the menu but I'm just thankful this entry doesn't have any pictures to accompany it!!

Bergen: They have a strange perception of beauty too :)

drbubbles said...

fuyyooo...doctors do have sense of dark humor! hehehehe....

dr in the house said...

Crimson- I might as well start a collection of such photos, huh!

Iskandar- We do! We have to coz that's what keep us intact when faced with those gooey stuffs!

Sayuti said...

dith, i'm not sure myself if my previous comment means anything. just trying to sound clever, like you and the rest of the commenters.


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